Tigers in mix for Chad Cordero

The former Nationals closer is drawing interest from a handful of clubs, as our Washington beat writer Bill Ladson explains, but the Tigers have supposedly had multiple conversations with agent Larry Reynolds. It’s a risk, because Cordero is coming off of surgery for a labrum tear last July, but the injury wasn’t as severe as what Freddy Garcia faced. The current prognosis has him potentially ready to return in Spring Training. For a team that has multiple holes to fill for next year, such as the Tigers, it’s a chance worth taking.


I’ve seen a lot of Chad Cordero, especially in 2005. When he’s going right, he throws in the mid-90s for strikes and gets ahead of hitters. He can be susceptible to the long ball, as many closers are (Todd Jones was an exception). Also nicknamed “The Chief”, he became a fan favorite in DC with his signature chest thump/whirl in the air/big smile reaction to getting the final out. Without checking, I’d say he’s still in his mid-20s.

If you get the good Chad Cordero, you’ve got something. Definitely worth consideration.


Jason, You wouldn’t happen to be the Jason Beck who lived in Brockway PA for a time would you?

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