Monday: Tigers vs. Yankees

The traffic is pretty rough out here if you’re going to the game and haven’t left yet, but it should still be navigable. Just be prepared to have to adjust for some blocked streets and barricades. All in all, though, not a bad holiday for baseball.

Edgar Renteria is out of the lineup for a second straight day, but he says he’s fine.

As for Pudge, he’s in the lineup, batting ninth. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of reception he gets here. He talked with reporters this morning and said much of the same things he said when the trade went down, that he tries to be ready for whatever happens and that he loves to win.

TIGERS (66-70)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Joyce, LF
  6. Sheffield, DH
  7. Larish, 3B
  8. Inge, C
  9. Santiago, SS

YANKEES (72-64)

  1. Johnny Damon, CF
  2. Derek Jeter, SS
  3. Bobby Abreu, RF
  4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
  5. Jason Giambi, 1B
  6. Xavier Nady, LF
  7. Hideki Matsui, DH
  8. Robinson Cano, 2B
  9. Ivan Rodriguez, C


This is absolutely UNBELIEVEABLE that Sheffield is still on the field, AGAIN today. At this time of year??!?????! what is ANYone looking to see from him. That he can maybe end the year hitting .240??

However, for all my rants this season, and yea, there have been many….. I stand corrected with Miguel Cabrera. I HATED that trade, and still am not crazy about it, but the dude can flat ot smack that ball. Love to see guys with that easy (shall we say, “unSheffield stroke) easy compact, high percentage swing. Just pushes the hands out there nicely. And lots of pop. Plays a nice 1st too, and made that switch without bellyaching over it. Anyway, so …. I”m at peace there.

You know who would have made a good 3rd baseman that no too many mention here?(in fact haven’t heard it yet) would have been Infante, once again hitting a hard. .300+ and just as valuable in a utility role as Inge. As stated many times, the Braves just raped the Tigers on those acquisitions.

Infante, Santiago, Polly and Cabrera rounding out that infield all season long, and we would have not so much to complain about this year in the infield. Call me old school, cuz yep…. I’m a tradionalist for sure…. but this team needs 25.30 homers/.280/with “some” clutch, from the catcher spot.

I will need some good tix for next season making the trip out on another stadium caravan. Anyone a few season tix they’ll sell me this next season???

If there’s a worse defensive team in baseball, I’d hate to see it. Ordonez fails to catch that liner, Joyce throws to the wrong base, and Cabrera fails to catch a foul pop. All in one inning. And all scored as earned runs. Verlander doesn’t need any help being bad as it is.
Then Polanco doesn’t run out of the box.
This team isn’t even close to competing.

We were just talking about Infante yesterday.

Didn’t see Tracey and her sign.

The biggest problem Detroit has is pitching. I am so tired of hearing Verlander called the “ACE” when he has had a losing record all season and can barely get through 6 innings. It is hard to win games when you are continually starting in the hole. I sure hope Verlander gets retooled in the off season, or maybe just an attitude adjustment.

The best thing that could happen in this game is take Verlander out, sure hope the bullpen has their A game today, never know from day to day. Pitching, Pitching, Pitching!

Yes. With the Tigers lack of clutch hitting, it will be next to impossible to dig out from this hole. I thought if Verlander could hold the Yankees to 3-4 runs, they might be able to get to Ponson who has had trouble. JV needs a new pitching coach at the least. Where is Roger Craig? Lee Mazzone? Bob Cluck? The best we can hope for is that this is his sophomore down season. Two good years as a rookie?

I agree maybe a new pitching coach. I have seen several pitchers on other teams this summer that have gone through Detroits pitching staff in the last couple of years and are doing well. Chad Durbin is Philidelphia’s ace out of the bullpen, Ledezma pitched for the Dodgers the other day and did well, Jamie Walker is doing pretty well for Baltimore, although I saw Jason Johnson pitch out of the bullpen the other day and he did not do very well!

There is no one biggest problem, but if you want to talk pitching, that points (again) to the coaching staff. These pitchers have had success in the past, but they’re receiving no help this year. I’ll bet a number of pitchers don’t even listen to CH and try to fix things themselves.
Two errors in the second inning, one from a converted minor leaguer.
The only hitter JV dispatched with ease, of course, was Pudge. Three straight elevated fastballs.

Well if they can hold them to 8 and Detroit can keep scoring 1 run per inning maybe in 9 innings the Tigers can win! Go Tigers!

Pudge has not been any help to the Yankees offensively but supposedly they don’t need offensive help.
The Tigers hitting coach hasn’t helped Polanco or Ordonez.
Has Maggs’ slump coincided with moving him out of the clean-up spot?
I hope DD can see that the coaching hasn’t helped most of these players. Although Pudge, Sheffield, and Ordonez may be prima donnas that won’t listen to a coach.

I was in New York for the series when Detroit kicked the Yankees butts, looks like the Yankees are trying to return the jester.

Yes, krohnme, if the Tigers can score 9 runs, then the game will end at 36-9 the way it is going.
If DD can’t see that this team needs a whole new look, then let me donate the first dollar to get his name offically changed in court from Dombrowski to DUmbrowski. Isn’t it obvious with the poor pitching, hitting, and fielding that the team needs new leadership along with some changes in player personnel?
I groan and moan every time JL talks about next year. He even has the gall to say Miner has not necessarily earned a starting spot. I say he has earned it and let him pitch his way out of it before sending him away like Durbin, Byrdak, etc.

Hmmm. Sheffield’s meaningless solo 494th homerun. Let him play every game. If he can get to 500, maybe he will retire and the Tigers can take 2009’s $14 million to find some other hungrier players.

There Mags ran down that fly ball (which we haven’t seen much this year) and it has fired up the team! Go Tigers!

GO TIGERS!!! 11-8!!

OK I got my nine with innings to spare, keep it up and it could be 41 come back games!

They were fired up, scored some runs, got some quick innings from the relief pitchers and then it died out. They had some runners on that didn’t score and I think JL should have done some actual managing for a change and kept the pressure on NY by moving the runners around (steals/bunts) and generated some runs. Instead he just lays down, it is almost like he says Hey! we might win this I better do something to stop that!

Just got back from the game a few minutes ago (yes we left early again) it was hot and it appeared that the Tigers had no comeback left in them.
Justin is absolutely horrible. I really think that they should skip his next outing, throw Willis or any minor leaguer out there they couldn’t do any worse than he does. The fact of the matter is that it wasn’t only the Yankees he has been getting hit around a lot this year. Especially in the last month or so. He is unreliable and irritating and I am certianly getting sick of hearing him called the ace of the staff. To me he is the worst on the staff. People talk about Nate, Verlander is almost as bad this year in my opinion.
The only thing that worked out for me today is that I got a few homers, RBI’, runs and a stolen base for my fantasy team. Thank god I don’t have any Tigers’ pitching on my staff.

Well ,we left after the 6th today- had planned to leave at the end of the 4th, but then we scored 6 runs. Defense was as bad in person as it looked on TV. And Verlander just couldn’t throw a strike if he threw above 92…..

I can’t believe you didn’t see my sign. I held it up so much I annoyed my husband.

Highlight? A standing O for Pudge. And the feeling that we might come back for a brief minute. That’s it. It was a sparce crowd for a Yankees game. I hate to say it- but I’m excited for football.


One last thing- the Larish experiment is over. He’s not a major league 3rd baseman. I hope Hessman gets some time while Guillen is out.

Gameday lists attendance over 44,000. Maybe that many tickets were sold, but there is no way there were that many people there. Our section was 2/3 filled at most and there were huge holes all over the park.

Okay that’s two things.


I was at the game today, Verlander was so out of it, the last time I saw him pitch in person was at the no hitter last year, what a difference a year makes. The comback was nice but not enough. We left in the 8th, that is the first time I have ever left a Tigers game early, but it was way too hot and way too disappointing. In case anyone still wonders about how Pudge would be received, a big standing ovation, I was proud to be a Tigers fan at that moment.

I’m not going to make excuses for Justin Verlander. He went out today and did the same thing he’s done most of the year. He needs to check his oversized ego at the door and do a lot of looking within.
HOWEVER, the defense has got to help the pitcher out. Ordonez could have and should have caught that first inning liner. Joyce threw to the wrong base, allowing A-Rod to move into scoring position, from where he did indeed score. Cabrera dropped a foul pop at the dugout rail that he should have gotten easily. Larish flat out booted one, then Granderson (say it ain’t so Curtis) had his own misplay.
This was all within the first two innings. A pitcher can start badly yet recover, but he has no chance without the help of his defense. A lot of our well documented pitching woes this season stem from poor defense. Yet…… one talks about it. It’s not in the game stories, it certainly won’t appear in a box score, and it doesn’t show in the stats. At the very least, failure to make a defensive play costs the pitcher pitches, and pitches are in short supply in this day and age of baseball.
What is the Tigers’ answer to this? They take as many so called good hitters as they can find, then try to shoehorn them into positions they have no business playing. They send Joyce to Mexico to learn to hit curveballs but seem to neglect the fact that his outfield play is brutal. They stubbornly stick Ordonez and Renteria out there day after day after day, with no thought of ways to improve that failing. They take the best thirdbaseman in baseball and turn him into an average to fair catcher. They clog up what could be a useful DH slot with an aging veteran who’s best days are clearly behind him.
Then they use words like “baffled” and “puzzled” when trying to describe this season’s failure.
I don’t care what sport it is, it starts with defense. You want the Big Red Machine? You want Mike Martz’s Rams? They both played defense. Want to talk the Pistons’ “Bad Boys” teams? Defense. Tough, aggressive, sticky defense.
If we come back next year with the same team, same manager, same approach, you can forget about it.

Listening on the radio over the weekend to the Yankee game and the Royals, it seems like Joyce is just lost in left field also. Even Price was commenting about the defense and Matt Joyce’s inability to a). throw (weak arm) b) hit the cut off man and c) throw to the right spot. If he is in left field then Van Slyke had better work on him. But you can’t help a weak arm. At this point in his career he is what he is and the weak arm isn’t goingt oget better.

Larish, sounds like he takes big looping swings, not short compact efficient swings. That’ll mean K’s all over the place.

Finally, at the start of the season had you told me that Miner and some scrub we picked up from Texas would have been our two “ace” pitchers I would have said you were nuts.

Agree on Sheffield. Get your 500th and then sit down. Probably a third of them were hit when he was on the juice anyway. 500 homers means nothing in this era.

If Sheffield gets to 500 this year then that means we are going to be in a lot of games where the opposing pitcher has a 4 + run lead. He seems to pound the ball when the team is way behind.
As to Joyce, the guy is workable out there in LF. I don’t know about the arm, he does seem to be lacking in that respect. But he can run and he will dive for the ball and he has some hustle. If he can cut down on the strikeouts he might be OK out there.
Rosenberg was a little harsh on Ol’Pudge in this morning’s article in the Freep. I don’t think he was neccessarily wrong, but he definitely harsh.
Verlander needs to work some things out. He has the talent, he has the arm. He has to figure out what is going wrong, and not think that this will self-correct. That’s Leyland’s strategy but it won’t work for JV.
Next year we simply cannot expect to contend with the pitching staff the way it is and with Rent at short, Sheff at DH and Inge catching. Just now way that is championship caliber.
Inge is fun to watch but I can’t even count the number of times he has had to complete a K at first base.
Larish has not shown he is going to be any sort of phenom at 3B, and I don’t think he will, but I don’t see where he has been that bad. He’s actually made a couple of pretty slick plays down there. Again, not my choice as a solution there though.
My basebeall heart wants Hessman to come up here and hit 10 dingers this month! Stick that in your ear, Leyland!
Please recognize the opportunity when it comes knocking. Someone, somewhere will be interest in Nate Robertson’s left arm and ability to eat innings. Take ’em up on it, please.
We do get to see Dusty. That’s good. No Blaine Neal or Ian Oslund though. Strange.
Oslund threw 69+ innings with a WHIP of 1.13, a a 2.45 ERA and struck out 777 while walking only 17. He’s a SOUTHPAW!
Neal had a similar WHIP but an ERA of 1.21 and 26 saves. Geez, I wonder what team in the AL might have been able to use him!!

777 strikeouts for Oslund?? That has to be some sort of record:)

Agreed. It all starts with fielding, then pitching. On the hitting subject and home runs from the White Sox, Minnesota is at the bottom in the A.L. Oh yea, they also have a closer don’t they. Rodney scares me, always has. How come everyone on this blog knows that Inge should play 3rd full time but Leyland and Co. does not? –Dave

Your comment about Brandon catching was spot on. Listening yesterday when Lopez was pitching I think I heard three times that BRandon had to throw down to first to complete the K. I realize that Lopez has a pretty active sinker and when it is on it is not only unhittable but also uncatchable but I just don’t think Brandon has the skill for it.

All year long I been hearing about Santiago and reading about him in this blog and I have to admit to being on the fence. But I think I am now convinced that this guy is a keeper. He has a knack for getting on, has a great glove and can play anywhere in the infield. So I am all for him at SS with Inge at 3b. Cabby is playing a decent 1B and Polly is solid as always. I think that infield alone is good enough to prevent alot of runs and can provide chanpionship caliber defense. Might even allow pitchers to be confident enough to not nibble on the corners constantly and just get the ball in play on the ground.

In my mind that really only leaves the LF slot although I agree that Mag’s isn’t the best right fielder in the world I think he is serviceable.

Behind the plate, is the other problem position. I don’t think Dane is the answer there. The organization may just take the path of least resistance and put Brandon there while throwing one of the kinds like Larish at 3b. But that just doesn’t cut it for me. Go get a catcher. One of the Molina brothers have to be available.

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