Garcia to self: Get a haircut

By now, you may or not have seen footage or photos of Freddy Garcia and the long hair he has grown. It isn’t quite as big as the head of hair on Magglio Ordonez, but it’s pretty long. He had said when he was in Toledo that he was going to cut it, but he still hasn’t. I’d meant to ask him about it ever since he got here, and he said today that he was actually mistaken for Ordonez recently when he was at a local restaurant.

He was actually pretty baffled by the mistake.

“Magglio is what, 5-9? I’m 6-4, 250,” Garcia said.

Ordonez, by the way, is listed as six feet even, so I’m assuming he was kidding.

Garcia still plans on getting his hair cut.

“I don’t want people to call me Magglio on the street,” he said.

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