Looking at an 8:15 start

The rain has ended, and the grounds crew is preparing to take off the tarp.


And a a good one for Zach. Sure is nice to see both him and G-Man perform so well in those roldes this year.
I’m not writing Lambert off quite yet either. He has had moments of looking not too bad.
My baseball heart is pulling hard for Big Mike today!

Polanco is hitting to RF!!! That’s what I like to see.

Me too Dan. He deserves a shot. You wonder how well he could have done had he been given a real shot at the job.

What I like about him Marty is that he has a good glove to go along with all that size and power. Even on that pretty ordingary looking ground ball you can see the soft hands and the throwing hand following the ball into the mitt.

check the stats and see how many times sheffield has popped out to an infielder,what a joke,guess he can’t do to much without the roids

1st & 2nd nobody out Joyce up and no Sac Bunt?

He’s making you look like a manager Dan. He can pirouette and come in hard on the hopper. In fact the Tigers looked very sharp in that inning. Nice to see for a change.
Maggs just got another hit. I am not in the trade Magglio camp. Never was. To me he is way too valuable as a hitter and I believe he has multiple .300+ years left in him. You could not do better for a DH.

Leyland drives me nuts! What is wrong with that man?

Not bunting cost the Tigers a run that inning.

Marty–I’d settle for him as a a DH but not as an everday Right Fielder. I’d even take him in left. And I would trade him for a Sabatthia, a Lincecum or a Halladay.

I love Curtis but why does he throw that ball home? Basic mistake that will cost a run.

Yes-not bunting might also have cost them more. They may have had a big inning. You not only don’t get the runner in scoring position but you give them an extra out with that philosophy of Leyland’s. We didn’t get the other run and we didn’t get a big inning. Would have looked pretty nice with runners on 2nd and 3rd and only 1 down.
Leyland is managing like losing mangers manage.

The Tigers are full of basic mistakes they have consistently made them all year long. Tho OF play has generally been lacking all year (except for Curtis).
Joyce is having a nightmare of a game tonight. He should have been swinging at that pitch anyway. He knows the ump has been calliing it and he just didn’t seem like he was confident enough to put a good swing on.

Somebody get on ’cause big Mike is going deep this inning!!

Yeah, he’s the wrong guy to be following Cab. At least tonight.

I’ve always liked Hessman’s glove. I can only think of one reason why he’d hit in the minors and not in the majors. In the minors, he plays everyday. At this point, I’ll take him for his glove and see how the hitting goes. Carlos is done for the year. Unless they want to go with Dusty Ryan with Inge at third, which will never happen.
I’m enjoying these games. A lot of that comes from the way the Angels play the game.
They’re chanting USA while Big Mike is up there.

They probably don’t keep walking Cab if Carlos is in the five hole. Oh well, smart move.
More umpire adventures tonight, but our defense just improved 100%.

Where’s Ian Oslund?

That figures–Texeira was gonna get him we knew that. Not sure why they have this fixation on this guy Rapada. I’ve nver liked him, his stuff is average and his heater is less than average. This is one stinky bullpen.

Man, I’m glad Polanco went back to choking up a few days ago. That was one dumb idea to listen to Pujols. It’s up there with why did Coke change their formula.
One guy you do NOT trade is Curtis Granderson. That’s a big duh, hey?
This strike zone is nuts. Below the knees is a strike. Above the belt is a strike. Depending on Guccione’s mood, it appears.

I’d leave Farnsworth in. JL will probably overmanage.

There’s a small but hardy band chanting “Let’s go Tigers” tonight. I usually only hear that on the road. And one group chants “Gary Gary” when Sheff is up, another group boos him on every out, and everybody cheers when he singles in a run. I love this stuff.

You have that correct Rich. Curtis and Cab are the franchise and I would take Curtis first.

Hessman dived and held that one to a single. He’s flashin’ the leather. Give him the job till Carlos returns, JL. Forget that Larish experiment.

Imagine that Dan, he did leave Kyle in.

Farnsworth is dealing tonight. I can’t help but think that Edgar would have bobbled the exchange on that DP. Probably not fair of me, right?

Yes! Great to watch a well defensed game!

Worked out- even if he did throw too many fastballs.
C’mon someone get on, ’cause Big Mike is gonna go deep!!!

Yessiree Bob!

That was sweet. Thanks for inserting Big Mike into the lineup tonight Dan. I think it paid off! Do ya think he might have earned a few more starts?….wait a minute, he has had a great game, so I suspect he will be benched.

Good AB too. Way to go, Big Mike! He’s had a good game.

Big Mike…………….sounds like a cartoon character. “The Adventures of Big Mike.” 🙂

“The adventures of Fernando and Big Mike”, Rich:-)….. Now that was entertaining….USA.

I think if this had been an important game, we’d all have lined up at the emergency room door. Man. I’m still looking for a closer.

Really bored with the Leyland bashing. I know that I am in the minority but he is not the big problem. The problem is the pitchers aren’t pitching and the hitters aren’t always hitting or grounding into a million double plays or like yesterday they are making errors. Does Leyland do things wrong certianly, but he doesn’t go out onto the field and he doesn’t throw the ball.
I also don’t blame him for trying Larish at 3rd. They have to to see what they got. He is trying to give the kid another chance at a position with this team. He certianly isn’t going to come up as a first baseman with Cabrera here. We are not in a heated race. What the heck. Would I rather have Hessman there right now certianly, but I don’t mind the experiment. Otherwise you may as well tell him that he will always be in the minors or trade another guy away.
I too loved the chanting of USA. I thought it was funny and appropriate. I said before the game started that I would love to see Hessman lay into one, to prove himself that he is worthy and he did. Also I don’t know if anyone watched any of the games in the Olympics but those commentators where praising Hessmens 3rd base play, in the three games that I saw.
Nice to see Sheff get a couple of hits. And the umpires strike zone was aweful. Cabrera, and Joyce both got screwed.

I’ll be bashing Leyland until he is gone. He is a primary reason for the teams’s record. He may not go on the field but he decides who does, where they go and how long they are there. He is the “manager” and he is managing a team to a losing season that hould have been capable of winning over 90 games.
He is also in cahrge of strategy and tempo. I won’t be happy till he’s gone because in my mind I know they will not succeed with him at the helm.

So in 2006 they went to the World Series despite him being the manager????? They had the best record in baseball the first half of 2007 despite him???
Yes they faded in the back half of 2007 but he can’t keep the players from being hurt??.
Do I agree with everything he does no, but he has no more or no less responsibility than the players on the field. And I think that just because all of us watch way too much baseball doesn’t make us more qualified to make decisions and strategy than people who have done nothing else but play or be in the game their whole lives. Sitting on the couch and going to the game certianly doesn’t make me an expert.
What I can tell for sure is that Justin Verlander isn’t anywhere near the pitcher he was in 2006 and 2007. ALong with Kenny and Nate. I know that Bondo didn’t spend almost all of 2008 and a bit in 2007 on the DL in 2006. Along with the part of the pen that was so spectacular in 2006 has spent a great deal of time on the DL in 2007 and 2008. That everyone on the team is down in offensive stats considerably in almost every catagory including homers and doubles. They are taking less walks, stealing less and striking out more. They are making more errors in the field than in the last few years. Would of have like to see a few guys come up in the minors sure?? Just because you are okay in the minors there are reasons you cannot make it in the majors. And unless you are watching every Mudhen game then we just don’t know. And whether we always like it or not you cannot sit down guys that are making 10’s of millions of dollars. You have to give them a chance to earn their money. A chance to be near their proven track records. But you can sit guys who are making the minimum. Just like I wouldn’t have a secretary go to and make a presentation to a bunch of CEO’s even though she has all the information.
Anyway that is just my opinion. He deserves no more or no less responsibility. And to me it comes down to mostly pitching and defense and we just don’t have that.
And like I said, I think that he deserves a little benefit of the doubt.

And of ya, you shouldn’t have to motivate people making tens of millions dollars a year.

Way to go Big Mike – I am impressed on how you delivered at the bat and on the field. I agree that the Larish thing was silly when Hessman has earned the chance for that role. I missed part of the game but liked the first inning run manufacturing with Curtis starting off with a hit, then a steal, then a sac fly – that is pure baseball right there minus a bunt attempt.

Is Cabrera not ridiculously strong? What a great addition to this team.

My wish for this month is for Sheff to hit a ton of homeruns, get his 500 and retire into the sunset. I give him all sorts of props for being a terrific player but can tell his motivation is gone and is not helpful to the team, even if those homeruns might win games. If nothing else, he then wouldn’t be part of our second guessing for 2009!

Question for those of you regular game attenders – where is some good spots to park when you need to get out in a hurry? We are going to the game next Wednesday and we might have to even bolt early to get home and get the kids from daycare. We used to park in the underground garage in that circle area – I think the opera house parking, but that seems so congested and am guessing parking across the highway is best?

Tiger Girl:

You don’t say where you need to get to- but I’ll assume 75 North. I’m not great with directions and street names- but here’s where we always go. Coming south on the freeway we exit Madison Ave (on the left). We go one of two places:

Either park in one of the first lots on your left. (Sometimes the first lot is $5 more than the 2nd- so look ahead before committing). This way, you exit the same way you came in- turn right and it dumps you right on the freeway headed north.

Or- continue down Madison- the ballpark will be on your right, go a few blocks and do the left hand turnaround and head back the other way. If you are lucky, you will find a spot on the street. The meters are only 2 hr parking, but if you get a ticket, you can pay online within 10 days and it only costs $10. We usually only find these spots during the day.

If you leave even an inning early, you’ll beat the mass crowd. Good Luck and have fun!


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