Enjoy the postseason

I think I said this at this point last year, and I’ll say it again: Don’t let the fact that the Tigers aren’t in it affect your enjoyment of it. It’s a really interesting postseason from the standpoint of the teams involved, and hopefully Detroit fans can get a kick out of it while they wait and see who the next pitching coach is.

As for me, I went from Chicago to St. Pete to help out on the White Sox-Rays series, which has a great storyline for a series. If the Sox lose this one, it could be a case of misery loving company in the Windy City, at least until the Bears get to face the Lions this weekend. I’ll try to post here every so often when I get a chance.

I will say that it’s very strange being down in this part of Florida in October. It almost feels like Spring Training somehow started five months early and I should be watching some pitcher making a bid for the Tigers staff.


Jason – thanks again for providing us fans this forum to vent and also to exchange our ideas and sometime in the future to celebrate! I like the feel of this board and plan on coming back for more.

I started a blog about the Tigers a few weeks ago… and it was nice to get updated on Tigers happenings from you. I enjoyed reading what you had to say! Things will be better next year for us! Take Care!

They sure did take the standings down on the main page quickly! What a disastrous year. Nice try, Mr. I. I sure would like to know if he made any money this year.
Dead last. Worse than the ROYALS. Now maybe it won’t be so hard to get tickets next year!

Well, it has been awhile since I posted. There are two reasons for this, 1) the horrible season it has been and 2) as some of you know (me), I have been busy writing.


As I am in Cleveland (ugh) I was able to watch the last game on WGN against the Sox. Not being able to watch more than a handful of games all year, I still had to turn it off after a few innings. Sure, it was great to see the guys, but I just couldn’t take it any longer after the grand salami. I think my wife was happy I turned it off as well. 🙂


Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, Jason, for another great year of reporting and say hello to all of you that I have grown to know over the past two seasons of posting on here. Hopefully, things won’t be so crazy (with the Tigers and me) next season so I can post everyday like I did for the better part of a year.


Also, I know some of you were interested before on what was going on with my writing. Feel free to check out my new website (news about my upcoming novel) at:



Go Tigers!

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