Pitching coach, bullpen coach won't be back

Manager Jim Leyland announced after the game that pitching coach Chuck Hernandez and bullpen coach Jeff Jones won't be retained. Both are under contract for next year. Jones is expected to be offered a job within the organization.


Well I don’t really like to see anyone get fired and I must admit this year the pitching was a major downfall, how much that was Hernandez and how much was pitchers just not doing their job, I don’t know. But I do know whatever they were being told either was wrong or wasn’t getting through to them. I guess if we are going to give Chuck credit for 2006 we have to give some blame for this year.
We cannot get rid of the entire ball pen so I guess the coach is the logical choice. Good luck wherever you land.

I am sure Leyland could say, well, are you happy? My reply:
Hell Yes! This whole season I could point my finger at pitching and say that they needed help, and it wasn’t coming from CH! Something was stinking it up.. and I think it was the coach. How many times did we see a pitcher get in trouble, and CH go out to mound, and just get back to his seat, and “crack”… homer over the wall, or line drive, and runners coming in to score!

I will crack open a bottle of beer and toast!.. Good luck and GOOD BYE to CH!!!!

ANy possibilities to Kenny Rogers coming back to Detroit as pitching coach???


Surprising they didn’t wait until the season finished to make this announcement – are they required to go to Chicago tomorrow??
Feel sorry for both coaches as easily the biggest problem has been team selections based on contract value, not recent performance on the field.
The bullpen went from being the strongest part of the team for the first third of the season to easily being the weakest link by the close. Changes here were necessary.
Jones leadership of the pen was sorely missed with most of the guys lacking belief, mental toughness, experience and some also skill.
Hopefully the rumours on Jones are true, and he initially comes back in a role with Toledo. All of the pitchers who came up from AAA this year have been disappointing, and it would give Jones a chance to find his feet in his new role. Straight into Detroit would take a superhuman effort on his part to make it work. If the jones option is serious, with Chuck only having one more year, they could have started Jones in AAA and then had the option of moved him up through the season.
Good luck to Sheff tomorrow and Garcia has a good one.

anybody have any thoughts on Kenny rogers being the pitching coach…the players sure seem to respect him. though he might actually think he can still pitch

It’s about time that some changes were made. This ain’t enough, though! They’ve got to figure out what they really want to do for LF, 3B and SS. 1b is good, and so is 2B. Granderson has been streaky, but we all want him in CF. Ordonez is either in RF or DH. Is Carlos really the starting 3B, or do the Tigers DH him? I love the guy, but I wonder if they could get something for him in a trade. I seem to remember that the team that traded us Edgar got something for it…
The pitching can’t possibly be as bad next year. Let’s sign Garcia! Let’s get Charlie Brown back! Let’s have Verlander do what he’s supposed to do! Let’s get rid of Nate and Kenny! (Thanks for everything, though.)

Was this staffs problems all CH?? No, of course not. These guys, at this level, have had enough coaching over the years to know the basics of what they’re doing. Thus how perplexing Verlander ought to be to all of us!!! Apparently he’s learned near to nothing! Pitches like an arrogant brainless goofball.

BUT, a bad pitching coach, and yes that would be CH, can take a team ERA of 3.80 and quickly make it 4.80 strictly by the “approach’ to the gam, and that be the difference between being a winner and loser. DON”t let that door hit you on the way out.

Rogers??? Interesting option!?

If Tigers want a great(not good) pitching coach, they ought to consult Scossia for names and no longer rely on JL’s “insight,” cause he’ll just want to bring in one of his buddies.

The way I read one of the articles on the main web page, Inge is the 2009 3rd baseman. That raises the question of where does Guillen go? Of all things, he is one of the left-handed bats they need. Next question-who does the catching, Dusty Ryan + ??

I liked the way they played these last games against Tampa. The final game was a bullpen blow again so I am sure DD can see what needs to be done. If they can beat the Sox Monday, they would end up in a tie for 4th place.
The 13-14 games back is the least in any division. The AL Central is either well balanced or not as strong as it used to be. Therefore 2009 may be a real battle if the Tigers can get straightened out. The departure of the pitching coach is a good sign.

Something had to happen. It’s a start. It’s also a way to relieve some of the pressure off leyland where it really belongs. Diversionary tactics!
I am on record here for calling for the dismissal of Jim Leyland. He was unable to motivate anybody on this team this year, coaches or players. i think his style is incompatible with our player structure and our needs.
This does nothing to change the mind set of not thinking small ball is a way to play baseball. This does nothing about the tendency to play favorites or to manage today based on previous year or career stats.
They are trying to keep the fans on board by injuecting them with some hint of change but very little is going to change as I see it. Guillen being moved to LF is a sideways manouvre at best. Two positions where winning teams can expect serious offensive production are LF and 3B. We now HOPE that Brandon will be happy and increase his production . Everyone here seems reconciled to accept .250 as being simply outstanding. Likely he will strugle to hit .235 or .240 and and will continue to flail away at sliders and check swing strikeouts. He is not going to change his approach because he is now officially “tenured”.
Guillen in LF means we have a MLB player experimenting with a new position. As he is one year older and gimpier, can you expect him to do much more than 15 HRs, 75 RBIs and maybe hit ..270? Those aren’t exactly Carlos Quentin type numbers.
I love Guillen, but he is not a left-fielder, he is a utility man and DH.
If they are too chicken-sh!t to OFFER Hessman or Thames a legitimate competition to win a job then kiss their long-ball potential good-bye and get something of value for them. Last I looked there were several openings in the bullpen.
I also like Inge but his defensive significance is overblown. It does not compensate for his major flaws at the plate. I can’t stand the idea that he has been handed a sinecure out of deference to the GMs mistake in contract negotiations. Again, I like him but not that much..
We need a team whose players have to fight to earn a position.

Well, I’m happy that things are at least being stirred up. I said long ago that CH wasn’t getting the job done, and all our young pitchers had gotten worse, not better, and collectively there has got to be a coaching problem. I’d like to see Kenny as the pitching coach and Jonsie as the bullpen coach, but I know that’s a pipe dream…..

I think Brandon deserves a shot to improve at the plate playing 3rd base…he did it before, and I think he can do it again. I don’t believe it’s possible to overrate good defense-a great defensive play changes the momentum of a game.

I was at the game today, and although we lost, I at least felt like we were playing to win. I’ve been to 25 plus games this year, watched another 100 on TV and can say today felt different than most of the season.

I hope we can help keep the Sox out of the playoffs…..


Lest we forget—-If the Tigers lose tomorrow they end up being last in the division all alone.
If they win they finish tied with the Royals for 4th.
That is in addition to playing with honor and character and giving the WhiteSox a well-played and hard fought game.
“Baseball” deserves that.

I took pencil to paper and came up with 13 names you would associate with the 25 man roster who did not do the job in 2008; Bondo, Farns, Foss, NR, Rodney, Rogers, Verlan, Willis, Zoom, Inge, Guillen, Edgar and Sheff.

If we can’t get rid of the ocoot let’s at least set a goal of half of these guys not in the old “D” next year (Verlander not included).

Go WSox today. I hate the twinkies so much. I hope the Tigers lay down today.

Well not sure why you are so willing to let Verlander off the hook (and no I don’t want him gone) when you are not willing to let guys off the hook that spent a lot of the year injured ie Rodney Bondo, Willis, Guillen, Zoom and Sheff. Verlander had no such injury and he seems to get a free ride???
And I have to disagree I hate to see Chicago win I would rather anyday seeing Minnesota going to the playoffs. Don’t really like either but at least their aren’t such disagreeable jerks on the Twins other than Gomez.
And other than Thome I don’t believe that any of the Soxs are all that agreeable especially that Quentin (what and #SS). GO TIGERS

The fact of the matter is that they lost as a team and other than a few I don’t think that anyone is really immune from criticism and serious consideration. Verlander frankly probably killed us the most. We still had like near the top in batting average? Clutch hitting was down I feel like. BUt you really have got to really place a ton of the blame on Pitching.

I grabbed a calculator, and tabulated the scores from Tigers W&L record. Remember that 1,000 rbi team they projected?
As of Sundays game, Our bats put up 819 runs, but our pitchers and the infamous blowpen handed out 849 runs. I can see why somebodys head had to be put on a plate. Given another year, and Leyland might likely be next. Walks, whips, hit batters, hits, our pitching stunk!
I would rather see Gardenhire’s twinkees in the playoffs.. He’s quiet and gets the job done. Proof is what he’s done with out Hunter and Santana, with a young club. His team has risen to the top. Secondly, one team is enough out of the windy city…Go Cubbies .. Sorry Ozzie.. your mouth overrunneth, and top my list of A-holes!
The whole month of September should be forgotten, thats how I want to remember 2008!

Well, I suppose that comes as no surprise – they very well can’t (or won’t I should say) fire 80% of the pitching staff. I see that Carlos is slated to play LF next year with Inge playing 3rd. I know that makes many happy seeing his glove at third, and there is no disputing that, but he better work his tail off on his batting in the offseason – what he hit this year is not acceptable in my eyes. I don’t know how Guillen will do in LF, but does this mean they are eyeing Thames as dh for next year and not having Sheff return? Just wondering if I was reading between the lines?

Let’s at least win the final game – I was hoping for yesterday’s win to get us out of last place but no luck. Plus how fun is it to win against Ozzie?

Boy, I have to say that JL’s comments ont he dismissal of his coaches really rankles me. When a company has a bad year you rarely see the VP go. Usually it’s the CEO. JL comments that somebody had to pay the price for the season! You kidding me? The buck stops with you JL. If you were truly in charge then you should have stepped in with the staff. In which case you are responsible for this year and probably should leave. If you aren’t in charge and just left it with CH then you also are responsible for not controlling your team and probably should leave. I had been on the fence with him really. But those comments really leave a bad taste in my mouth.

The radio guys brought up an interesting point yesterday. They tallied up the Tiger runs for all the games in which they scored 7 or more times. I think that was like 15 games or so. Those 15 games accounted for 25% of the total runs scored by the guys! So, although statistically they were #4 in runs scored with that sort of distribution you have the kind of season we had. Inconsistent. Why? Well, I have to go back to some early posts and it continues to be that we had no consistent strategy going into this season. Jones in left, no Sheff is in left, no it’s Marcus, wait Guillen. No he’s at third, wait let’s put Guillen at third and Inge behind the plate. All of that lead to inconsistent line-ups and a lack of strategy. And that points squarely at JL. The brother dodged a bullet…

so i have heard that leo mazzone’s name is around the city of detroit. whats the chances that leo mazzone is coming in as the next pitching coach for the tigers?

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