Verdict on simulated game

The final verdict on the simulated game from the Tigers staff was generally positive. Willis started out tentative, Jim Leyland said, but looked more confident as the outing went on. His delivery, Leyland said, was “much more controlled.” His velocity supposedly topped out around 94 mph while hitting regularly at 91.

“I was impressed,” Leyland said. “He threw two or three of the better sliders I saw from him this year.”

Willis threw 72 pitches in his 4-5 innings, according to Leyland, while Garcia threw 52-55. His fastball was in the mid-80s, about the same to slightly down from his velocity at Toledo last week.

“Freddy was exactly what I expected,” Leyland said, “and ahead of schedule.”

The plan for now calls for Garcia to make another simulated outing, probably next Monday when the Tigers return home, before Leyland and club officials decide what to do from there. The fact that he’s still pitching here, rather than heading to instructional ball, is a positive sign about his chances of pitching in a game this year, though Leyland said they wanted to get him back in a clubhouse and let him get a feel for what the Tigers are about before he hits free agency at season’s end.

TIGERS (66-71)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Sheffield, DH
  6. Thames, RF
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Inge, C
  9. Raburn, 3B

ANGELS (83-53)

  1. Chone Figgins, 3B
  2. Garret Anderson, DH
  3. Mark Teixeira, 1B
  4. Vladimir Guerrero, RF
  5. Torii Hunter, CF
  6. Juan Rivera, LF
  7. Mike Napoli, C
  8. Brandon Wood, SS
  9. Sean Rodriguez, 2B


Saw video of Willis pitching. He does look more smoothed out. Garcia is looking like a new version of Kenny Rogers. 🙂
I expect to get swept by LAA this week. They, of all teams, will take advantage of our defensive deficiencies. When we talk of getting new and better pitchers, we have to take into account the defense that will play behind them.
If they’re going to insist on Inge catching, they could at least put Hessman at third for his defense, and take whatever homers he hits.
It’s strange that Cabrera replaced Inge at third, then ended up at first. If we don’t make the Cab trade, does Guillen play the entire season at first? After all, that was the original idea.
Finally saw video of Sabathia’s “error” during his no-no bid. Defininitely scored incorrectly, and should have been changed during the game. It’s too late to do that now. The good part of all that is that it was at least CC’s play, so there’s no one else to blame.

Here already. Ordonez should have caught that Vlad pop, but he never takes charge out there. No error however, so those are again earned runs on our pitcher. Lambert probably thinks he had better support in Toledo, what with the same thing happening during his first start.

Lambert shouldn’t even be pitching to these guys at this point. Inning should be over.

Agreed agreed agreed. I have never liked Ordonez in RF. Far too lackadaisacal and slow. Arm is n’t great either.
A SB for Curtis–well what do you know JL does have some cerebral cortex left.
Polanco is driving me nuts with his now consistent pull hitting. We needed a ball hit to the right side there and Polly has given up pretty much on that idea.
As far as the simulated game goes, that’s pretty much what the the club has been playing for the last 3 weeks.
As far as Garcia getting ” afeel for what the Tigers are”, I’m not so sure that is a real great idea. We don’t want him thinking he can put out the kind of effort many of the others are doing.
BTW–that was Ordonez’ ball all the way. he was nowhere to be seen. And I was happy it wasn’t hit at Renteria!

Just look at the way the Angels are playing defense. No wonder they’re leading by a gazillion games. Two beauties in that inning alone.

Tigers fielders please take note of the Angels—that’s how you play the game on defense.

Ordonez and Cab may be coming alive together here.
Sheffield coninutes to not hit when you need it most.
Actually surprised to see Raburn playing. Thought Hessman might but I think JL is actually doinig the right thing in that regard anyway. Hessman will likely play against the next lefty-or maybe against a righty–he hit them better I think.

Lambert must be thinking “What’s with these guys?”. I thought the fielding would be better up here”

That’s a nice pick-up over at 1st by Cab. He is looking pretty good there now. BTW, Santiago gets that throw there chest high.

I haven’t checked Hessman’s numbers lately, but historically he hits RHers better. I wonder if JL knows that? He’s fixated on that L-R thing.

Good lord, they’re getting worse. That play was downright ugly.

This is one BAD defensive unit out there

I’d like to thank the Tigers for doing a fine job tonight of making my point about the importance of defense.

Agreed Rich. Raburn boots the grounder. Glover boots the grounder. Inge has his glove going the wrong way and almost lets it by. Even Curtis should have gotten Hunter’s hit. The D just ain’t there.

C’mon Curtis liitle bingo here

Polly bunting?

Since Napoli just outran Renteria to thirdbase, that means that Edgar is slower than both catchers in tonight’s game. 🙂

Curtis is bugging Saunders right now

I see Polly is back to choking up. That was an ill-fated experiment.

Napoli is a horse too. That’s embarassing. Nice hit Mags.

No bunt, and the DP. That’s second guessing on my part, though.

1st pitch swinging DP by Orodnez. Have I ever complained about that before?

Incidentally can’t they assign the opera singing vendor guy to a section that is not directly below the broadcast booth? On the feed here in LA you here that brother constantly. Almost as loud as the announcers

Inge has a passed ball, numerous dropped balls and foul-tip strikeout he couldn’t hag onto. Very ordinary as a catcher meanwhile nobody looks like they can play 3rd.
Rich is right on about the recognition of this problem.

Let’s see what Sheffield can do here this inning. My guess is not much. The big “Home Run Watch” is being marketed but I would like to see the guy actually get a few other hits along the way.

Orodonez is now 3rd in the league in GIDP. Behind Vlad and Peralta.

Hey a Sheff hit sighting. I’ll notify the authorities.

Wow Dan. Didn’t realize Mags had GIDP that much. Sheesh what a difference a year makes.

Hmmm. Not sure who’s fault that is Sheff or just a good move by Saunders. I’ll give Gary the benefit of the doubt.

I was actually thinking that if anyone was going to get picked off it would be Sheff. Voila!
One thing on his mind right now, as much as he says it isn’t.

Rod and Mario were talking about JL not wanting to play the callups out of respect to the other teams and not wanting to affect the pennant race. If that’s true, it’s more BS. For one thing, it should be about what’s best for our team, and for another, what’s the difference between playing callups now and a team like Cleveland blowing it up in mid-season?
Personally, I think he’s trying to save his job by finishing at .500.
We’ve pitched well tonight, actually. Can’t tell from the boxscore, but it’s true.
I can’t believe Marcus nearly got that one out with the lunging swing. Country strong……………

Nice bunt by Inge. Glad to see it.

Okay, let’s get a couple runs and steal a win for Mr. Glover and his good work tonight. He had good stuff.

And there it is. M-Cab, hittin’ ’em when they count. He’s a beast.

Rich I’m gonna say this befor eyou do:
.Rodney is the classic cliche: A thrower not a pitcher!
0-2 to texeiria and he delivers him a back to back fastballs the 2nd one not being up in the strike zone but where he can get a good look at for the SacFly. That was dumb. Texeira was dead meat on a bill of the cap fastball or the change.
Then he loses Vlad when he is ahead of him 0-2.
He walks the worst guy in the league in Figgins to lead off the inning.
Like I say, a thrower not a pitcher.
I also would not have pinch hit Larish for Hessman. Larish has struggled and is pressing at the plate. Hessman may not have pressed. Larish I was sure would.
Poor defense killed them and Ordonez’ blowing that 1st inning towering fly ball meant a great deal.
A better game to watch than many we have seen lately, but another illustration of what is wrong with this team. No team speed (Figgins 3 SB), no scintillating defense, and no closer. I was actually surprised to see Rodney in there, thought Farnsworth would come in since it was tied.
Inge looked horrible in his last AB.
Tigers find another way to lose.

HERE, ANGELS, HAVE THIS GAME. Rodney basically walks in the winning run. I know, I know, Figgins stole 2nd and went to 3rd on an infield out, allowing him to score on a sac fly, but who put him on in the first place?

Now Renteria barely gets a single. Isn’t Santiago a faster runner? Then Inge can’t bunt the runner along. Okay, Okay, Renteria stole 2nd just fine. And Inge now has 5 SO in 7 at-bats against F-Rod but we didn’t want to pinch hit for Inge. Oh, no. Instead let’s not let a home run hitter like Hessman get to bat. We’ll put in a LHB against F-Rod who makes an out instead. Granderson walks. Did I see Polanco swinging for the fences on the first 2 strikes and not choking up on the bat like he did with success last year? All he needed to do was dump one in the outfield to tie the game and give Maggs a chance to drive in the winning run.

But our mastermind wizard JL lets Inge bat and takes out Hessman. HERE, ANGELS, TAKE THIS GAME.

Defense rules. Renteria was robbed of a basehit to keep the inning going, and not only does it rob of us of a hit it is a double play. That was something. Then the play on Raburns foul??
On the otherside two errors and a run. And reallly that thing in the first in my opinion even if not scored an error was.
We had what it took in this game and let the errors kill us.
Defense Rules, Errors Suck. Common sense but it is something that we don’t have.

No Inge didn’t get the get the bunt down and that is bad, but this game was lost because of errors. Plain and simple.

Like Rich says, it’s defense. And defense is the one thing the Tigers CAN immediately improve upon given the personnel already on the roster….. Of course you can’t defense leadoff walks in the 9th inning of a tied game.

Watching the Cubbies and they get 3 straight walks in the bottom of the 7th. Reliever is on the ropes and Derek Lee is up. A Ball then he tattos one down the line, and the 3rd sacker turns 2 and the threat is over.

Ya walks aren’t good that is for sure. But didn’t you think that Rodney got a little screwed on at least the one pitch???
I don’t know maybe he would of walke him anyway. I personally didn’t agree with one of the pitch calls, and I thought the other was questionable? Especially in respect to some of the calls that I saw some of the other pitchers get.

It was a win-able game, but we gave them runs with poor defensive play. Again. This has been a huge problem all year but there has been little said about it and nothing done about it. Now it’s become so bad that it’s slapping people in the face. Just not the right people. There are some of us who were discussing the poor defense months ago and, in the past few days, I just decided to go on a crusade with it. Maybe if enough people are talking about it, the right people will finally hear. On the other hand, if a miscast team of “superstars” can sell 3 million tickets, that may be all that’s important to management.
I’ve learned three things this season. 1) we have no edge at all over any other team in baseball, 2) management seems to have gone clueless and 3) we no longer have the best fans in baseball. Hopefully all three are just a one year anomaly, and next year we’ll be back to normal, whatever that is.
I’ve given up on complaining about Rodney, Dan, so no comment was forthcoming. He’s not even close to closer material. I do know that the reason he pitched the 9th is because “conventional baseball wisdom”, otherwise known as the Leyland Bible, dictates that if the game is tied at home, you bring in your designated closer for the top of the 9th.
I’ve never been a big Hessman fan, but I didn’t like that slap in the face when our genius manager pinch hit Larish for him. L-R matchup, chapter 4, verse 17 from the Leyland Bible. Just let the big guy go up there and take his hacks, for heaven’s sake. Even if we had tied it, you’d have an even weaker defense to start extra innings with.
That was a relatively interesting game by our usual standards, but it wasn’t a well played game on our side. I’m sick of watching sloppy baseball.

GK, Mr. Welke had a strange strike zone, but what else is new? What is happening with Rodney, though, is that these guys make calls based on reputation. They may not think they do, but they do. Since Rodney has a well earned reputation for wildness, he won’t get borderline calls. Ever. Just another reason why he can’t be counted on. Might not be fair, but that’s the hard truth of it.

I guess management won’t have to worry about sellout games and 3 million fans next year, the circus didn’t perform as billed, and now people will find other attractions to spend thier money on for entertainment.
..adding to the comments, I disagree as well, by Rod and Mario, about not playing the callups out of respect for the other teams… my goodness! Is the season all wrapped up already?
What about the fans.. we expect to see a ball game.. not grapefruit league practice! What was up with Labor day’s game with NY? That was an awful game!… IF players are ready, and hungry, by all means, Play’Em! THese young fellas worked thier tails off in minors, give them a chance to play. Use every bit of talent you have on the bench and win as many games as posible. If your players that play all season haven’t hit then rotate in some of these fellas sitting on the bench. But to ” Lay down and die”.. NO Way!

Every Fan at a game is entitled to go home remembering something special or some special play that a player did, for years to come. Will we be talking about Gary Sheffield , or Edgar Rentaria like we still talk about Al Kaline, Ty Cobb, or Mickey Lolich, just to name a few. In years to come, I bet you all that my boy wil be bragging about Curtis Granderson,making a diving catch on his belly, or turning the bases heading to third! He gives it 110%! Take note all you other ballplayers!, Earn your money your agent negotiated for you!

Referring to Rich’s comment on fans, I don’t know about what are the “right” kind of fans, I do know there are die-hards who love the team, win or loose, and there are the fans who just jumped on board. I can’t afford season tickets, but try to catch as many as possible on tv. When I grew up , it was only on the antenae station occasionally and the radio carried it. Its in my blood.. all summer long is baseball season. If they lose, bummer , tomorrow, is a better day, lets hope they win. The shame is seeing the team actually believing that they suck, and can’t do anything in their position to affect the outcome.. which is wrong. Exactly what is happening, by not backing up the pitchers, with Defense.
What ever happened to “Carpe Diem”?

Personally, I hope they continue at least one more week to play the regular guys – we have tickets to a day game a week from today. Unfortunately they seem to give days off on day games so who knows. My main request is to see Cabrera play in person and would love to see his power via a homerun. He rarely gets a day off so I am probably good to go on that. What a bummer to know that the game I go see will be mediocre at best, but I am going and hoping to see a good outing from the entire team.

By the way, got to see the Mud Hens last Friday and it was horrid – they lost 4-0 and had no umph in their game – boring as all get out. I suppose the Hens were due to have an off season – off being second place instead of first! But what a terrific venue – if you are ever in the toledo area you have to check it out.

Tigers, why do I continue to watch every night? I guess I am holding out for the guys to all play the game hard at the same time with good pitching, good managing, and a 13 game win streak coupled with Minnesota and Chicago losing the next 15!

Tiger Girl, I am like you , I keep watching and hoping for the best.
I love reading the posts from the armchair managers. Oh, if only it were that easy. Love the “if so & so would have done this then so & so could have done that, then so & so could have followed up with a base hit the Tigers could have won”. Tiger Robots?????? You guys do entertain me and I love your passion.
I am sorry to see the season get closer to the end for our Tigers, it’s going to be a long winter with high hopes for a better 2009.
Going to tonight’s game, Cabrera bobblehead’s tonight, sweet.

Watching the defense in last night’s game makes me think that it will give new meaning to the “bobble” head night.

This really is fundamental stuff folks. Blocking and tackling. At a major league level you cannot boot the balls or do some of the things that are being done. I know it’s hard, but you just have to make those plays.

Rich and others are right. Given a blank sheet of paper I think you start with pitching and then defense. The rest, you try to get to on the fly. Earl Weaver used to play for the three run homer. I think in today’s game, you just play good scratch it out baseball. Hit, steal a base, get to third on an out, come home. Once in awhile you string together some hits and get a big inning. But I think you should just keep pushing it out there. Last year I recall this team scoring a lot of runs int he first 2 innings. Not so much this year. I think pitchers get a few runs behind them, relax and get into a better groove.

Tigers have the right ingredients here (with a few things maybe) but the head chef is just not mixing it together all that well.

“bobble” head night – thanks for the giggle!

I ,too, watch all the Tiger games I can and am waiting for the game to start. I am not going to make another comment for the rest of the season concerning defense. I will make ONE more comment on Rodney. His first name is now effing:) Go Tigers! –Dave

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