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Been here for a little while. Dontrelle apparently is doubtful to make his next turn for the Hens because of his forearm/biceps problem. The story from here is that he felt it warming up in the bullpen before the game, but gave it a go in part because the Hens have been short on pitchers for a while. He threw 82-84 and was out after an inning.

Where does that leave Willis for September? As Jim Leyland would say, that’s a good question.

Not sure if you’ll see photos of Freddy Garcia from this outing, but he seems to be going for the Magglio look. His hair is long, much longer than it ever was in his previous time in the Majors. That doesn’t really mean anything, but I figured I’d throw that out.


This is one time I’ll agree with Jim, I don’t know what to think of Willis either.
Can’t quite imagine Freddy with the Maggs look, but whatever. Anyway, let us know how he looks, pitching that is. Results aren’t as important as how he looks out there. If I lived closer, I’d be there myself. I will say, DD has pulled off this kind of thing before, striking it rich on a player seen as damaged goods. Fingers crossed.

My fellow TigerBlooggers and Bloggets(best I can do to our lovely Ladies). After a month long sabbatical, I have returned for my humble postings and opinions which are ignored about 98% of the time anyway. I’m a fourth grade teacher so I’m used to it. My exile was self imposed because the Tigers had become my obseesion(MLB ob demand). Couldn’t miss a game, would not have company, and the final straw as I said was staying out of church not to miss a game. This 4weeks has given me a new appreciation for everything, including my beloved team. Their play, or lack of play has allowed me to come back to reality. I should like to make the following observations:
1. It is what it is. I have said that from game seven until tonight.
2. Thank you Rich for guiding this blog with sensible and sane comments.
3. Nothing has changed my opinion that our team would be better with Brandon Inge at third base. Thanks Rich for defending a former Virginian from Lynchburg.
4. Nothing has changed my opinion that Marcus Thames is the best right handed bench player and HR threat in baseball. He is not an every day player.
5. The magic was never going to happen. The first seven games, and the Granderson injury in spring training were warning signs to us. We stubbornly held on to hope.
6. Pitching and defense are what makes champions. We have neither.
7. I do not blame this season on Jim Leyland. Put ten looses directly on him. He must get credit for a few wins also. We still are not in first place with another manager.
Stengal wouldn’t have had this team in first place.
8. I love the competitive spirit of Gallaraga.
9. This team would be no better had Pudge stayed, and I do believe that Pudge brought respect back to the Old English D.
10. Carlos Guillen is a great and humble man. We are better for haveing had him.
11. I miss Nate’s gum chewing.
12. Todd Jones might be in the top ten of all time classy Tigers. Good luck to a true professional.
13. Rod needs a bigger set of glasses. His look like swimming goggles.
14. Larrish is not a third baseman.
15. Gary Sheffield has no inner pride. If he did, he would retire.
16. If Glover has such great stuff Rod, how come he gives up homers a lot?
17. I would love to see a replay of Maggs homer off of Street; it brought tears to my eyes.
Thanks for reading. If you didn’t read, thanks for being a part of the blog which writes abut the best baseball team in the history of the game. Bring on 2009!


Great comments Greg, I also realized most of these things in recent weeks. The comment stating “it is what it is” I realized last month when I went to see the “old park”. I posted on that shortly after I was there. That trip made me realize how much I love Tiger baseball! And yes we had high expectations for this season, but there is always 2009. GO TIGERS -Stacy

Thanks, Greg. I, too have been detoxing from the Tiger obsession. I’ve joined my first fantasy football league to help ease the pain. Going Sunday to the game and Monday as well to see Pudge. I’ll be holding up the sign in right field that says “Pudge is my Yankee”.


Tracey, your sign is gonna rock! That is an excellent idea! GO TIGERS -Stacy

Thanks for the post Greg. I know how you feel. I work kind of an odd schedule and tried to work my schedule around games. It was not always possible, but managed most. And those I couldn’t see live I always DVR’d and watched later. I also would tape the games that went to so I could come back and watch things on TV that were controversial at the game or a great play or something. Yes I know that I am a freak.
I do agree with most of what you have said. Great minds think alike.
Will also be at the games on Sunday and Monday. Then again on Tuesday and Thursday. Lots of hot dogs and beer I guess this week.
Go Tigers.

Greg – r.e. item number 17 in your post. There is an awesome DVD of the highlights of the 2006 season called “Tigers Uncaged”. It is a documentary narrated by Jeff Daniels with lots of highlights and interviews, and also lots of bonus material. I watch it about twice a month to get my fix on EXCITING Tiger baseball. The highlight of Maggs homer is made even more exciting because along with the video is the call from Dan Dickerson and Jim Price…not the Fox guys. And if you’ve heard the call, that will bring tears to you eyes by itself. Anyway, you should be able to still find the DVD on eBay. If not, let me know and maybe I could send you a copy.

Mike, second that on the Tigers Uncaged dvd. I got it as a Christmas present in 06 and watch it on a semi-regular basis when I need a boost about the boys.

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