Leyland suspended three games

MLB has suspended Leyland for three games for what it terms “inappropriate conduct” during the first two games of that Texas series. So he’s out for the entire Cleveland series. Hitting coach Lloyd McClendon will presumably manage the club over there.


Hey, I have been out of town for business the last few days and didn’t get to see any of the games. What did Leyland do that was so bad in order to get suspended. I know that our pen screwed up a couple of games terribly. But a three game suspension. Did he push an ump???

Rightly so. 3 games might be a little much but I’m not gonna complain.
An article from http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/

Offseason Outlook: Detroit Tigers
By Tim Dierkes [September 18 at 3:10pm CST]
The Tigers are next in our Offseason Outlook series. Here’s what they have for 2009:

C – Brandon Inge – $6.3MM
C – Dusty Ryan – $400K
1B – Miguel Cabrera – $15MM
2B – Placido Polanco – $4.6MM
SS – Ramon Santiago – $575K+
3B – Carlos Guillen – $10MM
IF – Michael Hollimon – $400K
IF/OF – Ryan Raburn – $400K
LF – Matt Joyce – $400K
CF – Curtis Granderson – $3.5MM
RF – Magglio Ordonez – $18MM
OF – Marcus Thames – $1.275MM+
DH – Gary Sheffield – $14MM

SP – Justin Verlander – $500K+
SP – Jeremy Bonderman – $12.5MM
SP – Armando Galarraga – $400K
SP – Zach Miner – $410K
SP – Nate Robertson – $7MM

RP – Fernando Rodney – $1.7MM+
RP – Gary Glover – $1.075MM+
RP – Bobby Seay – $780K+
RP – Joel Zumaya – $420K+
RP – Aquilino Lopez – $400K
RP – Clay Rapada – $400K
RP – Freddy Dolsi – $400K

Other commitments: Edgar Renteria – $3MM buyout, Rick Porcello – $1.2MM, Dontrelle Willis – $10MM

The Tigers have about $115MM committed for 2009, not including arbitration raises to Santiago, Thames, Rodney, Glover, Seay, Zumaya, and Verlander. So, they should be over $120MM with the current group. The Tigers had an opening day payroll of $137.7MM in 2008. Lynn Henning says to expect a drastic payroll reduction – “perhaps by $40 million or more.”

As Henning notes, the Tigers may need to trade Ordonez to slice payroll down to the $100MM range. Maggs is the team’s highest-paid player, and he has a fine .892 OPS. Ordonez essentially comes with a three-year, $48MM contract. Certain teams might find that contract acceptable, but not if the price also includes quality young players. The Braves might be a good match if the Tigers are mainly looking for salary relief.

No team would assume the contracts of Sheffield, Robertson, or Willis, so there’s no point in trading them. Polanco, Bonderman, and Thames probably have trade valu, but the Tigers don’t necessarily have ready replacements.

Even if the Tigers move Ordonez’s contract, they won’t have much left over for free agents. It’s hard to picture marquee free agents like Francisco Rodriguez, C.C. Sabathia, or Rafael Furcal being considered if Henning’s report is accurate. They might be able to dig around the bargain bin, re-upping Freddy Garcia and adding a nondescript veteran reliever.

The Tigers can contend in 2009, but it’ll probably require comebacks from current players such as Bonderman, Willis, Verlander, Robertson, Sheffield, Rodney, and Zumaya. The Tigers have one blue-chip prospect in Rick Porcello, who might be able to contribute in the second half.

As you can see–there are too many overpaid players in the lineup. Fine if the produce but they become dead weight when the age and their “street appeal” is gone.
are all overpaid IMO.

Inge, Sheffield and Robertson grossly overpaid.

Thanks Dan – what an ugly situation DD has developed. Hopefully they are wrong about the payroll size for ’09, although rumours have a nasty habit of being accurate. The crowds have stayed up all year but whether this will continue into ’09 would be brave to budget on. Who knows the size of Illich’s pockets or his patience. One things is certain – DD can’t keep paying for ‘name’ players. Carlos at third, Sheffield at DH and Willis in rotation costing you $34m sure hurts. I see what you mean about Ordonez as a realistic trade – nearly everyone else would likely result in us continuing to pay part of their contracts with trades. However, I would rather pay part or most than have them stifling potential into next year. Staying positive, Sheff retires after 500 with Nate or Willis forming part of a mega deal with hopefully Carlos rather than Ordonez would help. I hope Rodney goes back to setup/relief for the last few games to see if it was just pressure stopping him from performing – he was pretty good before the closer role.

I thought (hoped) Renteria’s contract was only for ’08.
Good game going between the Twins & Rays. Hard when you want them to both knock the soxes off.

“The Tigers can contend in 2009, but it’ll probably require comebacks from current players such as Bonderman, Willis, Verlander, Robertson, Sheffield, RODNEY, and ZUMAYA. The Tigers have one blue-chip prospect in Rick Porcello, who might be able to contribute in the second half.”
As long as future projections continue to include the above two guys I’ve placed in all caps, there is no future. This whole Butch & Sundance thing has dragged on far past it’s usefulness. Most of the other people named in that paragraph could indeed have bounce-back years, but the club should seriously consider ending the Batman and Robin saga and move on. At the rate Rodney is “progressing”, he’ll be 55 years old before he becomes a steady contributor. And no human body can withstand the stress that Zumaya puts on his.
One thing that is rarely, if ever, considered is the fact that this could be a two to three year process, getting this club back on track. I realize none of us in my age range wants to hear that kind of talk, but it may well be the case. A combination of injuries and ill-thought out transactions have put us in a rather large hole. Management has missed the boat on predicting the direction that the game is headed.
I’m going to leave off the general manager talk for now and try to enjoy the six games I have left of this season.
Does anyone think the fact that Leyland’s voice was picked up by the field microphones had anything to do with the suspension, or length of it? The man was swearing like a sailor. No, more like a pirate. I don’t want to be a prude here, but there ARE children sitting near the dugouts. Instead of offering a “no comment,” JL might try offering an apology.

Those Twins!
Rallied for 5 in the 9th to bet the Rays.
I think I’m pullin’ for them. Part of me would like to see the Cubs beat the Sox in a World series but the better part of me simply cannot go with Sox. I think some of it (somehow) has to do with those 2 fruitcake announcers.
I was going to say it will be interesting to see what the club does witout JL but in reality, it probably won’t. I expect we will see the same game the same strategy and the same effort.

Notice how a bunch of the Rays have Mohawks? I daresay we can call that ..chemistry.

I hope we don’t have to trade Maggs just to free up the payroll. $18MM is alot of money, but he, along with Pudge brought respect back to Tiger baseball and it would be unfortunate to let him go because we made some huge mistakes with other players who have not performed.

Granted, he makes me crazy in the outfield, cause he looks lazy alot of times, but you can’t argue with his bat, and we have so many holes in the defense, right field is not my biggest concern.

As for Grandy going back to TBS for the postseason- it gives another reason to tune in for the playoffs. As for winners- I’m all for anyone but the Sox- White or Red. Tampa Bay, Minnesota and the Cubs all have a feel good story attached to them, and like our ’06 Tigers, that’s what makes this game so special to me.

We were scheduled to go to Cleveland Sunday for the game- bought the tix before the season when we thought it might be race time between us and the Indians. I suppose it is, if you count 3rd place as a goal…….gonna watch on TV instead…….


HELP. No one answered my question??? Can someone tell me what Leyland did out there to get suspended?? It wasn’t swearing was it?? They all swear. And the reason that I think that it is heard more is because in Texas there were no fans in the stands so I think things on the field get heard more and it depends where the micro phone is on the field.
I frankly think that we will seem basically the same team as we do this year.

There is a story on the homepage that talks about Leyland’s “inappropriate behavior” that led to his suspension…..

I think Rich gave us the answer above GK. That’s the way I saw it. He was swearing like a drunken pirate. And there are kids within ear shot that shouldn’t be exposed to that kind of language. Plus he was just acting like he was throwing a tantrum…not a good example for the kiddies. More than the strategery he has employed this year, this is the thing that disappoints me the most. A leader should exemplify decency, self control, and patience even in the face of bad or unfair umpire calls. Let the umpire know that he missed one and then move on.
I think JL showed the weight of the season upon him in allowing himself to get so worked up, as if that one call made any difference in the big scheme of things. If those are his true colors coming out, I’m not so sure I would support his return. There is a difference between being tough, supporting your players, and just being a hot head.
Thanks for posting that list and article Dan. I hadn’t really seen the entire payroll clearly listed like that before…never took the time to find it. I would hate to see Maggs go though. On the matter of some of these contracts….There are some expensive ones that Tiger ownership and management are locked into, however, does one mistake justify another? Why would they think that they have to keep players and play them just because they have to pay them. Especially if it stymies the team’s development. Admit the mistakes and move on. Don’t sacrifice a season of potential team development just to save face so to speak. They should be innovative and even generous with potential shopping teams if it helps them in the long run.

Boy whatever he said must of just been horrible. Because players and managers swear and cuss all the time and don’t get suspended for it. But after being on being on this blog I think that it is funny how some people don’t think that Leyland gets mad enough and wants him to yell and some now think that he is yelling too much??? What is the guy to do. Granted I didn’t see it but I did watch ESPN that night and when recapping the miserable game they didn’t talk about it either. So that is why I am suprised that he got suspended for yelling whether there was swearing or not. To me that is not unusual. I was at a game near homeplate once and I heard Ozzie Guillen spout some things that even I had never heard and he certianly didn’t get suspended for that.

Ozzie is very original when it comes to cursing. In fact, I think he tops Ted Williams, and that’s saying something. GK, I didn’t mean to leave the impression JL was suspended for swearing, I just wondered if that had something to do with the length of the suspension. He got into near physical confrontations with that crew for two nights in a row, so a suspension isn’t surprising.
I think there’s a fine line between sticking up for your team and going all Billy Martin, and JL probably crossed it. Where that line is, I don’t know, but my impression at the time was that he was going overboard. The dude is older even than I am, so it was strange to see him behave like that. I also think that a) he’s succumbing to the pressure, which happens to a lot of managers, and b) Angel Hernandez is one of the worst umpires in the big leagues. And there are a lot of bad umpires. It was better when they were employed by the respective leagues, IMO.
I’d like to stress that I like Leyland but at the same time think that he’s no longer the guy for the job here. I mean, I’d like to go out and knock off a few brews with him, but that has nothing to do with how he handles this particular team.

I am sure that JL was being disrespectful to the umpires, and they don’t have to take it , 2 nights in a row. I gather JL is a hothead, and has had a temper for 50 + yrs. I can’t blame him, seeing how his team is playing, all season long. We all can complain, consider what JL must be going through, down in the dugout. He must be going “Crazy”, right down to his testicles! Maybe the time away is good to cool down , or he needed time away from the players.
Its taken me some time and indigestion, accepting the possibility of Maggs going elsewhere, just as suddenly, Pudge was gone. Both players have integrity.
Its a darn shame that his contract is for such a large sum. I am sorry, batting king , or multi time gold glover or not. NO man is worth +$14 mill or more a year… these players should beg the organization to play and stay for less. Its just greed, and $$$ that keeps the frenzy going. One gets more, then all want thier agents to get them better.
I do look forward to seeing what “possible” new pitching trades are looming.. some surprises I am sure. Sure hope we don’t get anymore projects that bite us in the end. I would love to see a young aggressive outfield, L & R supporting Curtis in Center. CGuillen & Maggs fits the DH spot , that Sheff has done so poorly with.
We need a facelift to the bull pen, I will repeat: Good Pitching shuts down good Hitting!
I would like to see changes in the coaching staff. Possibly even a managerial change.
’06 was magic. It was a feel good October, a surprise team that came out of nowhere and they rewared us with good memories. They had goods, but that year they beleived in themselves to be better than people gave them credit for. IMO, ’08 players got swelled heads, reading the headlines, but off paper- they weren’t that good. Some still are giving 110%, but you can see they have no shine. That needs change.

Superb article, well planned and written. Well done!

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