October 2008

Enjoy the postseason

I think I said this at this point last year, and I’ll say it again: Don’t let the fact that the Tigers aren’t in it affect your enjoyment of it. It’s a really interesting postseason from the standpoint of the teams involved, and hopefully Detroit fans can get a kick out of it while they wait and see who the next pitching coach is.

As for me, I went from Chicago to St. Pete to help out on the White Sox-Rays series, which has a great storyline for a series. If the Sox lose this one, it could be a case of misery loving company in the Windy City, at least until the Bears get to face the Lions this weekend. I’ll try to post here every so often when I get a chance.

I will say that it’s very strange being down in this part of Florida in October. It almost feels like Spring Training somehow started five months early and I should be watching some pitcher making a bid for the Tigers staff.