Tuesday: Cabrera at DH

It was already in the plans whether Cabrera was injured or not, and manager Jim Leyland said he wouldn’t do it if he felt like Cabrera couldn’t play the field today. But talking with Cabrera this afternoon, he seems to be feeling OK.

Jeff Larish gets the start at first base.

Don’t be surprised to see the Tigers doing some scoreboard watching tonight and for the next few days with the White Sox facing the Twins. How that series unfolds will probably determine whether the Tigers have to plan for a return trip to Chicago next Monday to make up that rainout.

TIGERS (71-84)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, DH
  5. Larish, 1B
  6. Renteria, SS
  7. Thames, LF
  8. Inge, 3B
  9. Ryan, C

ROYALS (71-86)

  1. David DeJesus, CF
  2. Mike Aviles, 2B
  3. Jose Guillen, RF
  4. Ryan Shealy, 1B
  5. Mark Teahen, LF
  6. Billy Butler, DH (.442 lifetime at the CoPa — didn’t start Monday, though)
  7. Alex Gordon, 3B
  8. Miguel Olivo, C
  9. T.J. Pena, SS


Once again a rookie behind Cabrera. I guess I just don’t get it.

Turning my attention to the batting title, looks like Mauer is the guy to beat @ .330.

I figure both he and Mags each have 24 more at bats (assumes Detriot doesn’t play Chisox on Monday). If that’s the case then Mauer needs to go 8/24 to stay at .330 and Mags needs to go 12/24 to get to .330. If Mauer goes hitless, then his average drops to .315. If that happens then Mags needs to go only 5/24. All this assumes that Pedroi does nothing to sneak in.

I think what this all gets down to is that Mags needs a heckuva last six games if he wants to win the Silver Bat this year. He needs to get roughly 4-5 hits more than Mauer over the next 6 games. A tall order.

Yes – why you wouldn’t follow Cabs with Thames/Renteria – just puts too much pressure on Larish when he also knows he wont be getting too many more chances. Yes and whilst I type this, Larish hits a double!!
Been wondering why JL overmanages pitching pulling the starter at the first hint of trouble in the 6th or 7th. Maybe due to him being unable to influence the offence with our inability to manufacture runs thru bunts and stolen bases (last in AL) – whenever we tried we looked awful.
Our seemingly quest for sluggers has really hurt the speed, agility and athleticism of the team with only Granderson and Inge (3rd only) of the regualars being better than average. Polanco is good at 2nd and Cabs will also be respectable at 1st, but the remainder look like trying to fit square pegs in round holes.

This whole season looks like Leyland was trying to fit square pegs in round holes… my goodness! These are experienced players, $138 million dollar team.. and all seaon long, the opposition have made the team look routinely hapless!
Just the other night!.. A 24 yr old and he nibbled at the inside corners stiking all these powerfull hitters.. COME ON!
What gives with this team. If there ever was a team that didn’t perform well, 2008 is one of them.

I just want to reiterate, we need a new staff of coaches, and manager.

This team needs to finish last. Better chance of wiping this table clean.

This team and Obama go together. Bunch of empty suits!!!

The theory is right, we may need another Carter to get another Reagan.

We may have needed Leyland this year, to get another Scossia

Hey all,
Long time no post, I have been reading everyday though. I just sit here and watch what has happened and seem to be absolutely speechless. The only reason I am posting now is because of you mitch. This is a baseball blog not a McCain supporters blog. I understand opinion ,but here is not the place. Thank you. And to the Tiger faithful, there is always next year! LOL Anyway GO TIGERS!!!! – Stacy

Baseball is such a beautiful game – easily the best team sport going. Boy we are sure trying to make it ugly!! It surely can’t get more frustrating until you realise we have all of this years high earning underachievers going around again next year.

I second that Stacy.

Garcia wasn’t bad tonight. Unfortunately, every pitch he missed on got hit out of the ballpark. That doesn’t usually happen. On the other side, Greinke was as good as I’ve ever seen him. Got an idea, though. If we really need to trade Maggs, how about trading him for the entire Royals bullpen? 🙂
As I write this, the Twins are beating the Ozzie out of the White Sox. When they open that new ballpark up there, it will end one of the most effective home advantages in the history of sports. Right up there with Red Auerbach’s Boston Gardens and Green Bay’s Lambeau Field in January.
Although I’ll still be able to post here, tomorrow night will be the last Tigers game I see this season. I hope they can send me out with a win.

I was working in yard, with a radio on, and even the announcers commented, what a lifeless game tonight.. not even a Tiger hit after 4th inning! How can the poorest clubs beat the stuffing out of us? I am sure everyone was gunning for us all year long, with our big bats ..but I remember this summer ,thinking, alright.. we have a fairly good fall lineup of games. We will make up some ground and pull a surprise and shoot up there… now? Not a chance. Ha! Tampa Rays coming up next…. HA! We are becoming a laughing stock. It sure shows.. start dead last.. and finish the season DEAD LAST!
This summer I complained that they look like no chemisry was between them, and no heart. Now they are just collapsing, into a black hole. A big Sucking sound!
Disappointed. Yes! Just wonder what the fans must think that went to a game like tonights?
New definition for “We Suck!”…see 2008 Detroit Tigers, Next door to Detroit Lions.. ooh! sorry.. G’night ladies and gents.. thanks for reading my rants.

My 2008 Tigers are so “thumpingly or maybe thumpingless”
polite. We are just politely going through the motions(more like slow motion), hoping not to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings. I was hoping this team could end on a high note. A batting title for Maggs, a homer/RBI crown for the Miggster, a runs scored title for Grandy, even the big 500 for the “Cook”, but it appears that none of that will happen. I appreciate all of the input, suggestions, bloviating, and exagerating that went on during the year on this site. Thanks for occasionally reading a stubborn old fool’s rants and raves. Truth is, the one Tiger ending on a high note this year is “Paws”.


Just got back from the game ::sigh::
A couple of quick notes from the park: I agree with Rich that Garcia did pitch well. In the beginning innings he was usually ahead of the hitters and throwing various pitches, topping out about 93, unfortunately when he had a bad pitch, that was a HR…toward the later innings he starting falling behind the batters. Overall he was putting in a lot of strikes…
Larrish just looked lost at the plate…yes he got the double, but he just appeared to watch and react late like he was suprised.
And don’t think that Mag is not trying for the batting title. Every time he came back to the dugout, he was checking out the scoreboard to see what his average dropped down to.

I agree about leaving the politics for another forum. I also agree that last place would probably be the best thing for the Tigers and it really seems like the players are doing their best (worst) to make that happen.
Garcia getting hit is a good thing in a way, because he’d be demanding more money if he had no-hit the Royals today. It looks like Willis may need more time, or just might not make it back at all, so let’s get Garcia signed.
And let’s say good bye to Sheff and Leyland. Or at least one of them. If they are both here next year. I’m giving up on being a Tiger fan. Yeah, I know you’ll all miss me so much, right?

HA HA…I think it is kind of funny that the person above is talking about not posting about politics and they have a name of anyonebutbush.

Slightly humorous.

Kind of like that game tonight. Luckily I picked up my tickets for $10 on eBay. What a sad lifeless game. I can honestly say that I have never payed less attention to a game as I did tonight. I truly feel sorry for season tickets holders who purchased tickets thinking they would have an awesome season of tigers baseball to watch.

And to all the people who say that they will not be tigers fans because of a dissapointing season…or if certain players are on the team nest year…get off the bandwagon and stay off…

Pal, I don’t know how old you are, or how long you’ve been a fan, but I’ve been one for more than thirty years. If you want to watch another year like this go ahead, but I think a lot of us are angry about the way this team has been managed. Sheff, too, has been poison for this team. He has been awful. Who in their right mind would want him on their team? What are you a masochist or something?

Really guys – can’t you show a little life and feel terrible about finishing the season in the basement? Someone stated the Tigers have too many smiles in the dugout and I have to agree – no one should be at this level and not have the drive to win. I get you can’t win every game, but when you are basically losing every game right now you can at least look a little annoyed to appease the fans.

Sigh – another horrible game.

This year started so strangely, what with Inge’s understandable discontent, all the talk about Cabrera, etc, losing the first 8 and never truly recovering…
There appears to have been a perfect storm of events/decisions that conspired to make this one of the worst and disheartening years in recent memory. Even when teams have a bad year, and of course we have had many, there is not necessarily the lack of team spirit and bad group and manager dynamics that we saw this year.
Baseball is the team sport most dependent on a collaborative effort–it cannot be soley dictated by “stars'” obscene salaries, batting titles, or era’s–that is one reason it can be such an incredible joy to watch when a group of 9 learn to move as one.
I think that taking Inge out to replace him with a batting “star” who could not play 3rd base was just the first of many mistakes that reveal the focus on individuals versus what makes a team work together, what creates that magic that can catipult a “bad” team to a winning team. And the trading of Pudge, who remained the little bit of the heart and soul of the team, was the crowning insult to a man who has given everything to baseball and the Tigers. And it was a slap in the face to the soulfulness of the city of Detroit and its very faithful fans.
Leyland does care, he does know what it means to play baseball, as witnessed by the 2006 “miracle.” Perhaps cooler minds will prevail this year, and Leyland can get back to managing a team that is not changing its roster and lineup every week, often every day.
Go Tabbies 2009! Keep the faith!

This team has been mismanaged from the beginning of spring training. JL may be a good manager but he has been ineffective this year with this team and I cannot believe it will be any different next year because I think that he has lost the respect of the players. I don’t think 2009 will be any better unless there is managerial changes. I have read very negative things in this blog about Sheffield and Inge, but I say at least Sheffield has some spark left(JL has killed it in everyone else) and Inge, even though he has not done much at the dish, is fielding .1000 disspite being jacked around all season.

I don’t think it’s a case of bandwagonism. I have been a Tigers fan since the early seventies when my dad took me to see the Bristol (VA) Tigers, at that time a Claa A affiliate of the team.

I weathered the 43-119 season with nothing approaching the distaste I have for this team.

However, this is the first year I can say there are players wearing the D that I can’t stand to see anymore.

It started with Sheffield. I knew he was a sniveling malcontent everywhere he’d been, but at least he was our malcontent.

Then I realized, as he took third strikes and failed to produce in clutch situations, that he makes almost as much in a single ballgame than I do in a year. And for what?

In my opinion, his acquisition and the baggage he brought was the first step on the path to the cellar this team is now
hurtling down.

And I am really over Fernando Rodney. I honestly believe that he is on somebody else’s payroll as well as Detroit’s.
How is it possible to unintentionally give away so many
games? Someone please tell me.

I really like Dontrelle Willis, but I’m afraid he’s finished and that is disappointing because he seems to be a good guy.

I like Jim Leyland, but he let go of the wheel months ago when he started playing musical lineups. And I’m tired of hearing him say it’s his fault and ready to see him do something about it.

Freddy Garcia is a regular guy much in the vein of Kenny Rogers two years ago. We need to try to sign him.

And it broke my heart when they traded Pudge.

Bottom line is in 2006 we won with regular guys. Those regular guys are now either gone or have let their perceived success (Justin Verlander) make them no longer regular.

I just want those regular guys back. The Minnesota Twins are regular guys. The Tigers aren’t anymore. They’re a bunch of overpaid, noncombative, passive losers.

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