Boras suit vs. Sheff finally over

Near the end of last season, Gary Sheffield was raving about the chance to go through an offseason workout regimen without having to come off surgery for the first time in several years. Now it appears he’ll get to go through a Spring Training without having to worry about a deposition or testimony. But it comes at a cost: About $550,000.

The long-running lawsuit between Boras and Sheff was finally ruled upon Friday, and Boras won, albeit a much smaller victory than he would’ve liked. According to the Associated Press story, arbitrator Joshua Javits ruled that Boras was due his five percent commission only on the $11 million option Boras negotiated out of his old contract, allowing him to hit free agency a year early after the 2003 season and sign with the Yankees. Boras, whom Sheffield fired, wanted his commission on the entire Yankees contract, which Sheffield negotiated on his own with owner George Steinbrenner.

This is the long-running suit that had Sheffield missing days for the last five springs to go over to Tampa and testify, and it was the reason for Sheffield ripping Boras every spring. From the story this past spring:

“It’s probably personal with him,” Sheffield said of Boras. “But when
it’s done, it’s going to be personal to me. I’m going to warn
everybody. Trust me, it’s going to be the ugliest thing you’ve ever
seen. There are people you don’t want to mess with, and I can guarantee
you I’m one of them.”

Asked about his time dealing with Boras, Sheffield said, “Total hell. I
wish I would’ve never introduced myself to him. Bad person. Bad

No idea if Sheffield plans to go off on Boras now that the suit is over.


Wonder how much the lawyers earned over the years on this one. Revenge talk sickens me. Sheff – just learn to shut up and move on – you will be seen as the bigger, compassionate man if you did.
My fearless prediction is the Rays to get up today. After their stage fright in Game 1, I was amazed how they won Game 2, even after their bullpen go-to guys, Howell and Balfour had been touched up (like in Game 5) and out of the game early.
Hopefully Balfour will remember to throw the odd slider and changeup, and never again try his fastball inside to sluggers unless it is way up.

Interesting article re Jair Jurrjens on
Below is an excerpt:
He kept track of his former team this season, particularly after so many of his minor league teammates were promoted to the major leagues.

“A lot of people think if you have a team of superstars, it’s going to bring you to the playoffs,” Jurrjens said, when asked about the Tigers’ dismal season. “Teams who go to the playoffs are teams who can play together. When you have a lot of superstars, they have a lot of egos.

“When I came up, the team was so united. Everybody was getting along with each other. I can’t remember who I was talking to, but they say it’s not the same thing (as) when I came up. I didn’t ask who — they just say it wasn’t the same environment.

“I think everybody was trying to press so much — be the leader, be the superstar.”
As far as the “WHO” in the comment above refers to I would guess that the “who” just might be the subject of this BLOG entry!!
At one time I thought we might have some wholesale changes with the pitching staff. With the announcement of Rick Knapp being hired as pitching coach I now think there will be only a few changes. I suspect they will place the burden of “change” on Knapp and expect him to reinvent the wheel with the wheels he’s got out there now.
Where he is going to need to impact the staff is on 1st strike throwing and 3rd strike throwing. We really need to develop the ability to get our pitchers to bear down when they have 2 strikes on a hitter. We gave up far too many 0-2 and 1-2 hits. Too many fat pitches in counts where our guys should have been messing with the hitters rather than serving them. Let’s hope this guy can instill that philosophy in the guys we have. Verlander needs to improve here but 2 of the worst I have seen this year have been Robertson and Rodney. Not sure if anyone can have any influence over Rodney. Measuring success with him may amount to convincing him to accept going to the mound without his Ipod. Beyond that I, don’t think he’s listening..
We also can measure some of Knapp’s value if he is able to get Bonderman to actually use a 3rd pitch effectively. Without that we are looking for much the same results from this under-achieving talent. I don’t care much for the personality but I think Bondo could be one of the best pitchers in the game, but that’s IF he can come up with a good 3rd pitch. I think the “correction” of JV and the “maturation” of JB can transform the staff into one that is dependable again. Well, at least 60% of it. We still need a lefty that can contribute. I have no faith in Robertson other than he will be mediocre–at best. Willis has an arm and an excitement for his profession. The trouble is does he have the skills? If knapp can perform a miracle (and that’s what it will amount to) with him we might have something to look forward to next year.

Grilli’s similar comment from Colorado earlier in the year hit a raw nerve with JL. Will he come out again and rubbish Jair or has Illich given DD & JL the facts of life?
Unfortunately, you are right about Bondo being a key to a successful rotation – he only has to have a complete recovery from surgery and get the confidence and technique for a 3rd pitch – are we talking 2009??

The Rays have been unbelievable. Their closing role has been their weak link, even before Percival went for the year with an injury in September. What a call to put Price in – 2007 draft pick, up in majors only since September with 14 innings pitched in the regular season – starts against the Yankees and Orioles and two reliefs against us.
Price was not used against the Chisox post season. Was the last pitcher in the bullpen to get the final out in the 11th of Bosox Game 2. Then gets the final 4 outs for his first ever save. I thought Madden froze in Game 5 as it slipped away. This time he was amazingly brilliant.

Well, the Rays have finished their laundry!!!! Done with the Sox, Red and White! Way to go Rays! And a thank you to them. My call is they take the Phillies in 6. GO TIGERS 2009!!! -Stacy

So Sheff should have no excuses then for next year, no off season, off field things to occupy his time. I assume this means I can expect better than a .220 batting average? One can only hope.

I like seeing the Rays going to the World Series. I don’t think this World Series will draw as many people to watch since they are both clubs that you aren’t used to seeing in the big game, but that will get me to watch, I like seeing teams that aren’t dynasty’s getting in there too.

And good for Carlos Pena, he seems to be doing well there.

I was very happy to be wrong in my gloomy prediction of the series outcome. The Rays did a nice job of mirroring our 2006 season, so we know exactly what they’re feeling today.
I like the WS matchup a lot. I have no favorite and no team I hate in it, so I’ll enjoy this one greatly. All I can say to the fans of the Phillies and the Rays is, have fun. You never know when you’ll get back to this point.

Hey all,
Anyone here that holds a special place for the old Stadium might find that Matt Watroba song interesting. It’s called “They Used To Play Baseball Here”. It was really cool and sort of sad all at the same time. I found it by doing a Yahoo search. GO TIGERS 2009 -Stacy

Thank you for posting the link, I am sort of computer illiterate and wasn’t sure how to post the link. Thanks again. GO TIGERS 2009 -Stacy

Found a nice link to keep track of the Tigers playing winter ball:
No Garcia yet, and no Willis but I see Ramon is playing once again. Keep an eye on Moscoso!!

Hey everyone,
Jason, nice article on Knapp about throwing stikes vs velocity. I’m glad that DD has had time to read our comments. Make the batter hit the ball and have a solid defense. A walk is the hardest ball to field! Well, it is getting cold in Grand Rapids so we need some Hot Stove talk. Stacy, I agree, Go Tigers 2009. As a fan I will be optomistic. –Dave

Wouldn’t be surprised to see Matt Stairs as DH in the 6th game. Surprised he wasn’t in there yesterday as he knows the Rays quite well and is experienced as a DH.
Good games eh?

They are good games. My only rooting interest here is that they play seven of ’em.
There was a spot last night when I agreed with Buck and McCarver about PHing Stairs. I neglected to post on it during the NLCS, but I sure was glad to see that ol’ canuck hit that big homer against the Dodgers.
I’m starting to think the Rays pitching will do it for them, as the Phillies seem to be relying heavily on one Cole Hamels. Doesn’t he look like a more mature version of Andrew Miller, appearance-wise?
Two negatives: while I’m gaining some appreciation for Joe Buck, Tim McCarver appears to be getting senile. And that pitch track thing they use is worthless. It’s tracking where the catcher receives the ball, and you can prove it by watching the video replays of the pitches from different angles. Any pitch that a catcher would catch in the strike zone, he probably doesn’t catch anyway.

If anyone is still dropping by this blog, how many of you thought there was any chance they’d stop last night’s game and follow the rules that say the score reverts back to the previous inning? If the Rays don’t tie it in the 6th, that’s the rule. Myself, I didn’t think Selig would allow it, but I don’t think he deserves big kudos for his actions last night. The game shouldn’t have been played in the first place. Anyone with a computer can get live radar, and this event was a non-starter…….from the start. So, since MLB has sold it’s soul to FOX and the format won’t change, how about a simple rule that says postseason games must be played to their conclusion?
I was so proud of Carlos Pena last night I could spit. The Rays didn’t know that they weren’t playing their final inning and he came through big. This guy is an A-1 person, a class act, or whatever hyperbole you’d like to assign to him. He’s Curtis Granderson, Todd Jones, Al Kaline classy.
In the end, this WS will be remembered for the weather and the poor quality of the umpiring. The weather is no surprise, playing at this time of year. The umpiring, after what we’ve witnessed all season long, is no surprise either.

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