Clearing up Renteria's option

Originally, it was an $11 million option for 2009. However, Renteria’s All-Star selection in 2006 triggered a bonus that made it a $12 million option. The buyout remained the same at $3 million, which I guess is all that matters at this point. It’s academic, I know, but I wanted to clear up any confusion since a couple different totals are being listed out there.


The argument “FOR” keeping Renteria just doesn’t work. He was clearly a nice guy but clearly a disappointment as far as production goes. He is on the wane of his career and I think it is best to wish him well and send him packing.
There’s an old saying about throwing *#!? against the wall to see if it sticks. That philosophy might work with calling up a bunch of young armed prospects for the bullpen. Fien, Moscoso, Hess and mabye Ryan Perry. Along with Dolsi maybe a couple will “stick”. Stranger things have happened in baseball.

All of this stuff isn’t Edgar’s fault, of course, and I wish him well. It is best, however, to just write it off as a bad deal (perhaps DD’s worst) and move on.
I’m good with the re-signing of Jeff Jones. Local guy and all.
Dan, I’ve never heard it put quite as colorfully as you did,🙂 but I know what you’re saying. A lot of good relief pitchers are discovered in just that manner. We just need guys to throw strikes and try to back them up with an improved defense. You never know what can happen.
Speaking of the Rays, they seem to be on the verge of dominance with the arms they can run out there, but anything can happen. As we found out with our club. Regarding last night’s game, I thought they had a great opportunity when Crawford led off with that single, but before they could even utilize his speed, Upton swung at the first pitch and hit into that DP. Maybe BJ had a little too much longball success during the postseason. But congratulations to the Phillies, they certainly had one coming.

Dan– Amen on your bullpen approach. I know it is unsettling to think that we could go to Spring Training with no spots guaranteed but I think we have enough young talent to figure it out in Spring. I wouldn’t be opposed if they brought in a few veterans to compete– so long as we don’t overpay– but I don’t see any wisdom in pursuing one of the top free agents just so that we have an established closer, etc. It seems like a huge waste of money. (FYI: I still think Robertson could be a key bullpen guy…)
Honestly, the bullpen will much less of an issue if the rotation settles out. We have to hope that the “big 3” of Verlander, Bonderman, and Gallaraga can be top notch next year. I’m praying for a Willis rebound year (very worried) and think that there are plenty worse options than Miner as the fifth starter.
If that rotation shakes out, we’ll need two lefties in the pen and five others. Should be very interesting to see who shakes out.
If we can just remain patient with the youngsters and make a few decent moves with the older guys… we’ll be just fine.

A successful bullpen to me is about 80% mindset and 20% skill compared to a starter being about 50/50. Our bullpen started ’08 amazingly well and finished like a bunch of headless chooks. Every guy that came up quickly developed the same malaise.
An invasion of young guys with no fear might just work giving them a chance to feed off each other. We may have no David Price in waiting but who knows. With no serious money to spend for next year, what have we got to lose?
I assume Garcia’s no start so far in the off season is due to injury. If he ends up having only 2 or 3 starts down south, I would not be interested. With Bondo on $12.5m, Nate $7m and Willis $10m, any ‘name’ pitcher will rightly want at least what has already been thrown.
The Indians let go 3 of their starters mid year and still seemed to improve.
My risk assessment for healthy, productive starters are JV 90%, Gman 90%, Bondo 60%, Nate 40%, Miner 50% and Willis 25%. Definitely one, probably two new starters are needed for us to compete strongly.
Garcia on only 2 or 3 starts would similarly rate only 50% and is therefore not worth more than $2m for 2009 and then $10m for 2010 if he wins over 12 starts with an ERA of under 4. Garcia would likley want $7-10m up front and tell me where to shove the offer.
I would prefer they throw the $10million (the Rays got Balfour for $180,000) on a bunch of untried prospects. Together with the farm guys Dan listed, we could then have at least 10 guys to look at filling the two starters and closer role with Miner likely ending up in relief.
Managing Nate and Willis early next year is going to be interesting.

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