2009 schedule is out

800px-Tigersbluejaysapril2008.jpgI’m not on the Texas series, but I wanted to point out the release of next year’s schedule. The Tigers open the season in Toronto on Monday, April 6 (the NCAA men’s basketball championship is at Ford Field that night, so opening at home was pretty much out). The home opener is Friday, April 10 against Texas. The Yankees come to town April 27-29, with the Red Sox visiting June 2-4.

The Interleague schedule comes back around to the NL Central. They’ll face the Cardinals for the fourth straight year, but the first time in St. Louis (regular season, at least). The Brewers are back in town, and the Cubs pay a visit June 23-25.

Look for a story on the site shortly.


Only three west coast trips for a change. Only the April one can be considered long. I’m looking forward to visiting PNC Park again.
Well, 40 years ago today, a teenaged version of myself charged across the centerfield grass at Tiger Stadium and joined into a huge celebration on the infield. The old cliche “I remember it like it was yesterday” is true. What a night that was.

Place a deposit to see the Tigers in 2009? Maybe waiting would be a way to show the dissatisfaction many fans are feeling in the 2008 season and cause some serious discussion at the next evaluation meeting.


need you and your commenters to weigh in there 🙂


1st & 2nd no out—BUNT!

Renteria up, not been playing, not been hitting, injured and you don’t bunt?
I can’t stand Leyland

I just turned on the game and said to myself, self, I would be bunting. Why did not Cabby tag up? Where is the 3rd base coach? I am trying to be positive but we need a new coaching staff. Where are you Matt Walbeck? I miss you in Grand Rapids (Whitecaps) –Dave

I believe Matt Walbeck is the 3rd base coach – for Texas.
Corrie – also in Grand Rapids

Wonder if Renteria will be making any diving stops to save runs today?
Garcia looked pretty pleased with the Hamilton flyout. I think he figured he got away with one there.
Marcus is an enigma out there in left ain’t he? He can make grreat diving catches and then clank one just as easily. I have seen him take his eye off the ball before in similar situations this year. That’s why I think winter ball would be good for him. I think he could be a regular left-fielder if they gave him the chance.

Again, 1st & 2nd no out. BUNT

Early in the game- a .215 hitter up. And I don’t think it even crossed JL’s mind.

Thanks Corrie but I light to keep it light. I was trying to be funny because we are watching Walbeck coach 3rd. I think he could manage the Tigers! Yeah, Young saved a run and how many has Edgar saved. What position did Inge play in college (aflac question)? –Dave in Caledonia

This Cy Nippert guy is pretty good. He can get out of walking the first two batters. Of course that has nothing to do with Tigers’ mistakes…
Nice to see Garcia hanging in there, though. Hope the Tigers can sign him cheap.

Garcia throws strikes. That helps immensely. He does have a nice repetoire of pitches and I have been impressed with his fastball, such as it is right now.
Curtis! I think the day off will come none too soon for him.

Curtis leading off this inning. he looks pretty bad up there right now so I am hoping he either gets a bloop single or better yet just turn on one.
Garcia looking pretty good so far. 90 MPH ain’t too bad at this stage of rehab.

Well we got the bags jammed and only 1 down. I’m not overly optimistic about the next 2 hitters but even if we can plate 1 run tht would give Garcia a little breathing room.
He absolutely should not pitch more than 5 tonight IMO.

Get him off the mound and wine and dine him and sign him quick for next year. There’s no guarantees, but he’s worth taking a chance on. He is a tough competitor.

I stand corrected. Renteria’s hit actually could have been a DP if the pitcher had fielded it properly.

This is how we win games. You’ve heard of being out of slam range? We’re now out of Rodney range.
They wanted 75 pitches from Garcia, and he has 59 at the end of five. He sure does have a lot of different pitches he can toss up there. He could have gone longer if necessary. He won’t be cheap, by the way, but we should make every effort to get him on board sooner rather than later.
Now let’s see how ol’ Nate does.

All these changes and he doesn’t bring in Hessman?
I have a feeling JL doesn’t think Big Mike is gonna be a MLB player. I can tell you that I would actually prefer him to Brandon. Overall.

Dusty has done well. He’s not lost when he gets a couple of strikes on him and gets behind in the count. Seems to have a good eye as well. I assume he has pretty decent speed too. The infield hit he got was fielded with a bare hand and Dusty was a bit late getting out of the box–but still beat it out.
Be really nice to see him put up some power from here on out wouldn’t it?

I think Nate can hold them off.

Talkin’ about sweet swings for LHB–what about larry Walker and how about John Olerud?

Garcia was very impressive. Isn’t it refreshing to watch OUR pitcher pitch effectively with an economy of pitches for a change. We have not seen this all season, except maybe AG early on. It changes the whole tempo of the game and obviously relaxes the whole team. That kind of success spills over into the offense. We know this is just one game but based on this game he would be a great sign.
Could Nate be an important piece of next year’s rebuilt bull pen?

It does make a big difference doesn’t it Marty? The other thing we were missing this year was the reciprocal arrangement, where the offense was able to get a run or 2 and then some add on runs for the starter. This gives the starter some life and comfort level. It didn’t happen much either.

Lopez sure has been in a lot of games with big run spreads.
Another one of those guys that I don’t think is high on JL’s list.

I can’t resist this one:
A quote from leyland today says,
“I’ve never understood why people all of a sudden get carried away and they say this guy will do this or that. But based on what?” Leyland said. “What makes you think a guy that hit .250 in Double-A is going to come to the big leagues and hit .250? And since when is .250 such a great average?”
Huh?. Has he not noticed what Sheffield and Inge are hitting?

Rich and Marty are spot on about Garcia and this year – we have been lucky to have half a dozen starts this year where we had 10 pitch innings games – we always seemed to be around 20 pitch averages with the opposition around 12 pitches. Zero momentum with our tired pitcher then hammered with no break.
Whichever way you look at it, either Illich has to have even deeper pockets or every 2009 trade has to be on pitchers. What a shame they walked Sheffield – heaven help us if he can’t get to 500 and see the light about 2009. I still think he will end ’08 on 498 – I would love though for him to crack 500 on the last at bat of the last game and he thinks it can’t ever get better.
Slowbyrnes spot on about JL and the AAA guys. It seems JL is starting to feel the heat about next year. Interesting that Ryan hit 315 for Toledo and 266 overall including Erie – he must play the rest of the season.
It amazes me that these guys can collect their huge pays regardless of whether they deliver – $21m combined for Sheffield and Willis – surely getting half the amount with the remainder if you achieve 280/80RBI’s and 4.0ERA is not unreasonable or has the Union stopped performance based contracts? It sure makes it difficult for next year if 20% of your payroll isn’t delivering.

I agree that contracts need to have some sort of performance based pay, or at least bonuses for doing certain things if they need that incentive. Terrific outing by Garcia – I can’t recall the history of this guy, I know he had surgery and was out a year – was he in the Tiger system prior to that and I just don’t recall? Regardless of the season, it was fun to watch all the hitting last night and realize it was us and not the other team! good thing we had a huge lead, would have been nervous otherwise towards the end!

Rich – how cool that you were there for that 40 years ago, what an experience that must have been.

Tiger Girl, Garcia is a product of the Seattle farm system. He started there about 10 years ago then was sent to the White Sox in 2004. He was a big part of their World Series team in ’05 and cashed in on a big deal with the Phillies before last season. Then he promptly made 11 horrific starts for them before admitting that he had a shoulder problem.
I agree with the posts above, it sure was good to see a Tigers pitcher manage the game the way Garcia did last night. I heard it’s a strong possibility that he’ll pitch winter ball in Venezuela to keep building his arm strength. I would be all for Illitch and DD trying to sign him before he pitches over the winter. I also think that it needs to be some sort of incentive driven contract based on number of innings pitched or appearances or something of that sort to avoid what happened to Philly last year and to us with Dontrelle this year. I think it’s fair since the guy is coming off shoulder surgery. I have no problem giving him his money, but just want to make sure he’ll be on the field to earn it. And while that seems fair to me, I’m just a dumb guy who watches too much baseball.

Thanks Jason – I am a pathetic baseball fan that doesn’t pay much attention to other teams and forgets quickly sometimes things about my own team!

Good outing by Freddy. Another horrible outing for Nate. These guys must just be counting down the days.

I’m sort of looking at Ryan a little differently also. He sort of came out of nowhere. I do like how he looks behind the dish and if he can show any ability to hit in the bigs then maybe there is something there.

As for Shef, I agree with everyone. Let’s get one of the KC pitchers to just hang a few and see if we can be done with this.

Baseball Tonight was making a few comments about the team. One of the guys mentioned talking to a Tiger official in the Spring. That official said the Tigers wouldn’t be doing well because of their pitching and lousy infield defense. In the SPRING! A Tiger official! If (and I emphasize IF) they knew this was a weakness then, why wasn’t any action taken? They just assume that it would all work out and that the Tigers would win like a loaded softball team (18-11, 18-13, those kinds of scores).

Judging from the blog comments I think quite a few fans knew these were problem areas when the team broke camp.

Hard to fathom that one Eric – the official must be the batboy as the defense issues have been obvious yet never commented on other than JL’s recent ‘we will do more during the spring for next year’. I don’t know how you can compromise defense in the 3rd and SS positions. Our pitchers have nearly always given up runs following infield errors and missed opprtunities.
I never understood all the offense deals (thank goodness though for Cab!!) with pitching dodgy – last year Nate, Verlander, Bondo and Kenny were all shaky. We then trade Jurjjens to Atlanta despite him being one of the few to perfom at the end of ’07. I know Willis was part of the Cab trade but from memory the $27m 3 year deal was done down the track – for a 10-15 losing pitcher with an ERA over 5 in ’07.
I hope we don’t try and pay over the top for KRod – I doubt his action will hold up. If Garcia continues next start like he went yesterday, a preemptive early deal would be the order as you suggest Jason.
Our AAA pitchers for the most part don’t instill you with confidence for the future with the past trades of the farm coming back to haunt us. Fien recently up from AA might be the exception and hopefully he continues his rise and can contribute from mid next year.
If we have $10-20m to spend, I would like us to get as many untried youngish pitching prospects as we can afford and hopefully a few come through. Hopefully one or two will come thru with a fit Todd Jones back on a 1yr contract as setup or closer insurance. Other teams seem to find pitchers from nowhere – look at the Rays with their bunch of noname pitching staff all performing.

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