The plan for Garcia was to have him throw three innings or 50 pitches. He needed just 32 pitches (25 strikes) to get through three scoreless innings tonight, scattering two hits and facing 10 batters. Matt Rusch is warming up, so Garcia is done for the night. No walks, four strikeouts.

Garcia topped out around 88 mph on the stadium radar gun and was consistently around 86 with his fastball. He threw a steady diet of curveballs that had Columbus’ hitters chasing.


How is giving up back-to-back singles leading off the second called “scattering” two hits over three innings? Beck, I appreciate and enjoy your hard work, but you overuse that word big-time.

hmmm….I think a smallish cluster of hits could be considered “scattered” among 10 batters over 3 innings, provided a run is not scored. 3 hits would probably be too many but 2 I think would be acceptable.

Good to hear from you Greg/David Tiger, and good thoughts. Just keep it in perspective I guess. It’s the greatest game ever created but it is still just a game.
I too had taken a sabbatical from blogging but I confess I’ve continued to watch the Tiger games. But I’ve had less focus and haven’t watched a full game in a while. Went camping up in a great park called Algonquin, up in your country Dan. Missed 5 games and just couldn’t get back into it. Have not missed reading a blog however. I’ve been wracking my brain for answers and I just can’t get a handle on what in reality has happened this year. The ‘mojo’ has been missing for 2 seasons now. We’ve all done our share of finger pointing but as you said Greg, it just wasn’t our year. Sad really, since we were all led to believe this was going to be one of the best teams in history……”missed it by that much”. Hope Tiger success wasn’t a big part of anyone’s emotional therapy this year… that would have been a bummer.
Seriously, the Tiger’s historical August and September play has been consistently abysmal. Why does this continue to happen season after season regardless of the players, managers and GMs? It defies probability for goodness sake. I think it’s time these guys stopped feeling like losers and start playing like it’s a fun game and a privilege to play. (And as a team would be nice). There must be guys on this team who feel this way. It’s JL’s job to figure out who those guys are and his duty to play them. Simple.
Not sure who the keepers are (well some I do) but that’s for September to decide. Come on Tigers, run the table or at least a reasonable facsimile of the proverbial table run. You guys are better than this.

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