Guillen could be out a while

As it turned out, the news on Carlos Guillen sounded a little worse today than it did last night, at least from Guillen’s standpoint. He said he felt some discomfort and numbness going up and down his right leg, the same type thing he felt when he had a pinched nerve from back spasms last homestand, and that he’s hurting in both hamstrings. He felt fine over the weekend, but it apparently flared up Monday.

If Guillen’s out for a while, it’s uncertain what they could do. In theory, the Tigers could send Chris Lambert back to Toledo after his start tonight and call up an extra position player (Larish? Hessman?), push up the other starting pitchers and then call up Lambert when the spot comes back around Tuesday — the same day rosters expand. However, I don’t think that has been discussed.

Marcus Thames is fine, as his presence in the lineup suggests.

TIGERS (64-67)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Sheffield, DH
  6. Thames, LF
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Raburn, 3B
  9. Inge, C

INDIANS (63-67)

  1. Grady Sizemore, CF
  2. Franklin Gutierrez, LF
  3. Ben Francisco, RF
  4. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  5. David Dellucci, DH
  6. Ryan Garko, 1B
  7. Jamey Carroll, 3B
  8. Kelly Shoppach, C
  9. Asdrubal Cabrera, 2B


This might be a good time to finally bring Hessman up. He deserves the shot it would seem they have his natural position available for a little while. But knowing DD and JL, this won’t happen. (sigh)

Sheff in the 5 hole. Looks like we’re going to try this to the bitter end. If I’m Cabrera I’m thinking that I’m not going to get much to hit tonight because Shef is behind me. So, they’ll tend to throw the off speed stuff and nibble a bit. Worse thing to happen is that Cabrera goes to first and you get the double play in order from Sheffield.

Going to be a long night. We hit Lee last time as I recall. But it is going to be a long night.

Bad backs is bad business. That’s what ended my active playing days. Hope this works out for Carlos.
I’d just as soon replace him with Dusty Ryan myself.

Lambert looked like he had things under control, but I don’t know if those two homers he couldn’t recover. But the lazy no good idiots behind him didn’t help him at all. I hope they are happy those freaking idots.

Why would JL leave that boy out there for 49 pitches in one inning?!?!? FORTY-NINE!!!!! Good luck recovering his confidence. Leyland’s a joke.
And that “obstruction” they just called was a joke too. That’s when JL should have got himself ejected, but no.

They just can’t catch a break can they? Two errors that led to 4 unearned runs and a bad call by the umpires and they are out of the inning. Too bad they played so poorly behind Lambert, I think he was pitching pretty well even after the two home runs, if I were him I’d be headed back to Toledo and a team that wants to win a game! One more home run! I can’t take it! I think I am going to watch the Cubs, although Zambrano didn’t have a very good start tonight either.

The only one who can eject JL is DD and he better do it, loyalty or not. Down 8-0, 3rd place gone, last place next? Any other team would be looking for a new manager and coaches. They obviously can’t fire a whole team so what other steps can they take? Certainly some trades need to be made and maybe even some free agent signings but
you can’t unload every player and they all seem to be leaderless. If something isn’t done, maybe the season ticket holders need to drop out for 2009 to show their displeasure at the status quo. I canard(ly) envision going another season with this mess.

I need to add that except for the first half of 2006, and the 2006 playoffs, the Tigers have not been a good team. For 3 years in a row they have come apart in August and September. This year they had a horrendous start to top it off.

I was watching the Dodgers and Phillies last night and the announcers were saying the Dodgers just don’t have that spark, they are laxadaisical in their efforts offensively and defensively. They just don’t look like they have the fire to win. As I was listening to the announcers I thought WOW!! they are discribing the Tigers to a T! They don’t have the fire, I don’t know if it is the management or if they had such a poor start that they just could not come back, also since DD gave Pudge away it seems like they have just given up!

Way to take one for the team Granderson, a base runner is a base runner!

Good thing the Tigers have those big sluggers to get the outs! Go Mags!!!

This is one god-awful looking ball club right now. Sepetember can’t come fast enough for me. I know JL has indicated that he doesn’t like too many guys on the bench and that he will play his guys right through to the end.
But he won’t. He will play some of the kids and make it look like they are filling in for an injury. He may be stubborn but he also must be pretty sick of being criticized for putting out a listless team, losing and being embarassed.
He is showing everyday that he is not the right man to run this ball team. I don’t know if Illitch or DD are paying much attention but the signs are pretty obvious this guy has negative impact on the team.
Lopez must be real thrilled chucking in this game. JL has humiliated him all season long by putting him into “stinkers”. I am not a huge Lopez fan, but he has been one of those guys that JL has abused IMO. Santiago, Thames, and to a lesser degreee, Raburn being the others.
This team looks like they have given up and that is unfair to to do that to their loyal fans. If they lie down like this and JL doesn’t play the kids, the fans will not be so eager to fill the seats the way they did this year. They are becoming again what they had become earlier this year, a laughing stock.
Down in Erie tonight Guillermo Moscoso (remember that name?) has pitched 5 innings so far giving up 1 hit, no runs and 6 Ks.
Like I said before, he must be doing something right! Why not bring a kid like that up? The Bonines, Lamberts and Bazardos of the world ain’t gonna cut it in the show.
I feel bad for Thames. He has had such a polarized year and a very difficult one out in left. He changed himself last year for the team, learning how to play 1st, and calmly sat back while Leyland paraded Jacque Jones in front of him out to LF, then Thomas, Sheffield, Guillen and Joyce. I guess you could throw Raburn in there too. Kudos for what he has been able to do in what must have been humiliating (for him) circumstances. As great a guy as he is, he is not a solution for our problem in LF.
Santiago has also had to endure a certain amount of insult himslef. There is no question in my mind that he should have had a lot more playing time. One could argue that he probably should have been given a chance to play short regularly. I don’t think he is a solution, for us, at short, but if I had to choose between him and Renteria for next year, he would be my man, hands down.
Rich, speaking of “Canards”, I actually used to live on one!.
Years ago I lived just outside Windsor Ont. (where I learned to love the Tigers) and had a home on the banks of the River Canard.
It has been a really trying season for Tiger fans. They do have a right to expect better from their team.
Leyland has failed miserably to cobble together a decent team from a collection of All Stars. Someone’s head should roll and as much as I like JL ( I like him a lot) as a baseball character, he has had a bad season and should not be given the chance to have another one. We don’t need another year of blind loyalty, double talk, poor managing, failure to utilize player strengths, inability to convey the idea and importance of fundamenta baseball etc etc etc.
He has quit the game before and IMO, he should be honourable enough to offer his resignation.

with guillen out they should try something different with the line up:

….With Guillen back put Joyce between Ord and Cabby and shep last… if he gets on … You got granderson and Polanco and then back to Guillen.

I don’t think it matters in what order JL has his lineup they are not producing. My opinion is they need pitching. They have gotten rid of a lot of good pitchers from the bull pen and pinned all their hopes on Zumaya and Rodney which has not worked out as DD and JL had hoped. I have watched quite a few pitchers around the majors this year that were in Detroit within the last couple of seasons and they have been getting it done. Maybe a new pitching coach is the answer.

Matt Joyce is going to play winter ball in Mexico this off season, do they have winter instruction for managers? Maybe DD can send JL to something like that over the winter if he is going to be here next year (which Rod and Mario are sure that he will be).

Obviously everyone likes to win, but the majority of people realize you don’t win every year. What bothers me most about this team is that they’re just plain dull. Win or lose, they’re no fun to watch. Last winter, I thought and said that this group could do some exciting things, push the envelope a little, do some things on the bases to kickstart the offense. None of this has happened. Granderson, Polanco, Sheffield, Renteria, Guillen and Inge, to name a few, are all experienced and intelligent baserunners, but this facet of the game has been entirely ignored this season. This is not what I expected. This is really boring stuff. Even when we win.

the idea of moving joyce up is because he has one of the highest Slugging % in the mlb. It makes them pitch to matt.. they are not going to pitch to Maggs or Cabby. I think shep should be moved to last as i said above.

It has been very tough the last month and half… all those leads lost.

The lost of pudge took the heart out of the team. their pitching has been terrible. To make it worse Maggs is slumping bad… if .307 is bad.

I thought they would shake of the loss of pudge but the pitching failed them.

I hope they take on the spoilier role…. as i said before here the team needs an identity.

the last time they played with spark was the spanish celebration. WE SHOUD HAVE ONE EVERY NIGHT.

Well theres 2, 7 more to go!! Go Tigers!!

Good night Detroit, maybe tomorrow will be better.

How nice, Jim felt bad for his starter tonight because the inning went so bad! He left him in for 49 pitches!!!! and when asked what said to him after he took him out? Well I didn’t say ANYTHING, just a pat on the butt and hang in there!!!! He can’t figure out what the problem is this year, we are a lot better than we have been playing, I have it figured out JIM, it’s the manager!!!

What you are seeing is a bunch of guys with guaranteed contracts who have packed it in vs. a team with a bunch of guys trying to impress their manager for next year. It’s no wonder they are getting whipped. I wouldn’t mind seeing a lot of new faces next year. Boring, Rich ? They were boring in May. Now they are just downright pathetic.


There aren’t many games left, so it’s not hard to project the final record. Looks like it will be 77-85. As I’ve documented, I didn’t expect them to make the postseason this year, but I didn’t expect this either.

Calling up Ryan would be good move. I hope they aren’t foolish enough to go with brandon behind the plate next year. That is a capitualation from the gitgo. Means we get an inferior catcher and an inferior 3rd sacker.
Guillen is on borrowed time. His knees, his hammies, his back. He’s getting on in baseball age and as nice a guy and as close to a leader as he is, I don’t think he is an everyday infielder anymore. As to this year I think they should shut him down. What’s the point of pushing it?
They’ll likely Frankenstein Larish along as a 3rd baseman and hope Inge can masquerade as a MLB catcher.
Now there’s a formula for a championship!
As mentioned, most of this does boil down to pitching where we have been lousy but this team has not really benn “good” in any department this year. If the pitching and defense aren’t improved it will be another long season, and by long, I mean losing.
Hitting is said to be contagious and I think it is. It’s not just hitting that begets hitting. I think good teams that play good defense hit better because they simply are playing better ball and become better all around keen, interested, motiivated players.
We’re in 4th place now and fading fast. We have 6 games left with K.C. and I can gurantee you they think they have a chance to escape the cellar. Hard to fathom but last place is not out of the realm of possibility. Wonder how the front office and Illitch would handle that?

Dan, I’m starting to warm up to your idea about trading Magglio for a starter. Who were the reccomended pitchers again?
The thing is, baseball is a very hard sport to win at. Look at starting pitchers, who are the backbone of a good team. One year they are superstars, the next year they are average. There are very few pitchers who have won consistently for 10 or 15 years. Basically it’s a crap shoot.
What we DO know is that Nate and Kenny are probably not going to be 15-game winners next year. JV maybe. Bondo maybe. AG maybe.
Willis could come back and perform. Who knows!!
The main thing is to get rid of the dead weight. Goodbye JL, Sheff, Kenny, Nate.
I really think there are too many teams in the MLB. It’s almost as bad as JApanese soccer. There are maybe 20 or 30 really good pitchers and 50 or 60 pretty good guys. After that, it’s not so pretty. I miss the days of two divisions per league. But after all, America is based on making money and perpetual growth, so there was no way to stop the league from growing. Too bad the pitching talent couldn’t keep up.


Your absolutely right this season, Rich DULL. I unlike you thought that they had a good chance to make the post season. Not that they would get past the ALDS but that they had a pretty good shot to get there. However like you I didn’t expect this team of superstars not to even get anywhere close to the playoffs. UNDERACHIEVERS.
They are really look aweful out there most nights. Magglio couldn’t hit a beach ball right now. (I take that back, he could hit it, but he would softly ground out to the infield) Our pitchers couldn’t hit the side of a barn, yet a guy in Cleveland who hasn’t had a homer all year hits one out of the yard last night. Someone said it earlier. Cleveland looks like they are playing for their lives and Tigers look like they are just trying to get the season over with, win or lose THEY DON”T MUCH CARE. And since most of them aren’t playing for contracts next year it doesn’t really matter how they do.
And I don’t want to lump all of them into one group but I think we all know who we are talking about. Going to the game tonight, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Can’t wait for that?????? NOT

Hard to believe I watched that game – grueling. Sometimes being a die hard fan takes a toll on you. It was awful, just awful, and now being knocked down to 4th place.

I don’t quite agree with the statement about Lopez being put into poor situations. In my opinion, any time a player gets put into a game it is there chance to show what they got. Even if they are being blown out like last night, if Lopez can go in and pitch good, he is pitching good and showing his wares. I feel the same way for any player, and even with a season done, these guys should want to showcase their talent if they are hoping to be traded or used for next year. I get the ones that have guaranteed contracts for next year are already making their plans for October for vacations, but plenty of these guys should have the desire to at least show their individual talents.

I will stupidly watch again tonight and cheer for the team and be happy if they win.

On another subject, am going to the last Mud Hens home game this Friday night. too bad they didn’t have the season they wanted, they have been so good over the last couple of years, just wasn’t their year. but the games there are terrific, the venue is awesome plus we get to sit in a suite provided by my husband’s employer.

I have been on this blog since Scratch and Rube (that guy could write) and have always liked reading everyone’s comments. Ty, good to hear from you and great writing! I have this week off with a honey do list and could not wait for the game to start. After the second home run, I said (ok I yelled my wife said) go out there and settle the kid down. Lambert hits the next guy. Guess he did not want to throw it down the middle. I won’t mention my thoughts on the pitch count! Ant then the baseline call on Inge? If I was the manager I would have said so many words and stomped so hard. At least that would not have been dull. Did the Wings play like that to get the Cup? Come on Mr. I. Yes, I will be watching tonight. Go Justin! Go Tigers! –Dave

anyonebutbush (great name BTW), I haven’t researched the needs of other teams but I can arbitrarily toss out some names of what I consider to be front-line starters that I would trade for Magglio.
Johan Santana
Rich Harden (I am aware he seems injury prone)
Danny Haren

The problem with attracting a front line starter may not be so much about the money as it may be with the direction the team is headed. I’m still naive enough to believe that free agents want to go to a situation in which they can win (in addition to getting paid the dough). So, when you are talking about a Lincecum and a Halladay, as their agent I would have a column on the piece of paper about whether this club wants to win.

This past winter, the team made a significant move forward by doing some things and signing some players. It was a signal that this team wanted to do something to win today. I don’t know whether that remains true. And thus, I don’t know whether front line pitching will want to come to Detroit, despite the money.

Finally, over the winter DD and JL, to his credit, knew that the pitching was going to be an issue. But DD did nothing about it, even after Rodney went down. AG fell into his lap, but otherwise there was no contingency. No moves, no anything. So DD has to be complicit in all this.

I hate being late signing in and giving my two cents worth, but …. so disgusting.. no chemistry on this team, even with half of them speaking S. American? ….
Where was the hook on Lambert. Poor kid! I mean, I was thoroughly impressed with first two innings, then he self destructed and the bad luck came in the third. That was like punishment, not a privelidge, for doing so well in Toledo!… He was done, get him out… its like the pitchers all took a consensus one night, discussed, and nobody wanted to pitch up against Cliff Lee…. told Leyland, and he said, okay, we will find somebody from the minors for that night. Like all of you said…49 pitches! That crushed him. Certainly we have a bullpen made up with somebody who can pitch to the Indians. I thought Nate went into the pen.. stick him in..could it have been worse to have got him warmed up and pull the youngster out after 3 runs? We lost 10-4? .. I know, hindsight.. 20-20 perfect seeing it today.
The poor decisions all have to tear down the team, and make them play half hearted. Inge is good at catcher, but excellant at third.. and move him in outfield in spring? Why?Maybe Shef should have been thrown in outfield. THe worst to have happened was he could have been gone on DL , and could have used others in that spot on lineup that WAS able to hit. Rentaria has been lousy all season. I’ve notice some balls that just get to Cabby, for the out, but been 6-7ft high? Good Grief! Throw it away why don’t you?
Guillen was good at short, but would have been crippled and out on DL by July if left there.. So why not put Inge back at third base? Call up Ryan, or use Sardina for crying out loud. Yes , proably a good cost cutting move to have made the deal for Pudge, and gotten Farnsworth. (To me, He doesn’t want to be back in Detroit, and will leave even for less!)..I know that trade probably wouldn’t have happened this winter involving Pudge- nobody would have wanted him or the other old veterans, and screwups, SHef, Rogers, Jones, Rentaria, Rodney, Zoom-Zoom, and now on my list Nate Robertson!

We definately need some new direction in the Tigers. Maybe some new players too. Something is wrong and they are not telling us.. Your folks are right.. Nobody is playing like they want to comeback to this next year! Nobody is even hungry. Just biding thier time till retirment, just like so many on thier jobs! (Big diff- I would love to trade paychecks!)

this is a young mans game lets look to 2009 bye sheff bye thames bye jones, rogers, renteria, leyland?

put inge back at third and go get a catcher now you dont need to make a million ayear to figure that out.

matt joyce should be our starter in left field next year

if these things happen maybe you see 40000 anight at the corner but mark my words without these changes people will sit home and listen to rod and mario, who i believe agree with the above but dont comment

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