Game called

Just announced. No details on a makeup date.


This is a bad situation for MLB. I don’t expect them to get two in tomorrow, and they’ll be lucky to complete one. The Sunday night game could easily be washed out after this much rain. This plus the risk of injury to both teams. The Tigers’ situation is compounded by the possibility of having to deal with the remnants of Ike, no matter when they choose to fly down to Texas. It’s all trivial, however, compared to what Texas is getting hit with about now.
The news on Zumaya isn’t surprising. I’ve thought for over two years now that a person can’t put that much stress on his shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand. It appears that he will be another piece that’s just lost for no return. Management has to seriously consider him gone and not just pay lip service to the possibility. If he comes back okay, then that’s just gravy, but you’ve got to face up to no Zumaya on this team, ever again. Throw Rodney’s unreliability into the mix, and you end up having to create an entirely new bullpen, top to bottom. That’s the facts as I see them.

Yes Rich all over the middle to east of the country games are getting washed out and it doesn’t look as though it is going to bet any better this weekend. I to think that they will be hardpressed to get one game in let a lone two. And it looks as though this will be truely back to back games if they do get them in.
I remember at the beginning of the year they played a couple of games in the rain in Chicgo and we had two players injured, because of slick surfaces. But thats Chicago. But this time around I don’t think that they will be so inclined to have their own people hurt with the possibility of playoffs and the fact that they already have three major injuries.
And I also agree with you regarding Zumaya. He apprerently is very fragile and will never be able to live up to his expections. (Those that we had for him and those his team and he had for himself.) Its to bad.
Well everyone stay dry.

Yeah, it is a steady hard rain here in GR with no let up in sight. Too bad for Zoom. I have a poster with him and Verlander on it called “The Untouchables”. With Zoom not being counted on, I think our biggest need is a closer. Then we need a catcher and I hope management does not put Inge there. Every team can have a down year but let’s take some chances. Leyland was quoted saying he did not want to take a chance and leave Robertson in because he had pitched such a great game. So he took a “chance” and put Rodney in? I don’t like the 100 pitch count and of course I grew up with the starter going the distance. Go Tigers! –Dave from Caledonia

Hey Rich,Been missing you guys.I`m down in New Orleans and am still waiting for computer hookup.Logged in on my friends computer.Dont know the whole story about Zu`s condition.Hope we get a closer in offseason if he is done……Well good luck to you all.Hope to be back online soon….Go Tigers!………..Bruce

Good Grief! I went camping with my boy last night, so found out today reading the inside page of our sports edition, that rained out games everywhere, . Zumaya has stress fracture in shoulder.

I am sorry. Detroit, Cut your losses! That bullpen is the pits! Pitching is gone. They might as well throw in outfielders throw some games, we might have just as much luck. Somebody has to answer for the mess its in. We certainly didn’t have the winning season with murderers row, slugging in the runs, “hitting for the fence”. Face it… we went cheap on defense, and pitching thinking that spending extra millions on bigger bats.

Does Farnsworth want to be in Detroit? He sure doesn’t show much pride. I can’t name them all, but aside of Minor that may have earned a spot as a starter, Leyland won’t say it. Galarraga earned it, next year he might be in the same funk that Verlander is in this year.

I was upset to hear that Garcia and Willis would throw games this week. The press wrote that they wouldn’t be ready till next year. Then again, maybe Leyland wants to show head office, they need to start shopping for 7 new pitchers, not 5!

I am amazed at the ground the La Dodgers have made. Boston and Rays games were really impressive this week, too. We heard the announcers comment on the Dodgers/Rockies game say that Grilli went 19 scoreless innings over at his new club, till Manny just got a hit off him.
Really! So, what was the difference? Was it pitch selection, or pitching coach? Meanwhile, watching others play, something came to mind. Seeing Boston and Tampa go 1-1 to the 11th inning… Pitching.

Hello Mr. Ilitch… You can have all the top scorers in hockeytown, but it don’t mean a damn thing, if you don’t have a man blocking the shots in front of the net.
I think we need a catcher, (Brandon can fill the void for a days rest) but we sure do need a couple good arms!
The rest will fall in place. You only need to win by one run. Colleages at lunch laughed when we talked about the big run games.. we get 8 runs, and pitching gives up a dozen.. I remember the beginning of the seaon, somebody wrote that we were averaging 2.6 runs a game, but pitching is giving up over 6….so?

How many runs have we scored this season?
How many have we given up?

Do the numbers tell anyone anything (?)

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