Garcia wrapup

Garcia on his outing: “I tried to throw strikes, make my pitch, tried to get a good situation, see how my pitching responds. Good changeup, good breaking pitch. I was pretty happy about all that.”

On facing Triple-A hitters: “They wanted me to come here to face more experience. So I proved to them I can pitch right now.”

On whether he feels he can pitch in the big leagues right now: “If they give me a chance, yeah. I have to pitch every five days. We finish here Monday, so I probably won’t pitch any more [for the Mud Hens]. I don’t know what they want to do. Maybe go to Florida and pitch to hitters [in instructional league], I don’t know.”

When Mud Hens manager Larry Parrish was asked if he felt Garcia could pitch in the big leagues now, he said, “To me, you just look not so much as the success, but the swings against him. There weren’t many good swings tonight against him.”

I don’t usually give predictions on this blog, but I would be very surprised if he wasn’t brought up to Detroit next week. The Tigers aren’t in a pennant race, they need pitching, and he’s someone worth looking at for next year. It’s very difficult to judge his viability for next year on one Triple-A start. It goes back to what Tigers officials said when they signed him: It’s worth a shot. Even with Chris Lambert making another start, the Tigers could use Garcia as a sixth starter for one turn, then move Lambert into the bullpen after that.


Thanks Jason, that’s exactly the stuff I was looking for. Parrish’s comments are telling. If he’s got that ol’ curveball going, it’s good news.
I’d like to see him start this September for two reasons: the obvious one is to see what he’s got. The other is it gives us entertainment-starved fans something to look forward to.
Lots of good comments this evening while my wife and I were watching “Spartacus” (I guess I was the only one who wasn’t Spartacus). I could swear a saw a gray haired man stand up and yell “I’ll be honest with you, I’M Spartacus!”
Good to see some of you checking in. GK, good thoughts on Leyland. I’ll just add that my opinion is formed over three years, not just this one. Greg, nice to hear from you, sir. I must admit to exerting a lot of effort to appear sane. 🙂 Tracey, I’m definitely going to look for that Pudge sign on Monday. Whereabouts in the park will you be?
A note on Tiger watching. I’m fortunate in that I work from home 4 days out of 5, but I did spend decades punching the clock. I’m on site Thursdays which explains the silence followed by a burst of blab. Anyway, that pretty much frees me up for most games, even the late ones, and I also use the DVR to time shift when necessary. I signed on with MLB EI in September of ’04 and have kept it ever since. Best bargain in sports.
I wonder if Todd Jones is interested in coaching?

Garcia had a god outing. Abbreviated but encouraging.
Wonder if JL and Chuck stuck around for the rest of the game?
Down 3-1 with 2 out in the 8th inning, Big Mike Hessman absolutely pummeled a 3-run HR(his 34th) to put the Hens out front.
We have not had a lot of those thype of clutch Homers here in Detroit this year.
Then Blaine Neal came on to get his 26 save allowing no runs and further lowering his ERA to1.21
Does JL even know these guys exist? Or does he call up the likes of Hollimon and Bonine again?

Leland makes comment like these often:
“”You have the disappointment of the fans, obviously,” manager Jim Leyland said after Wednesday’s 9-7 loss. “Does it bother me? Yes. But it would bother me more if the effort wasn’t there and we were just going through the motions. And we’re not doing that. We’re trying right up until the end. …

“I’m disappointed. And I feel bad about that. But at the same time, I don’t feel as bad as I would if the effort wasn’t there. Guys are busting their tails. We’re just not doing very well right now”
Not really sure how to interpret that. If these stars and superstars are trying hard, making the effort but not getting results, then does this mean that they aren’t good enough.?
And if they are trying hard and putting out the effort then what happens next year when they presumably try hard and put out the effort? What changes can we expect to the bottom line–results? Or do we get another year of irrlevant explanations as to being confused and puzzled about the way the team has played (even though they are putting out the effort and really trying hard!)
Please go Leyland and take Sheffield and Renteria with you .

Ssshhh———Please excuse the typos–it’s late, dark and I don’t want to catch me writing about the Tigers in the midle of the night. She might call the men in the white coats again.

Another typo— I mean “it’s late, dark and I don’t want the wife to catch me”

I think the callup of Garcia is a necessary one if they seriously want to consider him for next year. After a surgery like he had, you want to be sure that his stamina/durability is up to par before making an investment. Just look at Zumaya, different surgery, but he was fine from a health standpoint for a few weeks then everything started tightening up.
As far as JL’s coments regarding effort, I would think he would be able to see it clearly from field level that the effort is not there, at least I don’t see it. And to me, that’s the most frustrating part.
Anyhow, I’ll keep watching and following. Go Tigers!

An effort of another kind:
By Brittany Ghiroli / ST. PETERSBURG — Diving catches in left field? Solo homers? A dazzling seven starting innings?
Just about the only thing on Thursday night that didn’t mirror Wednesday’s win was the fate of the Red Sox-Yankees game.

And even that was a good thing.

B.J. Upton’s triumphantly raised fist, in response to the Red Sox 3-2 afternoon loss, was the perfect precursor to Thursday night’s 3-2 series-clinching Rays victory over the Blue Jays. With the win, the Rays extended their lead atop the American League East to 4 1/2 games over second-place Boston and improved to 11-0-1 in series play since the All-Star break.

After Wednesday’s final out came from a diving against-the-wall grab from Justin Ruggiano, left fielder Eric Hinske opened Thursday’s contest with a web gem of his own. Hinske laid out to snag Joe Inglett’s ball down the left-field line and garner thunderous applause from the small-but-excitable crowd of 14,039 at Tropicana Field.

“Nice catch like that just jumpstarts the game in a positive direction,” starter Edwin Jackson said.

The Rays right-hander took it from there, taking a cue from Matt Garza’s 7 2/3 shutout innings the previous night, to toss seven strong frames of one-run baseball. Jackson has now won six of his last seven starts, and picked up a career-high 11th win among a franchise-first 81st victory.

“It’s getting contagious among the group,” Rays manager Joe Maddon said. “If I’m pitching tonight based on what I saw from Garza last night, and I have that kind of abilities myself, I think I’d be inspired by that. And it looked like he was.”

Jackson isn’t the only Ray playing inspired. Smaller efforts, such as Upton’s hit to the right side to move Akinori Iwamura to third, or Cliff Floyd’s fly ball in the first inning that was just deep enough to score Iwamura, all become critical in a one-run game.

“I think we’re starting to get it,” Maddon said. “It’s when you put team ahead of yourself personally, that’s when you win.”

Maddon has long praised the effort and approach that his young squad has put forth daily — an approach that has left the Rays with wins in seven of their last 10 games, and an 11-5 record without All-Stars Carl Crawford, Evan Longoria and Troy Percival.

“I see us playing the game properly, with the right intent,” Maddon said. “There’s nothing more I can ask. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

Thursday night, they did; as the Rays literally rolled over Wednesday’s win to produce another well-pitched, well-played, team victory.

Floyd went yard over the center-field fence for a two-out solo shot in the third inning and Willy Aybar homered on a 0-2 pitch in the sixth to help power up some runs. After a combination of Chad Bradford, Trever Miller and Grant Balfour effectively ended the eighth inning, Dan Wheeler picked up his 10th save to put the game in the book. Wheeler tossed a perfect ninth inning for the second consecutive game, preserving the “W” for Jackson.

“Everything we worked hard for up until now is going to show in this last month,” catcher Shawn Riggans said. “It’s go time right now.”

Riggans, playing in place of Dioner Navarro — who has been sidelined with hamstring cramps — picked up a big first out in the third inning. After Jackson issued a leadoff walk to Inglett, Riggans threw a frozen rope to catch Toronto’s left fielder stealing and keep the basepaths clear.

Jackson’s only real trouble came in the sixth inning, after allowing a leadoff double to Vernon Wells and a single to Adam Lind. But an infield line out, popout and groundout got the Rays out of the potential jam on a mere three pitches. The young flamethrower’s lone blemish was scored by Alex Rios, who doubled to open the eighth and was his last batter of the night.

“It was go time a few weeks ago,” Jackson said in response to Riggans’ comment.

The 24-year-old closed out August with a 4-1 record and an ERA of 2.27 that would rank him fourth in the league as of Thursday.

But beneath each individual standout lies the magic of a total team effort that has buoyed the Rays’ remarkable run.

“You’d have to be crazy not to feel it,” Jackson said. “It’s not like every game we’ve just come out and blown people away. There’s been a lot of close games, a lot of one-run games.”

And a lot of similar outcomes, as the Rays improved to 25-15 in one-run games and are now 20-7 since July 29.

Maybe practice doesn’t make perfect, but in this instance, it can very well make the playoffs.

Brittany Ghiroli is an associate reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.”

Rich, I am just a person who spends way too much time watching baseball, and going to games and spending to much money at games. I am convinced we pay the wages for at least two ushers at the park this year.
But regarding Garcia why not bring him up he cannot be any worse, its not as if we are contending for something??
What the heck??

Dan. I suppose there is a lot to be said for guys that are working for their next contract. I also suppose there is an intensity in guys who know they are still in it as to those who blew it long ago

14,000 for the game in St. Pete’s? My advice to Rays fans is enjoy this while you can. This kind of season is a rare thing. We know.
We’ve got fat cats. Even Joyce is tending to slide into the role. Everyone will until the club culture is changed. Everyone knew last winter that if the team felt it just had to show up to win, they’d be dead. Incredibly, that’s exactly what has happened. And there’s been too much stroking of that sense of entitlement by management. Some of these guys should have been benched months ago, but it’s too late now. We need a new design for ’09, so there’s your slogan.

I agree Rich! You can’t always count on next year being there.. same as back in 1984, the next year the magic was gone. Comments on efforts, and “detoxifying about tigers” now that their out of the race, and season is done.. I thought about it, and got mad. At first, I felt that way too.. but the season isn’t over untill its over! Even if the division or the wild card is out of reach, what ever happened to being spoilers in the league? Do I have to mention the Royals?
Maybe Leylands comments other day about disapointments about the minor leaguers weren’t aimed at them.. but masked that he’s disappointed in his own MLB players!
When the owner puts out the paycheck for $138 Million, and those players take it.. its a responsibility to earn it, and put in an honest days work! Some players are busting their tail. (Curtis Granderson and Polanco impress that on me)
When we as ticket holders buy season tickets, we expect to see 110% at the plate or on the diamond right up to the end of the season. If not.. I want my money back! We all go to work, be it on the floor, or office. When the boss comes around, he doesn’t want to see you playing solitaire on computer, or standing around smoking a cigarette on break. Elbows and xxxholes! Earn your keep. We like our check , big or small. Isn’t it sad these contracts for millions are for 3 , 5 , or 10 years? Something has gone wrong! These babies need a contract year to year for that kind of money. Mr. Sheffield, you can take your luggage, and I don’t care if your sitting on the beach in Miami.. but you have not earned any or my respect.
Some of these guys need to be ashamed.
They started the season in last place, and damnmit.. their shaming everybody, by giving up, and letting it slide. Look at this weeks games for instance.. and so many games this year so far. I won’t give examples.
Now I too have bought into grumbling about the pitching coach, batting, and manager. (Blaming)…I wouldn’t be surprised if Ilitch didn’t fire him , if the players got together, and are making him look bad. Chemisty, ? Something is wrong. Thats up to the reporters to find out.. I only ask that they play the game and give some entertainment.. I have read the comments “boring” and I agree with you all. How sad is it to buy beer after beer to numb the pain, and tell myself that this is good baseball. How said is it to watch on tv, and witness the player of the game be awarded to opposing team player because our own boys didn’t do a damn thing right!
Now I am wondering, is it Jim Leyland to blame, or can he not do anything more with them, and are the players a bunch of overpaid prima donna’s who are blowing the pride of the old English “D”?
My sympathy to some of these guys, they took money they didn’t earn, and next year there needs some re-tooling needed, and closer look at some of these young men in our minor leagues.. the hunger is in thier eyes!

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