Rainout shuffles White Sox rotation

Those off-and-on showers that the Tigers and A’s played through last night were pretty much a steady downpour in Chicago, raining out the White Sox and Blue Jays. They’ll make it up with a day-night doubleheader today, but it leaves a big question mark in the Sox pitching rotation when the Tigers come to town this weekend.

Javier Vazquez was supposed to start Monday, but with the rainout, he’s starting Tuesday. His next turn in the rotation is due up Saturday against Detroit, leaving the Sox with a decision to make: Is it a big enough game to start him on short rest, knowing the schedule won’t give him an extra day of rest until Chicago’s final off-day on the last Monday of the regular season? Or do they go with an extra starter in Clayton Richard? Or a spot starter?

From Scott Merkin’s article:

“If you’re going to ask me four days from now what we’re going to do,
we’re not sure yet,” White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper said. “We’ll
see how [Tuesday] goes.

“Our options are bringing Clayton Richard back or Javy back.
Another option might be thinking about going with [Lance] Broadway.
[We] might even think about [D.J.] Carrasco. But we’re not going to
really discuss or think about it until after we play the games [on

These are the choices that makes rainouts so tricky in a pennant race. It’s worth mentioning that Vazquez is 1-3 with a 5.33 ERA against the Tigers this season, while Richard has yet to face Detroit.

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