Rain update

From the White Sox: The rain is expected to head out in 15-20 minutes. They’re looking at a start time of 5 p.m. ET.

UPDATE: We’re looking at a 5:10 p.m. ET first pitch.


PLatoon Razor and whomever at SS (Renteria)? Enough. Santiago has shown what he can do. Prove that he can’t do it everyday. He is a defensive specialist who knows how to get on base (look at his walks yesterday) and has shown some pop and hitting ability. I’d take my chances there. I like that infield of Inge, Santiago, Polanco and Cabrera. Get Inge to cut his swing down a little and thus add 25-30 points and you have a nice solid, tight unit.

Next years team is already better, for 5 reason(s).

#1. Renteria is GONE
#2 Todd Jones is GONE, from the mound
#3 Rogers is GONE. Congrats on a great career!!
#4 Inge is gone from behind the plate, opening the door for Dusty.
#5 and, MOST OF ALL, CH is gone. Loooooong gone.

These moves add 15 wins to the season.

Now, all we need is that mechanical, overly rehearsed liar, Barack LaBomba gone!!!! He gets in??????? the U.S. is DONE!!!!! OVER & OUT!!!!

Interesting DD is now acknowledging defence with Renteria’s option not being taken up. Hopefully will also acknowledge speed and stealing bases when he looks at future trades.
All the trades we made were about improving offence with slugging seemingly the only attribute that mattered. The bullpen was ignored with a plan for Jones to make way fduring the season for Rodney and Zoom when (ever) he got healthy.
This years bullpen disaster should have been obvious, and has just been a continuation of the past 2 years. The converted saves to save opportunities for 2006-2008 is:
2008 2007 2006
Jones 18/21 38/44 37/43
Rodney & Zoom 14/24 2/8 8/17
Others 3/17 4/13 1/2

The Stats for previous years show that other than Jones, our bullpen was not up to pressure situations. Our planning was flawed from the start.

Ingenigma. The guy come up with phenomenal plays in the field and looks like a pony leaguer at the plate.
Wouldn’t it be nice to see Granderson run more? Even the Dopey Duo in the TV booth for the Sox understand that one.
Garcia throwing OK-came close to getting out of that spot in the 1st too.
Sure wish Sheffield would get it over with. Not looking forward to this being a distraction during our 1st 7 gmes next year.

Sure looks like two strike zones are in play today. Garcia just about has to pipe it to get a call!!

That non-call on Thome was pretty bad.
Makes you wonder–MLB want another revenue day?

Two steals and only into the 5th!!
Sure looks more complete and balanced side today even with Guillen & Polanco missing. If we can finish off the 4th, will sure get chisox anxious.

What I was thinking – Great build up for the playoffs. Good to see our guys focussed today. Strong willed pitcher sure helps.

Classic Tigers 1st and 3rd no outs and they can’t get the run home. CLASSIC!!!!

1st & 3rd nobody out and absolutely nothing. How many times has that happened this year? And to be brutally honest (even though he did battle) how many times has Curtis not driven in a runner from 3rd with less than 2 out. Lots. That’s the one are he really needs to improve in order to be a reliable middle of the lineup type hitter.
Shame–Garcia has pitched well and it would have been nice to get him a lead..
With all the dram surrounding Sheffield, his #500, his controversial statements, and physical/verbal confrontations with other players and umps—he has not been a clutch producer this year. You can love him all you want and you can admire the great career he has had, but the fact is is has not come through frequently nor has he had the big game changing hit.

C’mon Dusty—make that intentional walk to Inge looks like s real stupid move.

hope that Garcia is okay. Other than a few walks, which in my opinion were questionalble?? He really had them off balance.
Galarraga coming in I don’t remember if they hit him or not??? Stranding way too many runners in scoring position. No clutch hitting that is for sure. Typical.

Well this is an interesting development. Hopefully Garcia’s injury is minor and unrelated to his shoulder. He has looked very promising, more than we could have expected, to be sure.
Tough position of G-Man to be in but who else would you want to throw in a situation like this?

Feces occurs. You can kind of feel that things are going to go the Sox way. Hard hit balls either fou or caught of our bats, 2 connsecutive wild pitches. strikeouts with guy standing on 3rd.
Now our bullpen is in. Good luck.

How many times today have I said that this is typical. They barely have a hit, they get a walks, stolen bases and wild pitches to score runs. Our pitchers do just not bare down. And while I type this another freaking wild pitch and the runner advances. What a bunch of jerks.

If I where a Soxs fan and I had to listen to these two guys on WGN I would frankly become a Cubs fan. They are aweful and annoying to listen to. WOW.

The bull pen is, and has been, unbelievably pathetic. Beyond words.
It’s definitely time to turn the sound down. I refuse to hate the Sox becasue of their announcers but the temptation is sure there.
No way we get out of this with Glover-no way.

at least the Tigers are consistent. They screw around and screw around and a Grand Slam. Again what a bunch of jerks.

Holy cow. What a joke. This was a game being played with some passion then they have to go to the carnival.
Glover is incomprehensible. The good thing is that there is no way in this world that management can give him even a chance for a spot next year..
He Goan!!

What a terrible terrible pitch!
Might as well pack up the equipment!

The game is on espn2

I am sure the Twins have already boarded the plane. And going typical Tigers. They probably expected though. I am sure they figured the Tigers would screw it up.

I’m glad this season is over tonight, I need time to heal my ulcers before spring.
I so want to wipe that smile off Ozzie’s face. Never was a fan of the Cocky Sox.
These announcers can stop piling the praise on Jim. Nothing like trying to look like a great manager now, where the heck were you months ago, JL?
Sorry Gary, looks like 500 might have to wait.

Inge doesn’t even want to swing!

Interesting stat.. Glover has allowed 22 hits out of 42 batters faced with the bases loaded in his career.

This game pretty much sums up the whole season: No clutch hitting, sloppy fielding, horrible bullpen. I like how Leyland intentionally walks Konerko so Seay can unintentionally walk Griffey on 4 pitches to load ’em up. Another thing I’ve seen too much of this season. I’m sure the guys are glad this mess is over with at least till next spring.
That being said I am still looking forward to next season and am definitely interested to see what moves are made. There are alot of questions on this team and alot of holes to fill. I think it’s a good sign that DD realizes we need more youth and that there are too many vets on the team. As long as Freddy Garcia isn’t seriously injured I would take a chance on him. He’s showed that he knows how to pitch and that ability is sorely missed here. JV throws the ball as well as anyone but I don’t think he has learned the art of pitching yet and hopefully the new pitching coach will help. Leo Mazzone would be a good candidate.

There are some glaring holes that need to be filled that everyone can agree on.
One of the most important things that has to be corrected is the evolution of Curtis Granderson.
This team cannot afford him to go on a prolonged slump. When he was out we lost, when he slumped we lost.
On top of all this he was grossly misused. . I’ve metnioned this before but hopefully soeon in the Tiger organization has the dhutzpah to address this with the boss.
He has to be allowed (and taught if necessary), to take full advantage of his speed. Let him steal bases.
He can’t let himself go into long slumps because of the tangentatl effect it has on the team’s success but also because it becomes a mental thing with him and becomes self-feeding. He can cobat this by learning how to hit to the off-field and to quit trying to pull the ball exclusively. This guy does not swing at outsde pitches. Curtis, you can boost your OBP tremendously by spraying that ball to the left side.
Also, he has to learn how to bunt for a base hit, especially when struggling.
Next year, folks!

I forgot to mention that as recently as n Sept 7th, Curtis wat hitting .309 !!
He finished at .280–in 3 weeks he lost 10 points per week on his batting average. It was grusome and something that the Kid has to be able to prevent.

How long has DUMBowski been in the game? And he realizes we need more energy and youth? Thanks for the 90 loss season so you could learn that Dumbo.
Yes we have too many station to station dinosaurs in the line up. This talk of maybe resigning ER at a lower salary? If DD does that he truly is nuts nuts nuts! How about a Pres-GM that doesn’t think pitching is important? That’s how Dumbo put the 2008 team together.
Looking forward to next year? Yes, because I’m a BB fan and that’s just what you do. However, I’m more looking forward to 2010 as it is going to take another year to wash away the core of this team and start over with new leadership. At best, maybe .500 in 2009.

JP Morosi with the Freep published his report card on the Tigers the other day. I thought it was pretty good.
We all know we need another starter, in addition to a Bonderman comeback and for a LHP to emerge in the rotation. We all know we need a closer and a complete makeover in the bullpen.
My report card is a little different:
1B Cabrera …innocent
2B Polanco …innocent
SS Renteria …guilty (no chance of parole)
3B Guillen …..probation; rehab as a DH/utility
3B Inge …..house arrest, conditional discharge upon batting therapy
LF Thames ….innocent
CF Granderson …innocent
RF Ordonez …..innocent
C Pudge/Inge/Sardinha …guilty
C Ryan … The jury is deliberating
DH Sheffield …guilty (no chance of parole)
P Verlander ..executive pardon
P Robertson …guilty (no chance of parole)
p Willis ….suspended sentence
p Bonderman …no verdict
p Miner ….innocent
p Galarraga …innocnent
p Lopez …innocent
p Seay ….probation
p Fossum …guilty
p Rapada ….guilty
p Glover ….guilty (no chance of parole)
p Farnsworth …guilty (no chance of parole)
p Rodney ….day release program can only pitch in the 8th inning
p Zumaya ….reform school for juvenile offenders
p Garcia ….innocent
p Dolsi ….hung jury
LF Joyce …hung jury
3B Hessman ….Judge Leyland sentenced him to life in the minors
1B/3B?? Larish ….???
?? Raburn ….no verdict pending
Manager Leyland ….reprieve given from front office under appeal to Supreme Court

Congrats to our home run slugger Cabrera. He was my bright spot this year, you can tell he has fun playing the game.
Cabbie, you’re my Tiger. Can’t wait to see you in ’09.

DBOONE- Your report card is awesome and hysterical!

I only differ on 4: Inge -Guilty of allowing everyone to screw with your swing. Not sure you will ever hit. You were much more productive when you did it your way in 2006.
Ryan- Promoted to the next grade.
Rapada- No verdict. A wierd motion side-arming LH? Not sure we can give up yet.
Larish-Case moved to another location where he can get a fair trial. We’ve already got too many station to station players who should be DHing. We need different players.

Great job!

Dan I like you ratings. Most I agree some well lets just say we will agree to disagree.
I was sitting here watching the Philli’s/Brewers game and looking at some stat. I was looking at Thames vs. Inge. And I noticed that while yes Thames has 15 more homers they really have only resulted in 5 more RBI’s for the season. Inges OBP is actually better, he has walked nearly twice as much and only has 5 less hits. Inge has had 31 more at bats this year. So really as the numbers shake down into actual runs and RBI’s Thames is really not that much better than Inge. So if Inge could maybe get his batting average up to a skyrocketing 240 it might be okay. Don’t get me wrong he is not “Innocent” but really if you delve into it neither is Thames. Thames actually struck out more with less at bats???
The other thing is that I think that Bondo deserves an innocent he had a blood clot and surgery. Lopez doesn’t deserve a complete innocent. He was fine as long as they were his runs but if he was expected to get out of a jam he couldnt do it. Does that mean that he really isn’t a relief pitcher?? Or at least needs to be brought in fresh in innings rather than inheriting runners.
And I am not sure why everyone is so anxious to give Verlander in your words a “Pardon” to me he was one of the biggest problems on the year. He completely failed himself and his team. To me I would of suspended his sentence.

Mercy, something has finally gone right and the off season has started out on a positive. We did not extend JL.

The fact that he pushed for an extension reinforces my contention, senility. He really cracked under the pressure this year and resorted to a “plan of the day” approach. The only consistent was his consistently poor managing. Several different catchers, third basemen and left fielders. No consistent batting order. Telling guys they have the job then pulling the rug out. Stubbornly sticking with guys in horrible slumps. Riding the hot hand, then at the first cooling off, letting the guy rot in hell. Resting guys that were hitting just when a rare winning streak was starting. The 0-7 start has to mean he just didn’t have this club ready coming out of S/T. The list goes on and on and on.

If you have the worst record in baseball in your division, how is it you have the balls to ask for an extension? Leyland’s character has now taken a “hit” with this chapter. He says he accepts the blame and then in the same sentence starts mumbling about how others are also to blame.

Give him all the credit in the world for 2006 and to some extent even 2007. But it’s been all down hill for the past season and a half despite an open check book from the owner. He’s lost their attention and despite his pronouncements, I think guys take days off.

My hope is we get thru 2009 then wipe the slate clean with a new manager. I think a lot of bad contracts are up after next year and that should help also.

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