Tigers, Renteria set to move on

As agents go, Barry Meister has a very good sense of humor. He can lose a call to a reporter on his cell phone, call back the reporter, then say he meant to hang up on him.

Also as agents go, Meister figures to have a lot of phone calls this winter, because he has more than a few clients on the market. He has not, however, heard from the Tigers just yet.

Among his players, Meister represents soon-to-be free agents Edgar Renteria and Kyle Farnsworth. The Tigers decided by season’s end, of course, that they would decline Renteria’s option and let him hit the open market. However, president/general manager Dave Dombrowski left the door open a crack to bring him back at a lower salary than the $12 million he was set to earn. It’s becoming clearer, though, that Detroit is going to scour the market.

Renteria and Meister are preparing for the open market as well.

“I think Edgar’s going to kind of point himself in a different direction,” Meister said.

The Tigers retain exclusive negotiating rights with Renteria until a couple weeks after the World Series ends.

Meister also represents Kyle Farnsworth, whose late-season stint with Detroit did not go well for either side. For what it’s worth, though, Meister said Farnsworth would be willing to return if the Tigers want him back.

“He likes it there,” Meister said. “He thinks [manager Jim] Leyland’s a really good guy. He felt  the clubhouse was good.”

Again, there’s no indication the Tigers plan to re-sign him. But on the relief market, there’s more demand than supply.

The Tigers could still end up calling Meister on the relief front, though, because Meister represents closer Brandon Lyon. He’s set to become a free agent unless the Diamondbacks move to re-sign him. And in a market where Francisco Rodriguez and Brian Fuentes are expected to be in high demand, Lyon is in the next tier. That’s a conversation that can’t really take place until Lyon files for free agency once the World Series ends.

Lyon’s second-half numbers were alarming — an 8.46 ERA, a .976 OPS from opponents, and just seven out of his 26 saves for the year. He saved just two games after August 1 as Chad Qualls took over the closer’s role in Arizona. On the other hand, he was very effective in the first half (2.43 ERA, 19 saves, .658 OPS). Teams are going to have to figure out whether that was a sign of Lyon wearing out in the role or a product of a heavy first-half workload.


I’m not quite sure where I stand on Farnsworth. He seemed to be a lot more mature than he was during his first stint with Detroit, but those gopher balls he throws up there worry me. A lot of folks were down on him because he didn’t appear to want to come here, but now he says he’s good with it. I suppose there are worse pitchers out there, but not near as many as I’d like. I guess the bullpen can still be improved with him in it. He will need a carefully defined role if he stays, and that means bringing in better pitchers to join the pen.
GK, I had the same thought you did regarding Vasquez. What did the Boston club see in him? Maybe just a young arm that came cheap?
I’m assuming Renteria is headed back to the NL once again.

I don’t think we will miss Vasquez nor will we rue the day he was waived.
Farnsworth has some value. he can throw strikes and he can throw hard. he’s been to the Big Show in NY and his talent may come around.
He couldn’t find his niche here. With all the cosnternation of coming with with a messiah in the bullpen I think he got distracted and a pitched with some bad luck too. I think he is worth looking at and we all know that bullpen guys can change from a 6.00 ERA to a 2.00 ERA from one year to the next. I’m not sold on him but we need some strike throwers out there.
Glover–no way. He’s gone. Fossum, the same. Rapada is young but I don’t think he throws hard enough to be effective. Lopez is pretty dependable out there as is Seay. Where does Miner fit? Robertson?
Nate has value. Maybe a catcher?
I like the idea of Dusty Ryan but I don’t think his backstopping and play calling are quite ready yet, unfortunately. Maybe Lakeland will give us a beter idea.

Dan – one of your better ones – maybe Nate can catch for Willis in spring training – will keep him on his toes with improved focus!!
I hope they lose Meister’s number. Apart from somehow getting quicker drug free and learning how to catch, Renteria would have to take a huge pay cut. Farnsworth just looked like he was trying to break home run records.

My thoughts on Edgar, let him go back to the NL. That is obviously where he belongs. As far as Farnworth, send him packing! He had that attitude that doesn’t work out real well with the whole team concept. This goes back to my thoughts on Sheffield, the man could hit 40 homeruns a season and I would still have no use for him. I usually don’t say things such as this but I try to call’em like I see’em! I do still keep the faith that we will all be rewarded for staying faithful to our team in 2009. Anyway, keep posting (this is the only Tiger talk we have right now). GO TIGERS 2009! -Stacy

Quick thoughts:

– Farnsworth? I really hope we don’t re-sign the guy. yes– he’s done well for teams (including the Tigers) in spurts but man, he chokes with the best of them.

– Renteria: I think his best days are behind him and I like Santiago– especially in the field. Should be interesting to see what the Tigers decide to do.

– Vasquez: This one is a head scratcher for me. Agreed, I don’t think Vasquez will turn out great but why just give him away? They have three spots coming open– Rogers, Jones, and Renteria and yet they just gave him away? There’s a word for that… oh yeah, it’s “stupid.” I hope I’m missing something cuz this one makes no sense to me.

Sorry for the negative comments– just hate to see us give away a player. Let’s hope we don’t feel the same way next year that Rangers fans do about Gallaraga…

Hope everyone’s enjoying the WS… that game 5 was nuts… I’m hoping to see the game return to Tampa as that team is fun to watch.

Resigning Farnsworth would fill one of our needs – relief. He says he’s willing to come back (although that may be because of limited options? I don’t know). They’d be stupid not to at least make an offer.

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