Starting on time? Um, no

Much to our surprise, despite a steady rain, they had the tarp off and players warming up to start this game on time. And then, right before the game would’ve started, they put the tarp back on. No idea what kind of delay we’re looking at here, but if you look at the radar, there appears to be no let-up in the rain. It might be a matter of hard rain versus light rain.

If they do somehow start this game, here are the lineups …

TIGERS (70-76)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Sheffield, DH
  6. Inge, C — 4-for-10 lifetime vs. Danks
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Thames, LF
  9. Hessman, 3B

WHITE SOX (81-65)

  1. Orlando Cabrera, SS
  2. Dewayne Wise, LF
  3. Jermaine Dye, RF
  4. Jim Thome, DH
  5. Alexei Ramirez, 2B
  6. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  7. Ken Griffey Jr., CF
  8. Nick Swisher, 1B
  9. Juan Uribe, 3B

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