Wednesday: Sardinha starts at catcher

Today is a day to rest Dusty Ryan, who basically has caught every game since the start of last week’s series at Texas. Originally, Jim Leyland was thinking of starting Brandon Inge behind the plate and resting Ryan. Instead, he’ll start Dane Sardinha, who hasn’t played at all since August 31.

In other news, look for Freddy Garcia to pitch Monday’s makeup game at Chicago if it needs to be played. And yes, Garcia is a little intrigued by the chance of facing his old squad with a chance to knock them out of the playoffs or at least force a tiebreaker.

TIGERS (71-85)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Joyce, LF
  6. Larish, DH
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Inge, 3B
  9. Sardinha, C

ROYALS (72-86)

  1. David DeJesus, RF
  2. Esteban German, LF
  3. Mike Aviles, 2B
  4. Jose Guillen, DH
  5. Ryan Shealy, 1B
  6. Alex Gordon, 3B
  7. John Buck, C
  8. T.J. Pena, SS
  9. Mitch Maier, RF


Now there is a pretty impressive lineup. The boot om 5 that JL has cobbled together is enough to put fear in to the heart of.
Nate Robertson.
I don’t want to politicize this Blog, but I think Obama could outhit Sardinha.

This is not a comment about tonight’s game, but I just read about the news that Todd Jones has officially called it quits after this season. I think that we can all truly appreciate what Todd Jones has done as a person and professional for this organization. Yes, he put us all on the roller coaster many times, but overall he had one heck of a run. I have one story about Todd Jones that I feel characterizes who he is as a person. It was Memorial Day 1999 in Boston, and I was fortunate to watch the Tigers at Fenway for an afternoon game. As I sat along the edge of the right field line, I was able to see the bullpen and the players getting ready for the National Anthem. While the anthem was playing, I couldn’t help but notice some movement in the Tigers bullpen. It was Todd Jones. What was he doing? He was standing up on a bench and pointing to some of the fans in the stands and shouting at them, trying to get their attention. Todd was trying to get the fans to remove their caps to show some respect for our country. Win or Lose, Todd Jones has earned my respect as a person and a player.

No Thames again – 1 from 2 and a walk in a 4 hit team effort musn’t be good enough to get two games in a row for someone proclaimed to be our regular LF.
Hats off to Jones – ‘you don’t know what you have ’til it’s gone’ sure rings true with Todd. OK, he may never have been a league leader in closers, but he had more backbone and mental toughness than anyone in the team. How he gave up so many hits for so few blown saves (we have blown more since he left than in his 3 years combined) is a sure testament to his fighting qualities. I too hope he is able to play some coaching role in the organisation for next year – probably best at AAA next year as will be more valuable developing the farm (who was the last to effectively come up?) than how the ’09 season is shaping.

Hey Dan – you really have given up – no comments on Hessman. Maybe like trying to spot Tigergirl in the crowd, a contest to who can last claim to have spotted Hessman.

Yeah Dave, that Hessman situation just symbolizes the inexplicable Jim Leyland. All it does is get me riled up.

Sorry to put a setback into your therapy sessions!!

One of the keys for next year will again be Granderson. Strong correlation to him struggling and the team losing.

Unbelieveable,in the pregame interveiw leyland says he is going to play the best players,well how the hell can he play inge and sheffield all year he ‘s full of ****

I won’t argue with that assessment.
Edgar just hit into a nice polite DP stranding a runner on 3rd.
Are they doing this stuff deliberately?
Hey JL, notice ho they bunted and the guy scored? Pretty dumb eh? I mean they only got 1 run out of it.

We’re only 9 down–Inge & Sardinha can get those back by themselves.
One more game and everything will be OK. That’s when we get Sheffield back.
Mark my words, pretty soon we will start seeing the newpapers talking about the possibility of JL getting fired.

Yeah, absolutely nothing wrong with the CORE on this team. 12 losses in last 13 games now.
Nothing to worry about–things will be different next year. Just because they will.

This pitching staff is a complete joke. Nate did get screwed by the umps on a couple of calls but it’s the same old thing every night. Too many walks.

The offense isn’t that far behind either. I didn’t think that much of it when he left but not having Pudge has made a big difference. You have to play Thames and Hessman when the offense is struggling like this because chances are one of them will run into one. I don’t understand why Inge is starting everyday but I don’t understand much of what Leyland is doing lately.

What the heck is Hessman doing? He’s certain to be benched tomorrow now.

Dan is probably on the floor can’t believing Hessman is in – shame about beiong 10 down before the first up homer.

Yeah – I think Thames and Hessman are in the local poker club – sure been dealt dud hands this year.

Sure right about Granderson being the only regular player that gets the team adrenaline going. Another game where all but one run given up on two outs.

Outhit only 13-11 yet never in the game losing by 6. Typical of the year. Looking for some rays of light i from the bullpen, Dolsi might be rough around the edges but at least he doesn’t shy away from the challenge. Seay, Lopez and Rodney (high $$$ would make trade preferable) up to the 8th and Dolsi in the 8th are salvageable from this years train wreck.

Leyland to return in 2009.
I don’t know……….I’m not sure I can endure another season of the same old thing. This isn’t even fun to watch. Not even interesting.

Geez, and he has the gall to ask for an extension beyond ’09.

Watching a GOOD game- top of 9 Minn3-White Sox 2
Nathan in

JL being here in ’09 is no shock, just a depressing realisation that neither JL or DD are about to make waves for each other. JL after 17 years managing has a losing record – hardly surprising seeing he doesn’t believe in team chemistry and has no idea how to motivate or hold players accountable.
DD is ultimately responsible for where the team is today – signing long term, high value contracts for players going backwards. Willis, Sheffield, Inge, Robertson, Renteria and Bonderman costing $53m would not make any other team unless their cost was at least a third.
JL is a nice guy who was lucky in Florida. DD traded the farm for high cost has beens. Neither are going to rock each others boat. The best we can hope for is a change pitching staff that will hopefully be able to identify and develop talent for 2010.
If Illich keeps both into next year, the saying fools and money are easily parted will hold sway.

Tram’s 2004 Tigers won more games.
Tram’s 2003 Tigers had more heart.

Whoever said a fish rots from the head down must have been a 2008 Tiger fan.

Don’t worry about Matt Millen, he has secretly been a consultant for the Tigers for the past year and can now assume the position full time.

We gave the wrong minor leaguers call ups, but why is that no surprise. Why in the hell is NR getting a start? Does Inge have a shot at hitting below .200?

I have to defend Inge, he may not have done much at the plate but he has been shifted all over all year and is still fielding .1000 in every position he has played this year!

Following last nights loss to the Twins, Buehrle states: “They are so annoying when they get on base. They try to keep your mind off the hitter. They bunt, they steal, they hit-and-run, they do all the little stuff it takes to win ballgames.”
Does this bring back memories of how close games are won or lost? Playing the Tigers must be a walk in the park for the Chisox and other good team’s pitchers. Helps explain the Chisox 11-3 record against the Tigers.

That was a great comment by Buehrle. Simple & basic, one base at a time. Enough of this hoping for the long ball.
Since we are stuck with JL next year does anyone have a copy of Baseball for Dummies to send him? Will JL be the Tiger’s Millen?
Rich, great comment regarding the fans booing Todd on his last outing. In 2009 let’s hope the Boo-gers stay home.

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