Wednesday: Tigers vs. Angels

I’m looking at the radar, and it’s looking like a long night with a lot of rain. The Angels don’t come back here again, so they might wait this rain out. On the other hand, the travel schedule for both teams tomorrow isn’t as bad as it normally would be. The Tigers aren’t flying to Minnesota until Friday, since the Republican National Convention has the hotels downtown booked up through Thursday. The Angels will hop over to Chicago for a weekend series against the White Sox.

In game news, Mike Hessman gets a shot at third base. Leyland didn’t indicate that it would be anything long-term, but he said it’s a chance to see what he’s got. That leaves Granderson and Joyce as the left-handed bats in the lineup.

TIGERS (66-72)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Joyce, LF
  6. Sheffield, DH
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Hessman, 3B
  9. Inge, C

ANGELS (84-53)

  1. Chone Figgins, 3B
  2. Garret Anderson, LF
  3. Mark Teixeira, DH
  4. Vladimir Guerrero, RF
  5. Torii Hunter, CF
  6. Kendry Morales, 1B
  7. Mike Napoli, C
  8. Brandon Wood, SS
  9. Sean Rodriguez, 2B


Miracle of miracles …. Hessman gets his shot.

Does Carlos Guillen have a herniated disc in his back that’s causing the pinched nerve? Do they think he will need back surgery? Are they worried about putting him back out there at 3rd base and having him reinjure it again?

I think they ( and Carlos) would be best served by just shutting him down. He’s 33 and backs are nothing to be trifled with. Let him recover and at the same time let’s see if we need a 3rd baseman.

At this point I think it’s “open mike” night at third base. The organization is going to trot out whomever they think can play third and see what happens. For some reason they refuse to listen to me. I have told DD and JL repeatedly that Inge should be put at third and they should go find a Molina brother to catch. So far, DD and JL just nod their head and then just go about their business.

As for Carlos, I’d put him at the DH slot for next year, occasionally play him at first to give Miggy a rest now and then and call it a decision. The brother is breaking down like the preachers wagon at this point. Not sure if it’s spasms or pinched nerves or disc’s or what have you.

I get the same response, Eric, although JL once muttered something about wishing Brandon wouldn’t keep sending these guys. Maybe I heard him wrong. Maybe it was “handlin’ these flies.” I don’t know.
I’m not advocating it, but I’m betting Sheffield will be the DH next year. Does anyone think Guillen could play outfield full time? Would that be easier on him?
GK, I won’t be able to watch another Verlander start without thinking of you being tortured. I don’t know why that struck me as so funny. “Iiiieeeee! It’s torture!”
Radar doesn’t look good to me. We may have two tomorrow.

Guillen said today he was feeling a little better, but he isn’t able to swing a bat and even sitting down seems to not be pain-free.

Thanks, Jason. But whenever they say it’s feeling better, I’ve learned not to believe that. I wish Carlos the best, however. For what it’s worth the White Sox just said today that Joe Crede will not play the rest of the year because of his back.

I just heard the game will now start at 8:15.

Where did you guys find those DD and JL bobbleheads anyway?….”just nod their heads”:-) Seriously I bet the DD bobbledeads practically fly off the shelves….

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