Game 2 lineups

Dusty Ryan will catch in both games.

“We’re looking at him, obviously,” Leyland said. “This is a little bit of a showcase for him.”

TIGERS (70-77)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Sheffield, DH
  6. Thames, LF
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Hessman, 3B
  9. Ryan, C

WHITE SOX (82-65)

  1. Orlando Cabrera, SS
  2. Brian Anderson, LF
  3. Jermaine Dye, RF
  4. Jim Thome, DH
  5. Alexei Ramirez, 2B
  6. Ken Griffey Jr., CF
  7. Juan Uribe, 3B
  8. Nick Swisher, 1B
  9. Toby Hall, C


Someone earlier said “pathetic”.
Apt description of their play, and the thw whole darn season.
Seems these guys can fold up like a cheap tent sometimes when a club jumps out in front. The 2nd game is another one of those games that we have seen far too often this year.
This has been an unbelievably lousy season and the players have bought into it. They really should be ashamed.

They are playing like quitters right now. They just want to run out of town with their tiger-tail between their legs.

A bad hop then a grand slam.
You know, we’ve had bad hitting, bad pitching, bad defense, a clueless manager, AND bad luck this season. Only 14 games to go and good riddance to 2008. I’ve watched dern near every inning of dern near every game this season and I can tell you that we haven’t caught a break all year.
The 8th inning tonight, this is exactly why you play Marcus Thames everyday. Forget all that lefty-righty nonsense and just make the big guy your leftfielder. I’m sick of seeing him held down. I doubt there’s a manager in baseball, other than Leyland, who wouldn’t welcome Thames as his regular leftfielder. Why does Matt Joyce continue to get the majority of starts? He hasn’t done anything.
You can’t fix everything, so my priority would be a revamped bullpen and a new manager.

This Tiger team may be a lot of things, but quitters isn’t one of them. They could have quit after being down 7- 0, but they kept coming back. Still, this has to be the most disappointing Tiger season in the 50 years that I’ve known them.

The rotation is awful, and the bullpen even worse, They can’t run, can’t manufacture runs, and it’s too easy for good pitchers to shut them down. If they keep the ball in the ballpark and don’t give up multiple extra base hits in an inning, the Tigers won’t score. Too often, they don’t score from second on a base hit, don’t go from first to third on a single, don’t score from first on a double, don’t move the runners along, and don’t sacrifice guys home. That’s just the lineup, and problems with the lineup pale by comparison with the rotation having the 12th best ERA of 14 teams in the league.

They lose prolifically against their main rivals, and they haven’t done well against good pitching and good teams even since 2006. If DD comes back with the same rotation again next year, we’ll be out of the playoffs again. These guys just won’t get it done.

Robertson, Rogers, Renteria, Rodney, Fossum, Farnsworth, Sheffield, and some of the Pittsburgh mafia that JL has coaching the team have to be gone.

Wow – I missed the end of the game, have to admit I gave up when it was 7 – 2 and let my husband take control of the remote for his Brown’s game. Am sorry I didn’t see the slam, good for Marcus coming through, but turning around and giving up a slam right back to them? Horrible. Can’t believe we won’t finish the season even at .500. Agreed, the Tiger’s have created most of their problems, but as well they just never seem to get the breaks and balls they hit that should be doubles end up as awesome plays by the opposing team.

It was interesting listening to the ESPN announcers yesterday, Joe Morgan kind of trying to explain to the listeners how the Tigers can have so many sluggers and have such a terrible record.

I haven’t seen it but probably just missed it – is Guillen done for the year? I miss My Tiger. I also need to look up how Ordonez is doing in the batting title race – that will be my focus these next few weeks – to will his average up and up!

Just read this from Grandy’s blog – thought it was a nice post about how he feels about Sheffield and his accomplishments. maybe another example of Sheff not exactly being the clubhouse bad guy we sometimes think he is:

Sheffield’s career a wonderful one to witness

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 | Print Entry

In our game on Monday night, Gary Sheffield hit two home runs, the second of which was a grand slam. The grand slam not only gave us a big 8-2 lead but also was a very historic home run. The grand slam became the 250,000th home run ever hit in Major League Baseball history.

It’s amazing that in Sheffield’s chase for his 500th career home run (he presently has 496 in his career), he hit such a milestone homer in baseball history.

When I was younger, Sheffield was one of my favorite players. He’s always been so strong with his swing, and when he hits the ball everything seems to be such a hard line drive. I remember when he was in a home run contest during the All-Star break one year, he didn’t advance past the first round because every ball he hit was a line drive into the fence instead of high-arching fly balls. Even the two home runs he hit on Monday were line drives that left the yard in a hurry.

Getting a chance to be his teammate has been a privilege and an honor. I have learned so much just by being around him. He is one of those guys who, when he talks, all I have to do is listen and I feel I grow as a baseball player because he has so much knowledge. When I sit back and look at his stats, it is so crazy to see what he has accomplished.

Once he hits his 500th career homer, he will become the 25th player to do so and just the 10th among those 25 players to have more walks than strikeouts in his career.

Being only four home runs shy of the 500 mark, I hope that Gary will accomplish the feat this season, and hopefully he’ll do it here in Detroit and with me as his teammate. If he does it, it will be the third big accomplishment that I have been able to be part of, along with Kenny Rogers’ 200th career win in 2006 and Justin Verlander’s no-hitter last season.

We certianly don’t catch the breaks this year. We say it all the time in my household. 2006-2007 Sheffields shot is a double down the line and the score 2008 Uribe catches it. 2006-2007 that homerun by Wise (by the way only his third of the season) is a flyball at the warning track this year it is a homerun. If there are breaks, this year they certianly seem to go someone elses way.
That being said, there wasn’t been pitching practically ever, hitting inconsistently, and fielding well sometimes. Sometimes you make your own breaks. One thing for sure this year has been a heartbreaker.
My vote for the new season is pitching pitching pitching. And a new pitching coach.

Tiger Girl, I was just reading entry from Curiti’s blog. And something that I noticed today that I didn’t notice when I read it the first time “Being only four homeruns shy of the 500 mark, I hope that he will accomplish the feat this season, he hopefully he’ll do it here in Detroit and with me as his teammate”
I don’t know if I am reading a lot into it but doesn’t the way he worded it make it sound like he doesn’t believe that Sheff will be here next year????

I agree GK, it does sound like he is hinting that this is it for Sheff, at least in a Tiger’s uniform.

Thta’s how I read it. But I am also a little wary of player blogs. Not to get too conspiratorial but don’t you thinkt he player blogs have to pass through a filter in order to get published.

Yesterday was a grave disappointment. I hate to keep harping on it but Inge fields that grounder that Hessman booted. Doesn’t excuse a hanger from our book Kyle but still… and also Hessman looked like he was chasing a few pitches in his at bats. I get that he hasn’t seen major league pitching but he was chasing abit. Maybe just pressing to impress. Who knows.

So, waited all weekend to watch that. Saw the Lions come back just so the Packers could put 24 points on the board in under 5 minutes. Not sure how you do that in a game. Eeery how the Tiger game and the Lion game were kind of the same. Down by a lot, rally late and then completely collapse.

Bad times in Detroit right now.

Eric, I’ve documented on here several times that I don’t think Hessman is the answer at thirdbase, but in this instance, I’m going to defend Mike. That ball took a wicked hop and he did a good job just to get his bare hand on it. Sure, Inge MIGHT have made that play because he’s pretty incredible down there, but you have to factor in height. Hessman towers over Inge and that ball might have jumped right over Brandon’s head. Moot point, of course, since Brandon was down here in Lynchburg.
If JL is going to play Hessman, then play him everyday. Mike hits RHers better than LHers, so if they continue to plug Larish in down there against RHers, you’ll get no production from either one of them. Besides, I see Larish as trade bait for a team that needs a firstbase prospect.
The best way to follow the Lions is to wait for the Fox postgame show, take a look at the very brief highlights, then have yourself a good laugh and be done with it. 🙂


Pssst……spellcheck needed on your Verlander headline.

Your proofreading pal,


D Train has done well enough—let’s get somebody warming up.

Wherefore do I speak?
Whoa that was a bomb. Bad pitch D. Walks will ruin his career unless he gets a grip on the strike zone.

Placido does not really seem like a potent threat anymore. Since he has changed his approach at the plate ( and granted, there really is not much to play for these days for a money type player) he is prone to popping up with regularity. He’s been an easy out.
Curtis is just simply in a horrid slump. Can’t do much right now. When this all started he was darn close to .310 and had some tough luck but has now regressed into some bad habits again.
They really need to be warming somebody up. Willis is pretty much done.

Michael Young is a sweet ballplayer. Showed some determination and skill on that Larish grounder that should have been a base hit.
I would hope they have enough sense to take Dontrelle out. He has had enough today.
I don’t expect Inge to do much. Another PB from him tonight too. Not his position and they can’t afford to have him catch AND hit < .220

How did I guess- a visit from the pitching coach followed by a grand slam…..

Darn it! I wanted to say that.. a Grand SLam HR? Say it isn’t so! and this darn logging in stuff slows me down..
Now, Isn’t that something!
Most action in the game has been Leyland out there jawing and getting thrown out!

Did everybody’s screen get blocked out.. just as the fan grabbed the ball on the grass, the screen blanked out. Did he make an inappropriate jesture, or was that just a glitch?

Just wondering, If we all flush our toilets, in unison, will DD and JL get the hint that all us fans want to flush this year down the john?

I am turning the tv off.. good night tiger fans!

I wonder how many dingers Marcus Thames would have if he were a regular on the Rangers?
Young’s play on Larish looks pretty big right now. He is one of those kind of guys that really comes through at crucial times.

You’re on top of the game there, Tracey.
What got Leyland going? I thought he was going for a Billy Martin impression there.

How about Milwaukee firing Ned Yost with 12 games to play and the team tied for the Wild Card? If he’d been in Leyland’s shoes, they may have taken him out and shot him at dawn.

Jamey Wright just entered the game to “Voodoo Child.” I guess Zumaya isn’t using it……………

I don’t know why umps allow ejected mangers to re-argue when they have been tossed. I kinda figure that you toss a guy —he has to go—if he comes on the field he should be fined.
Sheffield let us down there in that AB. Nice to see Hessman get a good rip. i thought he slammed one thru the hole there. I think he’s playing pretty well.
Funny thing is if Hessman or Larish were to show some degree of excellence at 3rd , management would exploit the issue to justify Inge as our catcher.
We need to see more of Dusty Ryan I think.

Well Dan, from my view, Ryan is already a better catcher than Inge. I’m real impressed with him back there. You put him there, Inge at third and **** upgrade and you’ve taken a big step towards improving this team.
Or, after seeing that last play by Hessman, turn Inge into the shortstop. 🙂

Washington taking out Wright after that pitch is a little bizarre. Boy is Curtis ever tanking lately. It’s paingul to watch. He has to learn how to overcome these times where things don’t go right. Teetering on superstardom he is.

That stolen base by Santiago was huge. Got to have that stuff. And two walks. Good work, Razor, again.

With all the talk of Kenny being done (and I think he may well be, at least as a starter), I wonder if any consideration is being given to his coming out of the bullpen. You never know, he might be able to be effective in that role and we all know we do need help in the bullpen, from the left side as well.

Farnsworth is throwing like he doesn’t care too much about playing in Detroit next year. How many breaking balls does a guy need to throw to know it ain’t gonna work?
I don’t want this guy on my team. I just don’t like the arrogance I see.
Leyland is gonna give him what he wants———-a seat in the bullpen.

The losses are really starting to pile up now.
I don’t think we really learned anything about Willis from that outing. I was afraid of something like this. At this point, and in terms of counting on him for next year, it wasn’t good enough. The club may see it differently. This “not good not bad” stuff won’t do for me. The club has the contract to deal with.

That was a pretty poor performance.

It looks like the Front Office has backed the club into a corner with ome of these contracts. Inge, Sheffield, Robertson and Willis are persona non-grata by other teams simply by nature of their contracts. So it looks like a “Grin & Bear It” for 2009 too. Renteria is almost a lock to go. With changes needed to be made and the above guys going nowhere, salaries have to be cut somewhere.
What I really worry about is the losing atmosphere that is becoming prevalent. It is threatening to become toxic to the the younger guys who really present the only option for change that we have. Not good to have Larish, Joyce, Ryan, Hessman, Dolsi etc. witness this.
Willis did not impress me but he was better than I thought he might be.
I’d like to see Sheffield hit his 3 bloody home runs and then take a seat.
As much as I actually enjoy watching Ramon out there I don’t believe he is going to be enough for us at that position. Better than Renteria, Yes, but not good enough to help this team become a good one.
The only thing to keep fans interest any longer are the new faces. Garcia will have me watching. I do hope they play Ryan more. Read the writing on the wall and quit trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear–Brandon Inge is not going to be even an adwquate MLB backstop.
KC gained a game on us. As I said before, it may take a last place finish to smarten up Illitch and Dombrowski. This team will remain classic underachievers if Leyland stays around. There will not be a climate of possibility with him running the show. Goodbye to Jim and his staff, bring in an aggressive, youthful staff that will emphasize youth, determination and pride.
The Tigers have lost a lot of games in the last 2 and a half months.


I think you guys are being harsh on Farnsworth – surely it is some sort of record of trying to give up more homers than walks.
I watched an earlier home game of the yankees where the crowd was really giving him a serve. How we didn’t get more for Pudge, I will never know.

I missed the first half of the game, so missed the homerun by Sheff – one of a few good things to take away from last night. How on earth does one team get plagued with such terrible pitching on such a consistent basis? Unreal. I was pumped when Ramon stole that base and Polly got him in with a single – didn’t realize at that time that Leyland was out of the game – whoever sent Ramon I hope JL thanks him and maybe JL will learn from that.

Sorry to see Grandy slumping, gotta be frustrating to have an 0 for 5 night. Come on Ordonez and Sheff – looking for something to cheer for these last few weeks. Any word on when they’ll make up that Sox game?

If this season is a **** cake, Farnsworth’s pitching is the frosting on the cake…

On the bright side, Rodney’s struggles aren’t nearly as bad when compared to Farnsworth…

Man, I know its been a long year and the blame can be spread in tons of directions but Farnsworth’s pitching has really put me over the edge. I was glad to see Willis get the opportunity to pitch and pitch fairly decently and I’m hoping we look to the future and see what options we have. To that end, love ya Kenny but we don’t need any more starts from you this year. Kyle– just turn in your jersey and hit the golf course. Gary– puhlease hit three more and then hang em up…

That’s all– just needed to rant. Haven’t posted in a while and wanted to get a word in. I’m still hopeful for next season but the mindset in Detroit needs to change…

If Mark Attanasio can do it so can Mike Illitch:

“Ned (Yost) was kind of out of answers,” Attanasio said. “So we thought we’d look to a different guy for some answers.”

Especially in light of the atrocious overall performance of the bullpen, would in not have made sense to give Blaine Neal and Ian Oslund a shot?
Why not ask Marcus to play some winter ball with the promise that he will be (I mean really be) given the LF job next year?
I don’t think that leyland will give a backup role to to Dusty Ryan. He will be thinking (correctly) that Ryan needs to play. If they are dense enough to shove Inge in as everday catcher then expect Sardinha to be the backup—he is expendable. He can’t hit whether he plays regularly or not.
Can we talk the Mets into sending us either
Reyes for Ordonez and Renteria or,
Santana for Ordonez and Robertson?
Will Jeremy Bonderman finally reach his potential?
Maybe Joel Zumaya is ambidextrous and will have to start throwing with his left arm.
Kenny Rogers will make a heckuva a pitching coach someday.
Jim Leyland’s percentage as Tigers’ manager:
2006 – .586
2007 – .543
2008 – .470 (and falling fast)
Is there any correlation to JL accepting his catcher as a sub .220 hitter and the fact that he was a career .220 hitter himself in the minors?
Will Mike Illitch dare to cut his losses on any of the bigger contracts DD has negotiated?
Is there a separate signal for a 2 seam fastball as opposed to a 4 seam fastball for some pitchers?
Am I mistaken or does it seem like Freddy Dolsi gives up a lot of broken bat singles and bloop hits?
Does anybody else here like the way Hessman swings that bat with purpose? Seems to have a nice quick relatively short swing for a big guy. Not like the long, exaggerated, overextended swings we have seen from Inge, Thames or previously, Craig Monroe. No knock on Thames there-it is what it is. Brandon, on the other hand, needs to learn how to hit according to his body type and abilities.
I just don’t think they can make a 3rd baseman out of Larish. He has actually done not too shabby there, but he does look a little un-natural.
What can reasonably be expected from Carlos Guillen? He is getting older and more fragile. His numbers weren’t that great to begin with this year and they are likely going to diminsh further.
Does Brent Clevlen get another chance at the show?
Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio?

The quote of the year, Dan.
JL in his postgame said Willis showed progress. That in itself is an accurate assessment. The speed of that progress will be the key. At times, Dontrelle looked smooth as silk compared to his previous delivery, but the results were similar to what he’s been putting up all year, other than the Cleveland blowup.
Of course, I don’t think many expected a lights out performance. I didn’t even expect him to pitch up here again this year. The more important start will be Garcia’s. This is a guy who could help us immediately, not two years from now, and a lot of offseason moves are riding on how he fares in the next two weeks. In fact, it would be interesting if he were to start the possible makeup game with Chicago.
Santiago could be the everyday shortstop, depending on what moves were made with the rest of the club. If other positions are strengthened enough, it could work. At the plate, Razor knows his limitations and does what it is he can do. That makes him a pretty smart hitter.
In retrospect, the Farnsworth deal wasn’t too smart. At the time, however, we were supposedly in a position to make a run, so I don’t blame DD much there. I’d rather have had prospects, but I won’t second guess that move. As fans, we can sit here and say with certainty that Farnsworth didn’t want to come here, but we’re not the ones actually pulling the trigger, as it were. At any rate, I certainly don’t want the guy back.
We’d need to go 11-1 or 11-2 to finish at .500, so that won’t happen. This team’s chronic second half collapses will have to be addressed. From the top down.

Speaking to that Rich:

The Tigers are a sub .400 ball club in August over the last 3 years.
Compound that with a .308 winning percentage so far in September this year (.379 in August) you have to question if they are being motivated by their manager.
I’m looking forward to seeing Garcia throw too.
We saw the writing on the wall very early on. Leyland ‘talked” his way around the season all season long. He was not able to nip it in the bud or find a way to bring the best out in his all-star players.
I like Jim Leyland, I like him (well maybe not) a lot. I will not be an optimistic fan next year with him at the helm.

I truely believe the key is management, how disappointed I was when I saw MLB headline that the Brewers dump manager(I was so disappointed that it was not Tigers dump manager) This team or anybody they bring in will not have a chance until Leland is gone!!!

Everyones comments have been depressingly accurate and it is really hard to see how this team will be competitive, let alone a contender in 09.
I give more chance of the second coming than the stars aligning for the Tigers next year – sorry to introduce religion but better than politics and we sure need to start praying!!
First off, we need management to stop blinking first in negotiating deals – Sheffield 3 yrs @ $12m; Willis 3 yrs @ $9m (10-15 W/L and >5 ERA) and Pudge for Farnworth when the yankee crowds were preparing to lynch him.
Second, we need management to start looking for potential rather than ‘high cost name players’ – with the high payroll already locked in, we will likely have little choice for 09.
Third, management has to value defense – I understand the logic of Renteria as a clutch hitter but not at the expense of defence – I would hate to know how many runs have been scored in an innings after a defensive play was missed – also a sign team chemistry is poor.
Fourth – management has to keep potential and trade those without – why is it that nearly all the pitchers we have let go have improved and been more successful than the guys we kept.
Fifth – management needs to keep to its word with players. Thames deserved much better this year.
If the above a dealt with, a new closer, set up man and starter would not go astray.

Hey – I wanted to make an Inge free comment!!

Dan Byrne – you are spot on over our late season fades. and Yost got cut because the 4 games lost to the Phillies was making 09 looking like 08 for the Brewers.
Thames is missing again!! We must be the only team that benches a player at least two games after hitting a grand slam!!

funny thing about that is that I believe thames hit that Slam against one of the toughest RHP in the game—Dotel.
But go with platoon Jim, really makes sense to you and that is apparently all that matters.

Magglio is absolutely leding the league in 1st pitch swinging double plays.

Sure kills rallies don’t it?

I don’t see much advantage to playing Inge at 3rd at this stage of the debacle. In this stadium why not play Hessman?

Thames is pretty balanced as far as his offensive numbers go against LHP or RHP. Sometimes these free swinging power hitters have significant differences but marcus has been very consistent. No reason to think he should only hit against LHP

Gee Whillikers. Curtis looks downright awful at the plate. I hope he can pull out of it because that .310 average of a couple of weeks ago is in real dange of crashing through .290

Aflack Answer:

Rocky Colavito?

The offense looks pretty weak tonight. Millwood has pretty good success against us I think, but seems pretty ordinary against most other teams. I think we have seen that phenomena a little too much this year.

Cy Millwood tonight I guess.

I think with the size of the pitching problem and the huge payroll their carrying to 2010, they just have to make Ryan, Inge and Santiago work. Hopefully these 3 will play right thru to the end of season.

Cy Nippert tomorrow night.

The problem with that is they may collectively hit about .230

Polite baseball tonight.

Your probably right about them hitting .23, but they deserve a chance to prove us wrong. If Inge can deliver his 70-80 RBI’s per season with his defence, to me it really wasn’t a problem that needed to be fixed. What is the value of Inge’s contract that stopped other clubs getting him?

Gotta give Inge credit–came through at the right time this time. He hits better when he is a 3rd sacker!

I wonder if Illich can afford couch sessions for most of the players during the off season. Good to see Miner having a good outing. Now the fun will start!!

I think Inge makes around 6 mil. this year–not sure about next.
Ooh- Curtis is in as big a funk as I have seen since a couple of yeas ago. Man I feel his pain. He just does not look comfortable at all.
I don’t think we’d be fortunate to get 80 RBIs from Brandon, but you’re right if he could produce that much then you can afford to play him—at 3rd I mean.

Minny tied up Clevelend. Nice win by Tampa tonight over the Bosox

Yeah – I hope the Rays can keep going – would be nice to see a bunch of guys having fun and money not ruling the way.

All I can say is Rodney has to get the 1st guy.

An unlucky walk. JL at least is keeping Fossum on than trying more of the lucky dip.

Geeez – should have gone for the lucky dip!!

Is anybody here wishing they had Todd Jones back?

Gameday is showing Fossum on the mound. Actually it is Rodney, the “closer.”

Rodney just BLEW another save opportunity. He faced 6 batters and got NO ONE out. It is surely the brick to DD’s head just in case he didn’t realize before that this bullpen is full of bullsh*t.

Leyland is acting like an idiot. Hernandez didin’t groove all those 0-2 fastballs. Hernandez didin’t lose every hitter after going up 0-2 on him.
Rodney will never be closer material. he cannot pitch under pressure even with all the stuff he has. Good trade bait though.
“Say it Twice Price”, was beside himself the other day, poor guy bleeds Tiger Blue. Was talking about the game being a microcosm of the season. Well here’s another microcosm for the season. I suspect he will be just about speechless after this one.

Did Fossum start the 9th or Rodney? Rodney sure did finish it in more ways than one!!!

Leyland was ranting the other day about the 0-2 pitches being thrown down the middle of the plate. What does Leyland do with this guy? I know, “hope & dream” he will be “different” next year. I know what I’d do with him.

These guys are probably the worst team in baseball right now. Ordonez probably played that hit by Byrd into a triple. An intense right-fielder cuts that ball off and hold him to a single.I’m not making excuses for Rodney by any means.
Rodney is 0-6 Leyland–does that TELL you anything?
If Leyland had the gonads he would have yanked Rodney after he walked Young. You have to send a message.
Instead he leaves the guy in to self-destruct and then tries to blame the ump.
Say it Twice Price blames Rodney–said he “wasn’t a pitcher”, that ‘he’s a thrower not a pitcher”.
How bad has this gotten?
Big Mike (Illitch not Hessman), needs to do something—nobody else is.

If Fernando Rodney and Kyle Farnsworth are on this team next year, I will probably be a Twins fan.

The Pudge thing really aggravated me; Farnsworth irritates that sore spot with every one of his half ***** performances.

Can they shut down the whole bullpen?

Wartopper – just think of it as character building – we survive this without slitting our wrists, we can survive anything. Farns should never start again & Rodney no later than the 8th and then gone for next year.

We knew Rodney wasn’t the closer, and Zoom was the only hope. Now it’s clear that he is hopeless, and we simply need a new closer. I know this sounds crazy, but if we can’t find one from another club, how about giving NAte a try. We certainly don’t want him starting, and who knows, he can’t be worse than Rodney.
Inge at third is not a great option, but if he is the only really weak hitting link, they could get by. Right now SHeff is the biggest drain. I say put Carlos at DH and third when he’s healthy. Inge can spot start at third and back-up catch. If Ryan’s okay, then okay–or add one more position to the needed list-catcher.
Also, there’s SS, and RF, because you should have Ordonez DHing when Guillen isn’t. I don’t know about LF. That’s why you don’t really want Inge starting at third, because you might have other non-hitters in there clogging it up.
The main thing is pitching, though. Sure, a major starter would be great. BUt all they can really do is cut Kenny loose, hope Miner and AG do as well next year, and pray that Bondo, Willis, and Verlander will do the same. If four of those guys pitch well, all we need is a closer. Someone will appear who can get it done in the middle innings if everything else goes right.
That’s a big if, though.
Oh yeah, and the biggest thing they need to change, after Sheff, is that guy named Jim.

I am sick and tired of losing games from the seventh on. The closer is another example of how stupid this game has become. Fossum could have gone out in the 9th., and certainly done no worse that Ferdinand the friendly Bull.
This idea of dynamic power pitchers coming in to face three batters is about as lame as a starter having to quit at 100 pitchers. This business of baseball has replaced the game as represented in Field of Dreams. I throw up every time I see a closer come into a game, especially ours. maybe I’m just jealous that we haven’t had one in so long. 74-88 looks like a good reality.


Some of you know that I’ve hated the sight of Rodney on the mound for years, so none of this surprises me. A guy that I don’t even think can pitch in the big leagues in any capacity is our closer. Yeesh. Mr. Jim, sir, may I humbly suggest you try someone else out for the final 12 games?
This club has really blown it with decisions regarding the pitching department. I think Rodney would appear attractive to other clubs so DD, be smart here. Don’t give him away.
On this pitch to Michael Young leading off the 9th, the discussion seemed to revolve around getting the appeal on the checked swing. Hernandez should have allowed the appeal and moved on with the game. I have no idea why he wouldn’t, unless it was a form of payback for Leyland’s actions last night. Hernandez is not a very good umpire and his strike zone tonight seemed to go by what mood he was in at any particular time. I thought, however, that the pitch should have been a called strike three, and here again lies a problem with Rodney. He’s been so erratic throughout his career that no umpire is going to give him a borderline pitch. That may not be Fernando’s fault that umpires do that, but it’s a fact. Just another reason why Rodney can’t pitch up here. Without the leadoff walk, maybe things play out differently.
Lost in all this is an excellent performance from Miner. I like him, and think he will only get better. He’s still very young, and in only his 3rd big league season. I hope we don’t have to remove pitchers from the rotation because the bullpen is so bad. Miner is a starter.
Rod and Mario keep discussing Ryan as a possible backup catcher to Inge next year. Come on guys. If Inge doesn’t play thirdbase for us, he’s of no use. Hard fact. Hell, have him learn the ins and outs over the winter and make him the shortstop if need be.

Well that was brilliant. Bases loaded, no outs and Rodney continues to throw pitches up in the zone. Good thought process and execution…….uugh.
JL is looking more and more like Billy Martin, showing some class after the game is once again handed to the opposition.
Why do we continue to subject ourselves to this? By the way, sorry Zach.

Here I was thinking JL had finally done something right by keeping Fossum on in the 9th – Gameday had not changed to Rodney. How JL kept him going to the end is beyond belief. In being nice to JL I could only think it was proving to DD it isn’t working and putting the final nail in Rodney’s coffin as being a viable closer or setup role for next year.

What a horrible, horrible loss. Again. Congrats to Zach Miner for an outstanding pitching job, I hope he keeps his concentration and can focus on the outing he had instead of the outcome of the game, because he did his job and then some. I also like the string of base hits up the middle, one of which came from Ryan – good piece of hitting and not trying to win the game with a homerun when a few base hits could have done it.

Rodney, Rodney, Rodney – I feel for you man, but we just can’t afford these outings happening so much. Where oh where is my Jones – he is probably wishing he wasn’t hurt, because you know he’d get his chance at the closer again with the results we have had lately. We do need a good closer purchased in the offseason.

I missed that first batter in the 9th, but I think Leyland’s fiery attitude should be saved for kicking these guys in the behind and telling them to start playing some good, smart ball. Say it Twice Price was lamenting the poor defense last night – you are right slowbyrne, he does bleed Tiger blue and I love that about him. I would have a hard time being an announcer when my team is struggling so mightily.

Can we put the Rodney as closer experiment to bed now before we completely demoralize the guy.

Geez, these last few weeks have been absolutely brutal. I feel like instead of using this time to check out certain things we are laying bad groundwork for next year. Fernando is a good set-up guy. Let’s leave it at that.

There is a common pattern here of trying to turn guys into something they are not. Guillen’s a leftfielder. Inge is a catcher. Miggy is a third basemen (actually that was thrust upon us) now first. He’s actually adapted pretty well to that. Zoom as a closer. I just don’t know that he has the mentality for that.

This organization is beginning to look gothically dysfunctional.

“Gothically Dysfunctional”—-perfect analysis, Eric.
Sad, but this is what they have become.
The “Detritus Tigers” of 2008 —- “gothically dysfunctional”.

Interesting your not on Cab at 1st. I was going to comment last night (when I was trying to look for positves for this team then got to ticked off to bother). ButIMO, Cab has been bordering on dpwnright excellent at his new position.
He is scooping up just about everything from his infielders, no matter if the are short, long or in-between. Seems to have developed a knack for keeping his foot on the bag too. I would have rather he worked out for at at 3rd (giving us the latitude to find a power LHB for 1st base), but he has been a pleasant surprise over there at 1st.
Creates a dilemma at 3rd though. Inge, Hessman, Larish, Guillen????
Waiting for more fallout from the fiasco last night. My guess is Rodney will show up for work today with a carton of Marlboro’s for the skipper.

I think what Kenny Rogers just did (removing himself from the rotation) took a great amount of character and class. He has had a very nice career and is one of the best in my books.
Still think he could surprise a few folks coming out of the bullpen in late-innings.
Congratulations on afine career Kenny.

Zach Miner threw a nice game yesterday. I didn’t think he had his best stuff but he managed himself well. I think if he could improve his changeup, he could become a pretty reliable starter for us.

Who will be in last place in the AL Central a week from today? That’s the day the Royals leave town after their 3 game series at Comerica.
They are 3 and half behind right now.
This team ends up in last place and I can’t see Illitch and DD agreeing to keep Leyland around.

You know I might have been too harsh about Miggy at first. He has adapted to the position and I think he is serviceable there. Not sure why the scouts thought he would ever be a good third baseman. They could have avoided the early season controversy with Inge by moving Miggy to first in spring training and Guillen to third. That would have created a crowd at third with Carlos and Brandon, but all that is behind us now.

As for the Dealer, when Detroit orginally signed him, I wasn’t all that impressed. All I knew about Rogers was that he was kind of a hot head, maybe a little on the journeyman side. But that start he made against the Yankees in the ’06 playoffs, and from what I saw of him later, made me a fan. I think the guy is gritty, grinds it out, knows how to “pitch” and in particular brought a warrior mentality to the team that I liked. I recall him on Sunday chasing a pop foul over by the Tiger dugout going b*lls out. He wasn’t leaving it to the catcher or third baseman. That’s the sort of thing you should look for in a player. Maybe he wanted to catch it because he knew the next pitch might also be in the seats, only about 400 feet from where the foul went and a little to the right. 🙂

He also seemed to get genuinely p.o.’s when somebody got a hit off him. That might be why he developed such a strong pick-off move to first. Rogers is gutty, and he will be missed on the club. They need to keep him as a coach if he wants to be there. I think he still has a lot to offer the team and the game.

Speaking of warriors, here are the current warriors on this team:

Carlos (although a little too quiet for my blood)

Not sure if anybody else I know of fits that description.

Ok – so Inge & Ryan experiment continues, and Thames is back until he homers again.
You have to try and keep positive with thoughts that Sheffield has a gentleman’s agreement with JL to keep playing him to the end of the season and he will walk away on next year’s contract. We should take bets on how many he finishes with – my guess is 498.
It’s a shame Santiago didn’t get a few more in a row as some of his recent outs were unlucky.
It was nice to see the lack of errors in recent games with Guillen and Renteria not in the hot spots.

Wow, lots of talk about the perfect team. Has anyone heard of the book called the perfect season? JL argued on the 2-2 count. Ball four was way out of the stike zone. Pudge for Farnsworthless? Rodney shows no emotion. Yes, try Nate as the closer. Inge has a good enough bat to play third. Cabby is learning to scoop. Maggs has a few challenges in right but we were spoiled by a guy named Kaline. I will take the stikeouts from Thames if he hits 40 dingers. Yes, I miss Jones. At least he knows the art of pitching. More news at 11. Go Tigers! –Dave

Man-this one may actually be Rodneyproof! Gonna go find some wood to knock on.

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