Two views of the same pitcher

greinke.jpgZack Greinke tossed seven scoreless innings and sent the Tigers to their 12th shutout of the season, but there was a difference of opinion in the outing.

“Greinke would’ve shut a lot of people out tonight,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. “When you throw 97-98 with a good hook and a changeup and locate the ball pretty good, he probably would’ve shut a lot of teams out tonight, no matter what lineup we had in there.

“He just powered us early. We did hit some balls good at people, not that we were on him that much. But we had a couple chances. … But Greinke was very good. He was a power pitcher early, and then in the middle innings, went to a little more offspeed stuff. He got off the fastball a little bit. I thought he pitched very, very well.”

By contrast, Greinke was a little tougher on himself:

“I didn’t have any location of any pitch,” Greinke said. “My fastball was good, it just wasn’t being located good. I wasn’t throwing breaking balls for strikes, really. I threw the curveball for a strike a little bit but that’s not one of my top pitches and my slider was pretty bad.”


I just finished reading Jason’s article on Leyland:
After reading what JL had to say, I can can honestly add that I don’t know who sounds more completely ridiculous, Sheffield or Leyland.
Leyland is on record as saying he doesn’t really “believe in” chemistry. I wonder if he believes in character. We have seen very little of that lately. Combine that with the proclivity for total breakdowns, failure to hold leads, coming up with clutch hits, getting add-on runs etc, I fail to be as certain as he is that everything will work out next year.
It would be nice to see a couple of these guys show us an attitude that “there is no way we are going to finish in last place”, instead of “let’s just get this over with”. If the ‘CORE” of this team is willing to lose then I fear we are “rotten, righ to the CORE”.
I have seen far too many smiles on the faces of our opponents these last couple of week. Early in the game, yet. They know that they are playing a dispirited, disinterested team.
Come to think of it, I have seen too many smiles on the faces of the Tigers too. These guys should be angry, resolute, grim and determined.
I’m even getting tired of Rod & Mario constantly extolling the superhuman qualities of Miguel Cabrera. Or preparing us for Brandon Inge at 3rd next year, or for that matter, preparing us for Edgar Renteria at short again.
If I were JL I would keep making sure to put the word “Mister” in, whenever he refers to Illitch. Leyand can start blaming the players all he wants but I’m sure Illitch can see through those “diversionary tactics”.
After over 150 games suddenly Jl is warning players that they have to perform!!? That he won’t listen to “whining” or pander to their “sensitivities”? I’m on record for stating that I think Sheffield is a negative influence on the team. I believe that. I also believe that Jim Leyland is worse. Favortism, *** covering, and blame laying are sure fire ways to create dissension in the ranks.

Tram’s 2004 Tigers won more games.
Tram’s 2003 Tigers had more heart.

O/Coot is already spinning for his job and DD’s.
More of the same in 2009 as they try to justify huge dollars spent on bad players. So glad we locked all those guys up before someone else did.
Predictions:We’ll say we need more “energy” then sign some 34 yr old who once did but now doesn’t. Are Ricky Henderson and Kenny Lofton available? Also with pink slips right around the corner, we’ll rush Perry and Porcello to the top.

As a successful guy all his life, Mr. I didn’t get that way by standing “pat” in the face of obvious disaster. Such callous mismanagment and waste of assets and resources can’t go unpunished. The Carribean Connection has got to be broken up. There isn’t a person on this team who hates to lose and the few young players now on the team are learning from them.

Blow it the hell up now! Not for 2009, but for 2011.

I also just read Leylands comments. All I got from them was blah, blah, lie, lie. An effective manager would have shook up this team months ago. Coming out with these comments in the last week of the season is just insane.
Since he commented that only the best players will be playing next year, does that mean we won’t see Sheff. LOL

To quote Tanner from the Bad News Bears…
“They beat us 5 to nuthin Buttercrud, and the Royals are the worst team in the leauge”
“Second worse” says Ahmad.
This quote just came to mind when I read another post about the someone being suprised Royals beat us so badly even though they are not a very good team. I still think the Boys will come back strong in 2009…but am sadly dissappointed with this year. Here’s hoping……

I read JL’s comments late last night. I’ll again have to say he’d be better off if he just quit talking. But you can choose your own cliche:
Actions speak louder than words
Put up or shut up
You can’t fool an old fool (that one pertains to me)
Never get involved in a land war in Asia (okay, that one doesn’t apply, in fact, it’s not even a cliche)
I’m going to do what the players do and just ignore his ramblings.

Just read that Todd Jones is retiring. I just want to thank Todd for all he did and for being such a class act. Baseball could use more guys like him. All the best to Todd in the future.
Comerica still has the ferris wheel and the merry-go-round, but the roller coaster is gone.

Same here – Todd, thanks for providing broad shoulders to take the blame, and a strong resolve to do your best every outing. I have been a big fan of his for a long time and also feel he is a true class act. Todd Jones for pitching/bull pen coach? Beware the ‘stache!

Thanks Todd-you were a regular guy-I miss you now and will really miss you next season.

Can you take Rodney with you?

What Todd will take with him is the memory of the loud booing from thousands of “fans” as he left the Comerica Park mound for the final time. I can’t forget the sight of him looking up at all the people as he headed for the dugout. He probably knew at that time that it was over. But I’m sure the boos will turn to cheers this weekend.
I was in his corner for many years, as longtime readers know. I was thinking just last night that this team is missing a lot of it’s former personality, and realized that Jonesie brought a lot of it.
I suggested it the other day and I’ll do so again. How about Todd Jones as bullpen coach, if he was so inclined?

Since I’m in the mood to complain, the other night Inge was on first I think after that third strike wild pitch. Pitcher throws to first in a pick-off move but nobody there to cover. Apparently, according tot he announcers, the ball is thrown down the line and everyone is so ill prepared that Inge could run for days. But they have to hold him at third. Why? Because somebody in the stands reached out and touched the ball. REACHED OUT AND TOUCHED THE BALL!.

Now what dead from the neck up, hay for brain would do that? I assume if they are sitting that close to the field they are a baseball fan and thus understand the rules. I also assume that they are either a Tiger fan or at least casually interested int he Tigers. So what compels someone to lean over the wall and try to get a $2 baseball? Inge could have scored if this guy (and it is a behavior that is peculiar to guys and not girls) hadn’t touched the ball. I can see a vague attraction. But imagine if you get it and as a result Inge had to hold and imagine if it’s in the 8th inning of a tight game. I guess it is the Bartman syndrome. Maybe you just can’t control yourself and it’s primal.

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