Tiger Stadium conservancy reaches goal

Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy board member Gary Gillette said Friday that they’ve presented the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation with proof of the $219,000 it required in an escrow account to keep the project to preserve Tiger Stadium going and hold off a full demolition. The fundraising went into the day Friday while the nonprofit group finalized some donations and finished paperwork. An official announcement is expected next Tuesday.

It’s a big step for the project to preserve a portion of the ballpark along with the baseball diamond and turn it into a field for youth and high school games, along with an accompanying museum.

The next move is two-fold. The conservancy has until Dec. 1 to present plans and a budget for the project to the DEGC for approval. If that goes through, they’ll have to submit a second deposit of $150,000 by Dec. 10. The first deposit was part of the money submitted today. Another $69,000 was paid to the city to cover the cost of security around the ballpark site for the next six months.

All the while, the conservancy will be trying to raise money for the cost of the project itself, expected to run around $15 million. Now that this first step is out of the way, they expect the rest of the road to be a little easier.

“We have been all along working on the long-term plan,” Gillette said. “In fact, the long-term plan has been more solid than the short-term plan.”


Thank you Jason for letting us know this information. For sure, a bright spot in the world that is Tiger baseball! I left a post a few months ago about going back to see the stadium. It reminded me what baseball was all about. This would mean alot to that area, and to the fans, young and old. I haven’t posted in a while, but always look forward to reading them. A thank you goes to you Jason, and to everyone on here, whether I agreed with you or not!!!🙂 GO TIGERS 2009 -Stacy

Considering the disaster that was 2008, I nominate this story about saving at least a portion of T/S as the most heartwarming one of the year!

I see tfan now has a name. Well Stace what brings you to a sight with a bunch of old baseball fans? Perhaps your blind enthusiasm, mixed with some old cumudgen pessimism will give us just the right mix for 2009. Hopeful, but cautious.

Maybe Illitch should buy the old stadium. Then have his ballclub taken there before every homestand to run the bases. Perhaps it wil fill them with some awe and respect for the game they play.

Jtennant, I have been here since spring training. But it always logged me in as shuggard3466. I could never figure out why, then it actually started using my MLB screen name.And as far as what brings me to this sight is the fact that it is very hard to find the opinion of true Tiger fans! I have gained alot of respect for some of the baseball minds on this blog ( you guys know who you are). And Dan maybe that would work, but since none of them are from nowhere near Detroit, probably not going to work out like we would want.🙂 Well here’s to the bloggers and to 2009!!! GO TIGERS 2009 -Stacy

Does anyone know why Curtis wasn’t on the pre or postgame on TBS tonight? Harold Reynolds was there instead along with Ripken and Eckersley. I don’t know if it was said where he was but just wondering.

Dan, never a truer word spoken for the need to have players that love the game – passion with a calm head like the Rays are showing with Joe Madden is great to see. Who can say there is a better game than baseball after today’s game. OK the pitching might not have been smart on occassions but the tension and theatre was great – and the underdog beat one of the dark lords!!

Glad the Rays won. We’re dangerously close to having a true Nightmare World Series. That would be Manny Ramirez and the Dodgers against the Red Sox. Makes me shudder.
Re the Tiger Stadium thing, that’s nice, but I’ll never get over them tearing it down. Especially when I look at the ballpark that replaced it. The entire business was mishandled, IMO.

Phillies and Rays would be fine with me. Glad to see Chad and Carlos having a very rare opportunity. They are both deserving. Funny how things work out.
Joe Torre’s success in LA is a good story too, but unfortunately Manny Ramirez cancels that out…. Way out. So lets hope for Tampa Bay and Philadelphia and of course the inevitable loss of MLB viewers and revenue. No I’m not spiteful nor curmudgeonly…….well maybe another year like this one and I could become a curmudgeon of sorts. Actually any combination of teams would be OK with me except for Boston and LA.
Tiger Stadium forever!

I echo everyone’s statements about Tiger Stadium. I was back in Detroit for a game this summer (part of a 4 day, 4 cities, 4 game trip) and we stopped by the stadium as they were tearing down the outfield… pretty depressing.

Its great to see that at least a portion of the stadium will remain. I’m not as negative about Comerica– think they did an okay job as far as new stadiums go… still, there’s no replacing Tiger Stadium.

As far as the playoffs are concerned, I totally agree that Phillies-Rays is a great matchup. They’re both fun teams to watch and would help avoid hearing Fox talk incessantly about the Sox vs. Manny series…


PS– why the heck is Joe McCarver still announcing games? Does anyone like him?

With no offense intended to detractors, I love T/S but really love Comerica!
Interesting article in the FreePress on line today about our young pitching prospects. Like I said, if DUMBowski doesn’t screw it up, everything points to 2010 as the year we might get back on track. LFI, pitching did it in 2006. If not for some kind of fubar in game one of the W/S we’d have been WC’s.
Survive 2009, change managers, and then GO 2010!

Regarding the World Seriesif it winds up being any combination of the Red Soxs and Dodgers I just don’t think that I can watch. To listen to that idiot McCarver just drains my every last nerve. And to listen to anyone talk about the “Red Sox’s Dynasty” or that insane Manny Ramirez who in my opinion probably belongs in jail. Not to mention that those Red Soxs games are so dang long, I was watching that game the other night and I think that it was 2 1/2 hours old and still in the 4th inning, they are just boring games.
Now regarding Tiger Stadium and I know that it is a very unpoplular opinion but I think that they needed to tear it down. Now I am certianly okay with them leaving a portion of it up if they can maintain it properly. But I now that some of you on this blog don’t really live in this area anymore, but I am sure you all realize that Detroit is one eyesore after abandoned eyesore and we didn’t need that one sitting there for another minute. I think that I said this once before to me Tiger Stadium always had a vibe or a soul to me. However the way it was sitting there in disrepair and abandonment it was like it lost its soul. It was depressed and just wanted to go away. Lets face it although the field was wonderful, the outside of that building was not beautiful, from the outside it was an ugly stadium and in neglect it was even worse. So yes I am glad that most of it is gone and if they can keep up with maintaining and it doesn’t just become another abandoned building I am okay with that. Something that was mentioned on the local airways here in Detroit is that Red Wings should build on that site.???

I am not sure my thoughts on Tiger Stadium. I loved the place, but do recall the last game I attended there not being able to see much of anything, we sat behind home plate but because of the overhang above us couldn’t see any ball past the infield! I love the history and respect what happened there, but am wondering if they can make it a go as a museum or park for younger players. If they can do it, more power to them, but I do know the area around the park is in terrible shape and am wondering if they keep it, will anyone come considering what is around it?

Not quite sure why Manny belongs in jail – I am merely a casual observer of non-Tiger teams, but don’t recall him having a rap sheet. I actually am fond of him – he acts like a big kid playing a game and for all the millions out there – that is what he is doing. And he is quite good at it at that. Sure, he is frustrating, at least he was at Boston when it seemed he played hard when he wanted to, but you can’t deny the results he has had.

Well for starter regarding Manny, most recently he pushed the 64 year old traveling secretary to the ground when he couldn’t get him all the seats he felt he required at a game. That is assult. That is just the most recent thing. Not that this requires jail time, but he also will just decide that he doesn’t feel like playing a game and come up with an ailment. When the Soxs set up and MRI for him he just doesn’t show up. He to me isn’t just a big kid he is a giant ###hole. To me this Manny being Manny isn’t cute it is a pathetic, spoiled and somewhat abusive.l

One, I must be in the minority here, as I would love to see the Sox and Dodgers in the WS. Even though I am a die-hard and never leaving Detroit fan, I enjoyed watching the Sox in the Series last year. They definitely have a fire and swagger to themselves, one that we need more of. Manny, is Manny, sure, but is one heck of a ball player.


Tiger Stadium – I am happy that at least part of it will be saved. I went to my first Tiger game there back in 1987 with my late grandfather (still have that ticket stub) and can still remember the day vividly.


Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. Talk with you all soon.


Ty Schwamberger
Horror Author

Tough dilemma on the catching issue. I feel like O/C is going to insist on bringing some less than adequate veteran in to take 2/3 of the playing time. I know Ryan had a lot of pb’s but so did Inge and we were set to give him the job. M/G are we now extending the “fragile” label to big strong catchers? Ryan will turn 25 during next season. He showed enough this year to warrant the shot. Get him in there!
The only way we should consider a veteran is if he’s a proven “winner” not just some guy who’s backed up on lousy teams for years and years. I can think of one example, but would ask you don’t shoot me. Varitek is a f/a after this year. He can’t hit anymore so the Sox may not go out of their way to resign him. So what, we were already prepared to go with a C who couldn’t hit (BI). JV knows how to win and mange a pitching staff. He could keep the spot warm for one of the youngsters (Ryan-Skelton-Avila). For once we aren’t that far off with some catching talent in the minors. If not Varitek, than go with Ryan. Just no retreads please. We know how O/C loves his veterans. You know the ones who will stand on first and wait for the HR.

Catchers and pitching coaches seem to be the priority.
Judging by the the playoffs I am watching I think they need to pay some attention to outfield alignment as well. We have 1 good outfielder- and I would suggest he needs to flanked by two others. TB is an exciting team i.e. they steal bases and they run down fly balls. Even the ones that the outfielders in these playoffs are not catching they are showing the value of keeping runners from getting the extra base. We’ve also seen some good bunting. Not sure if Leyland remembers things like the above though.
As to catching, well we have seen some young guys come in and do spectacular jobs. I don’t think that is any guarantee for Ryan. I like him and all but his body type is not suited for blocking a lot of balls in the dirt. That’s important for obvious reasons but also for giving the pitcher confidence to snap off their best sinker/slider they can and not have to try and keep it up where it could get hammered.
A veteran catcher would be OK. Please not Varitek though. Great leader but skills have eroded far too much to be helpful for us. Same with Zaun. Some talk of Laird but I’d rather stay with Dusty. Beyond being able to score a coupl for someone like Soto, McCann Molina or Martin there’s not a whole lot around. Olivo? Barajas?
We have to be prepared for a mediocre season but a few key acquistions might really help. I still think a trade of Marcus might help a bit but really think we could benefit from trading Ordonez. If Inge were to go I would not be too upset either. Ticks me off to see him handed the job after hittiing like Ray Oyler. Hessman would give us 30 homers easy and good D at 3rd. I think he could hit .250 at least. Sheffield we’re stuck with, sad to say. All we can hope for is that he is as healthy as he can possibly be. He is dangerous and can still hit the ball if he is on top of his game (read healthy).
We also have to accept some early season poor performances from some. I love Placido but I bet the guy is hitting about .150 when he wears a balaclava and gloves.
I think DD will pick up a shortstop somehow. Even Carlos could have matched what we got from Renteria out there last year.
It’s gonna be a long winter and we’ve heard Illitch isn’t gonna spend much more on payroll–maybe he can help out with the bank bailout?

We have enough guys with experience to cover the whole division. We definitely don’t need a catcher past his prime on another long term, high value contract. Sure, some of our pitchers need to grow up mentally, but no catcher can throw the ball for them. We have too many larger problems elsewhere and have to trust the farm or a low value trade on potential on this one. Despite being pledged 3rd, Inge’s offense likely wont improve sufficiently to play everyday but will still be a valuable utility between 3rd, SS & backup catcher.

Management has to have some leaps of faith in the farm until our past contract excesses work their way out. 2009 will show the era of big payrolls is gone with the Wall.

If any money is spent this year, it has to be on some pitchers, particularly as we have lost our natural leaders in Jones and (likely) Rogers. Trouble is, it would likely be expensive to maintain pecking order status given the excessive contracts already in place with JV, Bondo, Nate & Willis.

We have totally lost our way since 2006 becoming way too conservative in all aspects of the game – aggressive offence forgotten; farm sold for fading stars and defence ignored with aging bodies. Not forgetting our lack of LH batters making it easy for opposing pitchers to get in a groove. I got sick of hearing how well the opposition pitched to us!!

Hopefully we can learn from the Rays this year about how baseball should be played and how management can provide leadership. Not sure how you teach an old dog new tricks.

One thing that I can say for sure watching the teams in the playoffs and to a lesser extent Boston, it is glaringly obvious how slow we are on the basepaths. Those guys get from first to third on a shallow fly ball it seems. Man those guys can run. And frankly I think the league is starting to play that way again, less of this station to station stuff.

Speed is everything. That’s the reason I am so frustrated with JL’s “Let it happen” approach rather than a “make it happen’ approach”.
The latter approach is edifying. It fosters success. We have some players that can serve as constituents of that approach but they are mis-used in regard to their talents and skills. Curtis, Ramon are 2 guys who can make things happen out there. They are not schooled in the art of base-stealing or bunting. A shame to be sure..
We need more. We need a Reyes, a Rollins or a Hanley Ramirez. It’s either that or let the collective weight of the team settle to the bottom and wait to be fossilized.

I think you hit the nail on the head, GK. Baseball is changing as we speak, and we’re seeing the future of the game in teams like the Rays and Twins. I will offer a caveat that playoff teams at the top of their game always make all the other teams look weak. I didn’t expect so much raw power from the Rays, I must say. Anyway, I’m gathering from DD’s comments that he’s seeing the writing on the wall too. He can make mistakes like any of us, but he’s no dummy.
Zaun would have made a good fill-in if he was younger, but he’s like 38 going on 39. No way. Last thing we need. Free agent Laird is at least still in his 20s. A potential problem with committing to Dusty at this point is if he fails, we’re stuck. Again. Sure would be nice to have some solid information on Vance Wilson, wouldn’t it? That’s just so up in the air right now. Tough spot.
I’m not against an Ordonez trade, but I seriously doubt we’d get equal value. I’m pretty sure Maggs will return, which isn’t the worst thing that could happen by any means. But Dan, you’ve got the right idea there, IMO.
I wonder what other young talented pitchers the Rangers have in their organization? Of course, ol’ gunfighter Nolan Ryan might not be such an easy touch.
Glad to see the Phillies in. Now if the Rays can close it out, to paraphrase George Kell, “we just might be gonna” see a good World Series.

The Rays are dead. Finished. Caput. Done for. Pushin’ up daisies. Bought the farm. Gone to their reward. Passed on. Six feet under. Davy Jones locker. Playin’ the harp. Kicked the bucket. Ceased to exist. They are ex-Rays.
Looks like we’ll have a replay of that stirring 1915 WS between the Phillies and Red Sox. You all remember that one.
Sorry, I always get punchy after another 4+ hours of Boston baseball.

I’m with you on the punchiness Rich. I don’t see how teams like the Yankees and Red Sox can consistently play such drawn out, painfully slow games. It baffles me.
I hope that the Rays can pull this one out as they play very well at home, but they have to be mentally broken after that loss last night. That was a tough one.

Your right Rich it is incredibly painful to watch a Yankees/Red Soxs game. Painfully long and frankly usually boring.
I think that when Madden showed the tape of the Tigers game and forgot to mention to the Rays this is what not to do. That was a classic Tigers collapse. Huge lead and blown in the end. That was pathetic last night. Rays were rolling and I think that they eased up and let it spin out of control. I guess that that showed their age and inexperience last night. Hopefully they can pick it back up.
Go Rays

I’m not familiar enough with Maddon’s team to even attempt a suggestion, but I was wondering why he didn’t use more pitchers in the 7th and 8th innings. Maybe he had good reasons. He just kind of watched it blow up.
Strangely predictable game, from the Ortiz homer to the last Youkilis AB, I was calling nearly everything before it happened. Very rare to have so many predictions come true over the course of three innings. Odd night, as if I’d watched this game before.

New pitching coach, frankly don’t know anything about him but being from the Twins organization which always fosters great pitchers, I have high hopes. It can’t get much worse, we were fourth worst this year in pitching

The articles on the new pitching coach sound good, but there is that minor twinge in the back of my head about no major league experience. By the sounds of it I think they are going the ‘get back to basics’ mode, which I think is good. I think it would be a good thing for the batters also (how to bunt, etc.)
Jason’s last line in his article peaked my interest: “There’s a good chance that coach will come from inside the system.” What’s everyone’s ideas on that?

Vance Wilson?
I’m quite surprised that Jonb Matlack didn’t get the job. Wonder who was interviewed.
Larish doe not impress me as a guy who is going to be a major impact . (He’s struggling down in Arizona right now.) I hope I am dead wrong about this but he doesn’t seem to be the game-changer type hitter that justifies an experiment at third base. Though I was pleasantly surprised at some of the plays he did make at 3rd he doesn’t seem either athletic or agile enough there. I would see his value (since he won’t be playing 1B) more suited to a role in the outfield—“IF” he can hit. My druthers are Brent Clevlen or Clete. I look at Crawford, Upton and Perez and just salivate over the speed and field coverage they bring.
My guess is we will get another year of the tip-toeing speed of Magglio out in right again though. Unless we see a block-buster trade.

Probably a coach from the minors, although Vance Wilson is a good guess. From the player ranks, I’d choose Todd Jones, but I think he’s headed for a career in the media.
I’m also curious as to who else was interviewed. That information has a way of coming to light at a later time. Getting a guy from the Twins organization is certainly thinking along the correct lines, and it remains to be seen how this will work out. I can’t offer an opinion one way or the other.
Of the group, I think Clete has the most potential and it’s too bad he’s going to be shelved with that injury. Same goes for Holliman. Clete is just a good looking young ballplayer and has a big upside. He also fits the mold of faster and younger outfielders. We need impact rookies like we had with Granderson. You look at Longoria and Pedroia and you turn green with envy. Don’t know where our next impact rookie will come from.
I think Larish should just be traded, plain and simple, because we can’t use him on this club. Maybe he can go off and be the next Carlos Pena, who is impressing the heck out of me. Carlos just needed more time. Some guys do.
Here’s hoping the Rays can pull of an ’05 Astros and rise above this “devastating” loss. They have an advantage the Astros didn’t have, namely, home field.

PITCHING, Aggressive play, & Clutch hitting are keys sorrily missed. A good bullpen that doesn’t blow 5-6 innings certainly helps too. Madden turned the heads in the AL. A good pitcher, and at least one run leads, is what counts on the standings by the end of the season. That is so true, to what is wrong with our team, as stated above, runners standing on base, like pegs, waiting for the ball to go over the fence, instead of making it happen!

Unfortunately, for us Tiger fans, it seems, that our team next year is built around Shef, (shackled to him in millions of dollars), unless he is traded. It used to be Pudge, then followed by Maggs. We are a year of two away from seeing if MCab is up to the task, or if he gets a spoiled ego. As far as Ordonez, I wish he would have been more dominate, like other teams , who you can clearly pointed to as the captain. My boy argues with me that Grandy is the leader.

I would have agreed with the formula, having veterans, who could talk to , and lead the younger set through the slumps, and short lived highs, but somewhere, that formula ended up all blurry this year. Nothing worked. NY & Detroit failed miserably with everything. One thing that came to mind watching these playoffs has been the good pitching, and pitch counts on hitters.

If we have to build the team around the DH, then hang a pictures and banners of Gary Sheffield in Comerica, play him when he’s healthy, I say every Friday & Saturday night, and then fill up the lineup card with them young fellas. Period!
Maybe this year he’ll get his 500 dingers he so badly wanted. And just maybe us baseball fans get to see some of the best damn plays of the week, by some of these kids that come up, and can dive for a ball, or hit a beauty! (Sorry, but Rentaria was a disapointing watching him bobble a play , as well as hitting!)

The Rays built the club around all youngsters, so did the Twins. It doesn’t take long and these guys become superstars when their abilities shine, and the wins go up on the board. The fans come to adore them too…not just the overpriced ,overaged free agents, and can’t live up to the hype.

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