Sunday morning, still raining

It’s raining about as hard as it has all weekend — a steady, drenching pour. And a look at the radar shows that the only part of Chicagoland not covered in green is covered in yellow. It’s supposed to clear up by tonight, but that might be too late for the day game. So you could end up with a single game here out of this whole series, and a potential doubleheader on Sept. 29. And given that the Twins swept the Orioles Saturday to move into a virtual tie with Chicago in the AL Central standings, it sure appears these games are going to mean something.

I’ll try to keep you updated.

1 Comment

Just reading the report on Brandon and not being able to get out of Chicago. Hope that has changed since Jason posted that and he was able to get out safely.
Looking at the radar and reading Jasons post it doesn’t sound like it is very encouraging that we are going to get these games in. I know that it is supposed to stop raining there a later this evening, but the field has to be in horrible condition and hence horrible playing conditions alone with the bad winds that are coming.

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