October 18th, 2008

Boras suit vs. Sheff finally over

Near the end of last season, Gary Sheffield was raving about the chance to go through an offseason workout regimen without having to come off surgery for the first time in several years. Now it appears he’ll get to go through a Spring Training without having to worry about a deposition or testimony. But it comes at a cost: About $550,000.

The long-running lawsuit between Boras and Sheff was finally ruled upon Friday, and Boras won, albeit a much smaller victory than he would’ve liked. According to the Associated Press story, arbitrator Joshua Javits ruled that Boras was due his five percent commission only on the $11 million option Boras negotiated out of his old contract, allowing him to hit free agency a year early after the 2003 season and sign with the Yankees. Boras, whom Sheffield fired, wanted his commission on the entire Yankees contract, which Sheffield negotiated on his own with owner George Steinbrenner.

This is the long-running suit that had Sheffield missing days for the last five springs to go over to Tampa and testify, and it was the reason for Sheffield ripping Boras every spring. From the story this past spring:

“It’s probably personal with him,” Sheffield said of Boras. “But when
it’s done, it’s going to be personal to me. I’m going to warn
everybody. Trust me, it’s going to be the ugliest thing you’ve ever
seen. There are people you don’t want to mess with, and I can guarantee
you I’m one of them.”

Asked about his time dealing with Boras, Sheffield said, “Total hell. I
wish I would’ve never introduced myself to him. Bad person. Bad

No idea if Sheffield plans to go off on Boras now that the suit is over.