Tuesday: Tigers vs. A's

Dusty Ryan gets another start behind the plate. Why tonight instead of, say, Wednesday? One factor, manager Jim Leyland said, was the chance to get Inge a game at third base with Nate Robertson on the mound. If Robertson’s effective, you could see a good number of ground balls to the left side.

TIGERS (70-74)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Sheffield, DH
  6. Thames, LF
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Inge, 3B
  9. Ryan, C


  1. Rajai Davis, CF
  2. Daric Barton, 1B
  3. Emil Brown, DH
  4. Ryan Sweeney, RF
  5. Kurt Suzuki, C
  6. Bobby Crosby, SS
  7. Aaron Cunningham, LF
  8. Jeff Baisley, 3B (Who are these guys?)
  9. Cliff Pennington, 2B


That is an excellent idea. Get Nate a little help out there.

I feel bad for Curtis. He is absolutely snakebit right now. no matter what he does someone is gonna catch it.
Thames is one of those guys that makes his mark on the bases. Sometimes he can bust up a DP with good baderunning and takeout slides and other times he gets caught off.
Robertson seems to be throwing quite well.
Nice to seee Inge at 3rd ain’t it?

Tonight’s game (so far), really emphasizes the importance of haveing a solid contribution from Nate Robertson. IF, Nate were a solid middle to back end of the rotation guy and you get some quality from Willis and Garcia-all of a sudden, the rotation doesn’t look bad. Optimistic? Yes, to be sure.
Aflack answer:

Jeremy Bonderman?

Well, the guys will have to buckle down and get a few ore here. They have let Eveland off the hook and he is catching a second wind..

Let him off the hook again. It’s only a matter of time before they touch Robertson up a bit and 2 runs means nothing.
Nice to see Ryan get a couple of hits and hanging in there on an 0-2 pitch.
Not sure why Inge couldn’t make it home on the hit by Polanco, he must have got caught flat-footed.

OK. Nate Robertson deserves to win this game. He is dominant, he is effective, and he is emotional.
His teamates need to win it for him and it would be real nice to see them get a couple from the bottom of the lineup and for Curtis to snap out.

Has anyone noticed the lack of Leyland’s basic baseball management in the field?? Two times he has failed to put the bunt sign on, runners on 1st & 2nd, no one out and advancing no one. Next person gets a hit and no one scores and next person hits into double play. NO RUNS when there should have been at least FOUR RUNS. The manager should be responsible for at least one run a game. This manager is not giving us a chance to win this game. We will most likely lose this game & I know who to blame. Dave

With the low pitch count they should be putting Nate back out there for the 8th. The guy that troubles me is Davis. He seems to be the kind of player that can get something done when you need it. The key for Nate is to keep the 8 and 9 hitters off the bases..
he’s pitched great but how long can he keep that up?

Bobby Seay—I don’t agree.

The reason I don’t agree is that Nate was so dominant but also Seay has not been sharp lately. Not at all.

Nate had not walked a batter and had such command of the strike zone that you can’t expect to gett anything better out of someone coming in cold. It was his game they should have let him run with it till he he let someon on.

Don’t what the heck Rodney is doing throwing a fastball over the plate on an 0-2 pitch?.
Davis looked bad on the 1st changeup and you either waste a bill of the cap fastball or throw him another change.
Threw another 0-2 fastball to brown and then lost another guy on an 0-2 pitch.
Not exactly K-Rod

In the safety of my armchair I can confidently say this one is JL’s fault.

I agree. Let the starting pitcher win or lose the game. Nate had great stuff. Say Seay, why the lead off walk. I am trying to stay positive but why is Rodney still on the team. Demon drop should be named Jekyl and Hyde. An 0-2 count and he throws it right down the middle. Well, the game is back on. Go Tigers! –Dave

Would’ve been nice of Polanco’s drive made it out. Street pitched as well as a guy can to the 3-4-5 guys.
Burn him Joyce.


How long are we going to have to endure his incompetence?

This has been the most fly by the seat of your pants rag tag army job of managing a team that I have ever seen.

Might be a bad time to bring this up but Matt Joyce has kind of wilted lately. I hope winter ball helps him out because he does have a nice swing.
I missed Granderson’s last AB- I assume he hit it hard–did he get robbed?
I wouldn’t put Dolsi in here. No way. I’d throw Glover or Farnsworth.

Well? Great performance from Nate. Looks like the pitcher we expected this from all season. A really good 7 innings.

Now the bad. The box came open on the bottom again, spilling out all the bullpen. Whether its a 5 run lead, or a one run lead, we never would have gotten anywhere this year, because of lousy pitching.

Dolsi got away with it We were lucky.
I’d like nothing more than a come from behind victory but they are going to need a break to beat this Ziegler.

One question: is Farnsworth injured? Did he break curfew?
Good pitching from Nate. My usual rule with him is never to let him face the lineup a 4th time, so I didn’t mind so much taking him out there. I was confused with the choice of pitchers in the 8th and 9th. Shocked might be a better word. I haven’t watched the postgame yet but I doubt anyone would ask Leyland about it anyway. It will probably be all about how good Robertson was.
Inge has put in some real good ABs lately. That’s the way he needs to hit to be a thirdbaseman. He’ll be surprised to find out that he still gets homers with that approach, too.
Dan, since you mentioned Joyce………I’m not sold on him at all. I haven’t brought this up, but I think Clete Thomas is and will be twice the ballplayer Matt is. It’s too bad he’s injured and couldn’t be included with the call-ups. Clete does things the right way and he’s a hard worker. Joyce looks like a guy who wants to cadillac it. Hopefully he’ll prove me wrong. At any rate, there again he replaces Thames in left and there again he’s up there with the game on the line. They’ve been pitching around everybody to get to Joyce.
When we get into making trades, I might be moving guys that others wouldn’t consider.

Dan, just answering your question a little late. Curtis led off the 8th and lined out sharply to right field and fairly deep. To the left of Sweeney but but not far enough. Would have been extra bases. Tough luck series for Curtis.
Once we squandered some great early chances to add on to the lead (which was inexcusable….where was the bunt?), it came down to bull pen against bull pen. They have a very good bull pen. Ours is……..well….. not as good. The Tigers have to put this team away early and they didn’t tonight.
I agree, not a good managing decision to take Nate out. Low pitch count and he’s in the zone and JL exhibits no faith in him. Inexcusable. Oakland must have been thanking him for that move……….

I just got back from the game. And I have to admit that I wasn’t real thrilled with the idea of Nate coming out either. On one hand Nate left with a good taste in his mouth and feeling good, in a way I understand it. However he was comfusing them all night with the exception of that triple from Davis.
And I agree why Seay, as good as he was doing for a while, he has really not had IT lately at all. Walks kill, and mostly us. But how pitiful were the hitters with runners in scoring position tonight. Magglio and his millionth double play ball. Why didn’t Inge make it home on that ball hit??? It was a completely poor display of hitting. And they let Nate down, his whole team did. Granderson needs to figure something out because he has been aweful at the plate isn’t he 0 for 11 now?? I know he hasn’t had a hit in two games now.
That was a tough loss. Back into fourth we go.

Well we do agree on that Rich. Marcus gets taken out with a 2-1 lead. Must be JL figures it’s time to make the big “defensive replacement”( in what, the 7th inning?)…..then we need the runs…..but Marcus is out of the game. I don’t like that move, and I don’t get it.

Well good evening TigaBloggers. I’ve decided to mouth off in defense of Leyland again tonight. Last year, Maggs was gold in a one out bases loaded situation. This year, the double play is more common; Though very hot lately, his first two at bats tipped us off to his evenings performance. I blame Maggs for not hitting a sac fly if nothing else. I don’t disagree with leaving Nate in for the 8th., but again, these BP guys are not little boys. I blame Seay for being a coward before a hitter making his pro debut. In the bottom of the ninth, look at what you had. Last year, Polly was lights out with a tying run on third base or even second. This year, I have seen more strikeouts from him, though he’s still a great player. I blame Polly, I blame Curtis for being 0-11 in two nights. Should we bunt more? You bet! But Iam not going to lay this one at Jim’s feet. How many times will an American League team win when it scores 2 runs? Let me know the answer Maggs, Polly, Miggy. Come on guys, rake me over the coals. I for one, if I live, will enter my 50th. year as a Tiger fan next year, and I know who the skipper is going to be. I may not like it, but I can’t change it. Leyland has lost his share of games this year, but not tonight’s.


Thanks. I know it’s only one game and they don’t really mean that much against a team like Oakland, but still-this game could have and should have been won.
What worries me about this end of the season is tha twe are going to get some improvement from guys like Renteria, Sheffield , Rodney and Robertson. This will serve management well as it looks like they fullly intend to go with these same guys next year. I think it is a dellusion.
Renteria is stroking the ball a bit as is Sheffield. I think it is imperative that we find a shortstop for the long haul. Thanks Edgar, good try and all that harvard stuff, but facts are facts. He is not a good defensive shortstop nor is he a .300 hitter or an 80 RBI man. He’s just not and he’s not gonna be. That is, again, the primary move the Tigers need to make. Other than find a closer.
Lot’s of merit to what Rich said about closers and not really needing them when you can’t get a lead in the late innings.
Heard a little excuse making for Rodney by Rod Allen I think it was. Something about Ryan needing to give Rodney a better target off the plate etc. Rod, Rodney don’t need no targets, he can’t use them anyway. If he throws the pitch the catcher signals for it is a bonus.
His pitch choice was horrible. The 0-2 pitches were smacked all over.
Rodney has value both as trade bait and as a late inning reliever. There are games you simply do not want to put him in and there are periods when he is not throwing well and when that happens you have to be very aware of it. When he’s on, he’s dynamite and should be used. But not as a closer and not indiscriinately. I think a change of scenery would be good for him.
Clete does do a lot of things that Matt Joyce doesn’t do. Clete could actually lead-off for this team and steal a few bases. I don’t think he will strike out as much in the tough ABs either. Better defender as well. But Joyce does have a sweet swing.
JL putting in a defensive replacement for Marcus in the 6th or 7th innings is getting pretty old. It’s unneccessary and I think he does it to kinda keep Marcus in his place and at the same time try to impress someone with his managerial abilities.
I hope Curtis can get a few bleeders and bombs tomorrow. He needs them.

OKAY well, I watched the postgame. It did start with talk of Robertson but, towards the end, a seemingly innocuous question about Ziegler suddenly set JL off. Jason, hopefully you’ll supply the full transcript, as it were, but JL basically went off on throwing fat 0-2 pitches, that we’d been doing it time after time after time after…….well, you get the idea. And that you can’t pitch up here and do that. Or words to that effect. Seems like I’ve heard this before, but that’s what went down.
From where I was sitting, Inge couldn’t go on that hit because it appeared that it may be caught. I think you’re being a little hard on Grandy, GK. It’s only two games and he has hit some balls hard, just right at somebody. Also, it’s a different game if the secondbaseman doesn’t make a great play on Inge’s well hit ball, again to right.
I can live with the offense tonight. I can live with JL removing Nate when he did. I can’t live with Fernando Rodney, but what else is new? He’s the closer and I don’t even want him on the team. This is your prime trade bait, right here. Mr. Rodney.
I’m going off to watch the 9th inning of Red Sox/Rays now.

What are the chances of Dusty Ryan earning a starting job behind the plate for next year? That would result in moving Inge back to 3rd, which would be the best defensive option. After that, I would think you don’t resign Sheffield, and move Guillen into the DH role.

I think the Tigers oganization worries too much about having big bats in the lineup and not enough about putting quality pitching on the mound, both starting and in the bullpen. Defense also needs to be a priority.

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