Larish starts at third

With the Royals starting right-handed pitchers all three games this weekend, it appears we’re going to get a look at Larish at third base for the rest of the week. Once Carlos Guillen’s back quiets down, he’ll be the unquestioned starter at third as long as he’s able to play according to Leyland. He’s expected to play again this year, just a matter of when.

Joyce gets the start in the second spot in the order, giving the Tigers a power bat with Polanco off.

TIGERS (64-68)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Joyce, LF
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Larish, 3B
  6. Sheffield, DH
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Inge, C
  9. Santiago, 2B

INDIANS (64-67)

  1. Grady Sizemore, CF
  2. David Dellucci, DH
  3. Ben Francisco, RF
  4. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  5. Shin-Soo Choo, LF
  6. Ryan Garko, 1B
  7. Kelly Shoppach, C
  8. Andy Marte, 3B
  9. Asdrubal Cabrera, 2B



Again I wonder why Larish and not Hessman. But I also wonder why isn’t Polanco playing when you have Thursday off and trying to avoid a sweep. And if it is completely necessary that Polanco not play why not Raburn at 2nd. He has better numbers this year agains Carmona???? Again WHATEVER?? Does it really matter???

Ahem, I guess I called that one correctly. And Joyce in the 2 hole, back to that old LaRussa thing.
I’m on record here as not being a big fan of Hessman, but even I have to wonder about this. A quick look at the stats reveals that big Mike hits RHers better than LHers. It’s just hard to believe they’re seriously considering Larish as a thirdbaseman. I don’t know, maybe increase his trade value. Heck, he goes so low in his swing that maybe he can hit Carmona. I don’t expect anyone else to.
At least we get Santiago.

About Todd Jones: I guess there are about three people on here who will miss him, and I’m one of them. He never got a fair shake with the fans.

Well I certainly will not miss todd Jones. On the contrary, I think we needed to concentrate on getting a first class closer and now we can.
Comments on tonight–if Verlander thinks he can challenge these guys with his fastball without mixing in that change and curve, they will light him up.
Does Ordonez ever get to anything that is out of a 12′ -15′ radius from his playing position? He is one of the laziest, ordinary right fielders I have ever seen.

Well it’s looking more and more like we are likely going to get broomed here.
JV has not been the pitcher he was before this year as far as putting guys away when he gets way ahead in the count.
Granted, Sizemore is a goo dhitter and one that makes our staff pay, but JV should have been able to get by him with a little more finesse.

This guy, DOES NOT know how to pitch. Plain and simple. You would think he’d catch on after a while.

Take a lesson two from , well shoot……even Galarraga.

Someone tell him this IS NOT high school, and these are not high school hitters he’s facing….!!!

JL has Renteria bunt and it ends up being a 3 run inning. Fancy that!

Geez, Louise. I’m done watching. There is laundry calling my name.

Man I have to say the 3-4 hitters for us have been not very good lately. Ordonez has been painful and Cab has been too polite. It’s disappointing to say the least.

Gotta give JV some creidt for hangin’ in there. Be nice to get him a victory in a game that maybe he didn’t deserve to win. He’s had a few of the opposite scenario this year.

Another case of players not coming through with clutch, important, pressure-laden hits. This has been a phenomena all year.

Whoa–Choo just hit one half way to Seoul!
Glover looks like a closer to me!

I can’t stand the idea of watfching Inge, Thames, Sheffield, Renteria hitting with men on next year.

The Detritus Tigers found a way to lose again! Untimely or no hitting, ineffective bullpen tonight.

Well, just got back from the game and how disappointing. I disagree somewhat with your observasion that there was no timely hitting. Yes again a couple of double play balls, which irritates me to no end. However to me ultimately the pitching was again HORRIBLE. Justin Verlander needs to take a pill and remember how to pitch. He gets nearly every hitter into a full count and then allows them to hit foul ball after foul ball and run his count up. Then he groves one right down the middle and hopes they can’t hit it. Well most of the time they are hitting it. He is just horrible this year. Then the pen comes in and can’t even keep it down. Seven runs should be enough to win any game.
What it does come down to this year is that we need to score 10 plus runs to win a game this year because the pitching is undependable. (Galarraga excluded) They don’t know how to pitch and I will put Verlander right on top of that list. He is supposed to be your stud but more often than not gives up 5 runs. Nice to see Magglio do something tonight other than ground out softly in the infield.

I wonder how Santiago and Raburn like their manager playing a rookie 1st baseman at 3rd?
I don’t know if I will be able to follow these guys next year if Leyland is left to run the show. You can’t have a collection of stars like this and fail to produce at least a winning team. It’s not like he was given a bunch of scrubs to deal with. Somebody has to be held accountable. The club needs a major change and the most sensible one is to change how things are run.

Oh by the way just in case you don’t think that it is pitching Cleveland got 9 homers off of us this homestand. That is just horrible. PITCHING PITCHING PITCHING.

Like I said, untimely hitting. Whenever a big clutch hit was needed it didn’t happen.
Verlander may be disappointing everyone this year but he is still a keeper.
KC coming to town and if the ugliness continues any longer we could end up in the basement. It might be the only thing that opens some eyes in the front office.

In the case of Jones, or any other player for that matter, we assume that the replacement will be better. That’s not always the case. More than likely, Jones’ replacement will be Rodney. I’ve even heard some people say anybody would be better than Jones. Gary Glover, anyone? Never count on management to make the right move. I’d rather remember that we won a pennant with Todd Jones as closer and let it go at that.
What was Joyce doing running into that out at thirdbase? Some of the things I’m seeing out there make no sense, and many go without comment by Rod and Mario. And that wasn’t scored an error on Larish? What, he played it so poorly that he didn’t touch it, so they ruled it a hit? I got a stiff neck from shaking my head all night.
Meanwhile, ol’ Santiago goes out there and plays a solid defense and gets his two hits. That’s .329 for this year on top of last year’s .284. Can’t pick and choose your stats, Jimbo.
I’m wondering who is going to provide leadership for this team, since it’s become obvious it had been coming from Pudge.

I agree, Dan, that if Leyland returns next year I’ll be hard pressed to follow this team, at least to the degree that I have been. Not much fun when you can predict every little thing that will happen.

GK, how do you get home so quickly? You live on Gratiot or something? 🙂

Jones did a good job for the Tigers. Funny guy, too. But they do need to move on now.
Guillen is gimpy, but I think he can play 3rd and DH next year.
Inge at third is kinda ugly. Offensively, I mean. You really want more than a .218 batter at third.
I could stand him at catcher, if they can’t get anyone. Trading him is fine with me, too.
Cabrera, Bondo, JV (in spite of his awful year), Zoom, Polly, Gall, Grandy are keepers. Anyone else can go.
Even Magglio is okay to trade if you can get a major pitcher.

Gotta get rid of: Sheff, the manager, Nate (or make him a set-up man, Rentoria (not as bad as everyone thinks, but a minus), Inge (let’s get a catcher who can call games well and hit .250 at least).

Yea, I watched the game. I would not have taken JV out for Glover. 1 out and no force and Joyce runs to 3rd. Does JL just politely say, Matt please don’t do that again. Who is the leader. Cleveland can win 10 because they have a manager who recognized they needed retooling. –Dave

Rich, no I don’t live on Gratiot but rather in Royal Oak. But I am ashamed to say that after Seay let the first two on in the 8th we decided to leave. It was cold and kinda windy and didn’t really feel like they could come back from 4 down and I have to work early. And I was right, the two they could manage, but four down??
Does anyone else notice that when one of our pitchers lets a runner or two on and they bring in another pitcher to get the strikeout or the ground ball for the double play, they they always let that other pitchers runs in but seem to get in their grove and not let their own in???
I agree with you Rich on Todd Jones, I always thought that he was better than anything we had, and the people in Detroit never really gave him a fair shake. They just want a strikeout guy and I kinda get that, we all know that Jones made it interesting. However he had the mentality and typically got the job done.
And while I agree SLOWBYRNE, that they have to keep just. I hope that this year is just an aborition, because if he continues to pitch like this next year we are in a heep of trouble. My question is regarding Verlander, is it that he is doing everything the same as he always did and the batters are just figuring him out and he hasn’t adjusted?? Or is he trying something new this year and it just isn’t working??? Because whatever it is he needs to figure it out and soon.

GK…on my way home I wished I lived Royal Oak…I have a 2.5 hr drive to go home after a game. Was at the game last night and when Detriot bunted, I was actually excited…were they actually going to play basic baseball…then…oh well.
I also agree with Rich and GK on Jones. I am one of his few fans. He was not a typical closer, and he tested our heart rates every time…but he had 18 out of 21 saves, and that was a bad year!
Ohhh….what is this in the mail? My opportunity from the Tigers to pre-purchase post-season tickets!!!

Yes truly once I get to my car, I am 10 minutes from home. We park at a lot right on Madison and 2 seconds from 1-75. We scoot up the expressway and at home in about 10 minutes without traffic slowdowns. A little bit more expensive to park right there however that extra five dollars is worth the aggrivation of traffic.
That bunt was nice and actually worked?? Figure that. I still will never figure out why he will not let Curtis steal a bag?? I wish somebody could clear that up for me.

Yes, they really should let Grandy run more. Had he been trying to steal at least once last night they might have avoided a double play ball. And yes, Larish messed up by running to third on that play. If nothing else, run halfway and make the third baseman take a long time to get that out and let Grandy score ahead of you for the run. Aggravating.

Following is a link from an article on the Olympic experience of the 2 Mud Hens players:

Leyland is coming to Toledo to watch the Hens tonight – should I try to stop him somewhere and clue him in on what Beck’s blog enthusiasts can see about the game that he clearly can’t? I doubt it would work. maybe the fact that I played softball with his niece might get me in the door?

Yes Tiger Girl tackle him!!!

::reaching into wallet to see if he has enough money to bail Tiger Girl out::
Maybe we should start a fund?

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