Elias rankings are out

The Elias rankings are out, which determine what kind of compensation teams would be due to receive for free agents they lost if they offer the player arbitration. A “Type A” free agent nets a team a supplementary pick at the end of the first round plus the signing team’s first-round pick (or second if their first-rounder is one of the top 15 picks overall).

The difference between Type A and B free agents is huge for a team looking to sign a particular player. It’s the difference between giving up a first- or second-round draft pick and not giving up anything. For the Tigers, who place a lot of importance on the draft, it’s particularly big.

Edgar Renteria, as the Free Press reported this morning, is a Type A free agent, which could leave the Tigers with an interesting decision. If they offer Renteria arbitration by the Dec. 1, they would get two extra draft picks if another team signs him. The flip side, of course, is that Renteria could turn around and accept arbitration, earning him a very good salary on a one-year contract. With the Tigers looking for a short-term fix at shortstop, a one-year deal is something they could probably live with — unless they set their plans at shortstop before then. It’ll be interesting to see if this slows the process at all for the Tigers, though this could be a slow-moving market anyway.

Not that it matters to the Tigers anymore, but Ivan Rodriguez ended up as a Type B free agent. Jason Varitek is a Type A, for those of you who have been asking about the Tigers possibly looking at him (and looking at the mailbag, there have been many who have asked). Orlando Cabrera is also a Type A.

Kyle Farnsworth did not make the Type A or Type B list, so no compensation for losing him.

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Ah, Free Agency, don’t you love it!?


This will be an interesting off-season for the Tigers, perhaps even more so than the big signing(s) from last year. Time will tell, but I think after this past season there will be some changes and we will go into 2009 with a new approach. The fire will return to the players and I truly believe we will see the likes of the 2006 year, return.


Hope everyone is doing well. Happy Halloween!



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