Verlander on Monday

Forgot to mention this in the stories last night, but just to make clear, Chris Lambert will return to pitch Tuesday, with Justin Verlander going Monday on his normal rest. You can make a case that the extra day of rest would help out Verlander after going 115 pitches Thursday, but if they did that, they wouldn’t be able to option out Lambert and bring him back so soon (normally he’d have to stay down there at least 10 days). The reason they can do it in this case is because the Mud Hens’ season ends on Monday. Thus, you get these roster maneuvers.

Clear? Good. I’ll be in Toledo tonight writing on Freddy Garcia’s start, so hopefully you’ll see something on that later on this evening.


I really am getting frustrated with Leyland. I used to like him, I liked him a lot. And Chuck Hernandez. How many relief pithers have we had this year? Yes, Granderson should be running and we score a run. Inge can hit .250 and how many runs and games can he save by the manager saying you will be my everyday 3rd sacker. What more does Santigo have to do? Play him the rest of the way at shortstop. Don’t trade Maggs or Carlos. Last but not least, Jason, thanks again for all you do. Loking forward to your report on Freddy. –Dave

Hey, look at the upside to this season; They may not be able to catch the Sox or Twins, but if they hurry, they can catch the Royals !!!

ah, the Royals – always a struggle and they are probably licking their chops to get a chance at us to pull them out of the cellar.

Jason – give a wave as you drive into town!

Santiago has shown he deserves to play ahead of Larish, Hollimon, Raburn, and even Renteria.
You can actually SEE the effort he makes when he is playing, unlike some others on the team. And you know, he has a nice quick compact swing to go along with his speed and glove. From what I have seen he is also not afraid of pop-ups!

How horrible would it look in the books to start & end the season in dead last, this from a team that was to win it all. I am another Jones fan and am sad that we may never have the Roller Coaster ride again. I agree to keep Maggs & Carlos. In my book Carlos would be better for future DH role since he can hit from both sides of the dish (a little Rod-ism there). Go Tigers, it’s never too late to give us fans the thrill of a well played game.

Dan, give it a few years. Once Ramon’s skills and range start to deteriorate they’ll give him the starting job.

Another belligerent statement from the skipper:
“Leyland has not said who will be called up. He has, however, stated his displeasure with the performance of some players since they returned to Toledo from the big leagues.

And he mentioned them by name: Jeff Larish (who was called up Wednesday), Clete Thomas, Brent Clevlen and Michael Hollimon. Their production, Leyland said, “doesn’t dictate that a guy should be in the big leagues at the end of the year or next year.”
Easy to pick on the minor leaguers who chipped in at aa time when much of the same criticism spewed by JL above could easily have been applied to his vets like Sheffield, Renteria and Robertson.
That’s it Leyland, it’s all the Mud Hens fault. How could they play so poorly back in the minors after helping out when the vets sh!t the bed!? Shame on them for having poor numbers down there while Sheff, Rent and Nate worked their tails off up here in the show!
And that Hessman, why he hasn’t even hit 35 homers this year and those 7 errors he’s made this year. He thinks he should be given a chance to play 3rd in Detroit?
Those young men have a lot of gall, don’t they?

Agreed on JL’s comments. Price was trying to support that on the radio yesterday saying those guys have to work harder to get to the better meal money league. That’s fine. Call them out if you like but where is the righteous indignation over Sheff, Renteria and the like. Sheff has been nowehere this year and I only heard one comment from Leyland (after the atricle broke). No comments about Renteria etc.

Winning breeds “chemistry” and losing breeds “blaming” but if you are going to call out minor leaguers then there had better be some calling out at the major league level.

There is some bad mojo in this organization right now. Like they say in the mob, fish die from the head down and at this point the stinking is coming from the head down. DD and JL need to take some accountability for all this.

You notice how everyone here, and everywhere else, has spent this season blaming different parts of the team, then individual players, and have finally settled on the manager? I’m not being sarcastic, it makes perfect sense to blame the manager when everything that can go wrong goes wrong. This team couldn’t have played worse if Nathan Lane was the field boss. And everytime JL opens his mouth, he makes things worse.
Unlike Matt Millen and the Fords, Mr. Ilitch didn’t get to where he is by sitting on his hands. I don’t see him backing JL as next year’s manager and I also see him putting DD on a very short leash. Filling seats is all well and good, but he didn’t seem satisfied with full houses at the Joe.
I don’t know if this thing went down the toilet when they acquired Sheffield or when they released Sean Casey, but something has gone very wrong. And the resurgence of Cleveland has accomplished something almost impossible, namely, making the Tigers look even worse. Not to mention Minnesota.
So now he’s alienated the minor leaguers. Well, welcome to Ley-land, fellas, where accountability is very subjective.
Someone over there suggested Pudge as manager. That’s funny…………….but not entirely crazy.

That play that Larish failed to make last night points out the uselessness of fielding stats. It’s a play Inge makes in his sleep and Guillen could make while awake, but it doesn’t get scored as an error. Just another hit charged to our already bedraggled pitching staff. I don’t expect the casual fan to understand the importance of tight defense, but I certainly expect it from experienced baseball men. Walks kill baseball managers, but for me you can add bad defense in the lethal weapon department.

Well,, that hurts thinking that these young guys are expected to acheive better batting averages, just to come back to the biggs in Detroit…. meanwhile, what has Edgar, and SHeff done to name a few! Boy! I am shocked.

Good points , about “team chemistry”, and blame. I am chuckling, but the truth hurts.. the Royals are looking closer in the rear view mirror. The tribe wiped thier cleats on tigers jerseys , and Ley-Land criticizes his AAA players. Did he just show us he’s senile? (sorry) $138 Team and its all the fault of those little players.. Hey? How gullible are your fans? Do you want any fans left next year? Ticket sales?
How about Todd Jones for Manager next?
He shows more class.. I am sorry.. many dislike this man, but he does have an education, and like Pudge, is the working mans player. I give him his dues, He will be missed.

The more I think over this year, I feel sorry for the men that have had to sit on the bench, and aren’t good enough to play, and we all know they can make a difference. Meanwhile , its in their face, day after day!
SO? Wonder how many want to be traded this season end?


To be sure, JL can’t be held to blame for Sheff popping up or JV grooving a fastball. Players are players and they have to perform. But opver the past 90 days I think we have seen instance after instance where you sort of shake your head and wonder what Jim is doing out there. You hope there is a rhyme to the reason and you don’t really know what’s in his head but wow, some things just don’t make sense. It’s like the other day and not having Polanco bunt. I think that’s a situation where you have to reagrdless of the inning. I don’t think you necessarily “bunt” yourself out of a big inning there. It’s stuff like that.

The player personnel moves have also been baffling. Pitchers coming up that you wonder about. Remember Jim going out and taking the ball from Verlander in the ninth inning of that one game? Or leaving Jones in? Or the Willis experiement for four innings? How about Sheff in left? Those are bizarre moves.

So, yes, we start by blaming the players but I think there have been too many, “This loss is on JL” comments over the last 90 days to make you think we might need a change there.


Just 3 valuable comments:

Yep, the “players” have to perform. But the mgr. doesn’t have to play them

I just offered my good Dodger friend, Verlander, Robertson, Zumaya and Rogers and Renteria, for the slumping Russell Martin. I suggest Tiger brass do the same…..

Tigers are the only team in MLB that can safely say they have a retard for a manager!

Can you tell I’m about “done?”

I am of the personal opinion that there is plenty of blame to go around, but most of it has to be heaped upon the players. Ultimately it is they who have to go out and perform, and frankly they just haven’t. These are not children, they are men who have been playing ball their whole lives and know what they need to do. Heck, most of them are not even young guys they are men with proven track records.
Do I agree with every move that JL has made, no, but again, in my opinion he was trying anything and everything to get the attention of these grown millionaires, and trying to get them to go out there and do what they are paid a ton of money to do.
I am not quite sure what you would of had or had him do. First everyone wanted to blame it on Sheff, or Todd Jones, then it was Renteria. But some seem to forget that at the first part of the season Renteria was the only one that was hitting. Its’ been Inge or Pudge. I mean we all seem to try to find one person to blame. Instead why don’t we blame the team as a whole. As far as I can tell, Galarraga is the only one that is without much blame. To me he is the only one that has put for maximum effort. And I know some of you hate to hear this because of your lack of confidence in JL, but as he says, you are only as good as your next days pitching. Well truely that is to me what it is about. Had JV yesterday not given up 5 and thrown 115 in 6 innings, maybe it would of been different. Maybe if Glover hadn’t given up a 2 run shot, or Seay let in those last two runs??? Maybe??? The fact of the matter is if this team doesn’t score 10 runs who really feels comfortable with a win. This team is under a lot of pressure to score a lot of run because they don’t have the pitching staff to hold runs down most every night.
Look at the Angels, K-Rod has so many saves because they had a lot of low scoring tight games, that their pitching staff kept them in . They weren’t scoring a ton of run??? Our pitching staff gave up 9 homers in 2 games to a Cleveland team that when coming into play only had one guy batting over 280, by the end of the series, they had two. That my friends is bad pitching. They gave up 25 runs I think in those three days. Pitching pitching pitching.

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