Four games for Sheff

He will not appeal, so his suspension will start tonight. No other Tigers were suspended or fined. Three Indians were supposedly disciplined in some sort, according to Tigers president/GM Dave Dombrowski.

UPDATE @ 5pm: Fausto Carmona received six games, while Victor Martinez and Asdrubal Cabrera received three each. Cabrera’s suspension will begin Thursday.


I guess that takes care of the “Hunt for 500” promotion.

I still think that what Sheff did though was appropriate. I have a picture in my office of Gibby rounding first having just hit the homer off Gossage in ’84. His sleeves are tattered, uniform is dirty, hat on crooked, disheveled. Typical Gibson, looking like he and Morris had been at the strip clubs the night before and got back to the park just in time for batting practice. Anyway, Gibson looks like he’d been through a war and that was how he played. He played baseball like it was a football game. Not that I have a man crush on Gibson, but maybe the Tigers could use a little of that mentality like Gibson had and Sheffield displayed. A little bit of a chip on their shoulder that translates into some competitiveness on the field. I’ve heard the word “polite” a lot this season with this team. And I don’t think that polite is going to do it. If JL is sticking around another year then he needs to be less of a buddy and more fiery and too the point. If Lopez comes into a game and can’t keep the runners from moving up or Rodney can’t find the strike zone then messages need to be sent. Sparky wouldn’t have tolerated it.

I probably have a bias here, but those suspensions sound about right. Sheff copped the ‘tude and kept it going, but it was Carmona throwing punches. So was Cabrera. I’m not sure what Victor did exactly, but he was being very aggressive, but that’s as it should be. A catcher should have his pitcher’s back. Well okay, that’s that then.
I don’t think Sheff was going to get those three homers this year anyway.
And yes, I’d like to see the Tigers a lot more scrappy. Too much of a gentleman’s club here.


When I watched the video, Martinez was throwing some haymakers in there. I didn’t really see Miguel doing anything other than trying to calm down Martinez. Ryan looked like he was trying to pull some guys off the pile but I think some the veterans need to take the rookies aside and explain to them how baseball fights work. In this day and age of Sportscenter, you don’t want to look like a “girl” out throwing punches on some video. Sorry Tiger Girl. I recall Pedro Martinez one time looking like he was trying to slap some poor guy. Ever since then I never thought Pedro was all that tough.

I love baseball fights though. Below is reference to a good summary although it doesn’t have the Nolan Ryan fight in there. Great reference to Willie Horton though in the Billy Martin fight. Billy wanted Willie to “intervene” on his behalf against Ed Whitson.

No offense. Considering I have never thrown a punch in my life, I am sure if I did it wouldn’t be a pretty looking one! Agreed on all fronts guys – I don’t mind seeing a little attitude, although Gary’s reasoning sometimes isn’t quite right. Was glad to see Polly didn’t get suspended, they must have reviewed and seen he wasn’t attacking but rather breaking things up at least from what I could tell. I missed the fight, but saw Joyce on the ground and noticed some scrapes on his arms last night, assuming that is from the broohaha?

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