Postgame updates

Francis Beltran was designated for assignment to make room for Chris Lambert on the 25-man roster. If Beltran clears waivers, he has the option to accept or decline a Minor League assignment. He is not sure which route he would choose on that.

Carlos Guillen is still listed as day-to-day with lower back spasms, but manager Jim Leyland said after the game that they could sit him a few days since it’s a recurrence.

“I suspect we’re going to have to take a look at that,” Leyland said, though he cautioned that didn’t mean it would necessitate a DL stint.

Nothing new on Thames. He’s day-to-day with a cramp in his left cramp.

As for why there was no sacrifice bunt or ground ball to the right side from Polanco with two on and nobody out in the third, it’s not a move that Leyland likes to do early in games, especially games where it looks like scoring won’t be low.

“Obviously, Polly’s been one of our hottest hitters and one of our best hitters,” Leyland said. “It’s pretty early to think about moving the runners over. You almost figure there were going to be runs scored on both sides tonight.”


I’ve got one comment on JL–“Balderdash”.
It’s never too early to score runs. It’s never too early to play heads up baseball.
Now on top of all his other magerial skills JL is a prognosticator? He can tell when the scoring in a game is not going to be low?
.Leyland thinks he can say whatever he wants with impunity. He’s right–he’s like a tenured professor who does not have to be concerned about such trivialities such as accountability.
For the record, The Tigers had scored 12 runs in their last 4 games. Hard to understand where Leyland figured these guys are going to score a lot in any game!
I think a lot of folks are gettting pretty weary with the drivel they are hearing .

Yikes…I made a decision not to watch anything Tigers while I took my son to Texas for college. I slipped once and started listening to XM for a game and was rewarded with Thames two bad plays…so I turned it off. Come back and all sort of news…Guillen and Thames out on injury, Roberson to the bullpen…Lambert up, Willis down…Ordonez in a slump…Shefield still batting…the relief bullpen not doing so great…(OK…those last two weren’t news). What else is going to happen?

Yes Jim, those 3 runs we had were so many, don’t dare attempt to score more than necessary. We haven’t been producing, any time is a good time to try that stuff in my opinion. Of course armchair managing is my specialty, so while I am at it – Fossum should have stayed in instead of Glover. Easy for me to say in my perfect 20/20 hindsight, but I am never a fan of bringing pitchers in for just one or two batters.

Rich, you said it, this just is not our year and sometimes it is not a player or players year. Dan, I have posted many times about bunting because the runs will add up. I liked the move of putting Glover in. Where was the scouting report on Guiterez? Glover just made a bad pitch because his slider looked good. I would rather see one of our young guns from the Mud Hens than a well traveled joorneyrman. Baseball and the Tigers are still my favorite TV show. Oh yea, JL looks tired too🙂 Go Tigers! –Dave

JL thought his guys would light that rookie up. Obviously, JL hasn’t been watcing very closely. As usual, he doesn’t use the weapons at his disposal. In this case, an excellent bunter.
And he’s not planning on playing the September callups much, although that could be just another canard.

Canard? Rich, I love it when you throw the language around abit. I would bet easy money that the word “canard” hasn’t been used in any MLB blog this year. Figure that must be over a million words right? My guess is not once. Congratulations and continue to educate the masses. 🙂

Yes Rich, thanks for the language lesson! I never heard that word before (am I showing my stupidity?) but now I do after googling it!

Roy Hobbs didn’t know what it meant, either. 😉
Sounds like a name for a rookie pitcher. “23-year old Zach Canard, recently recalled from Buffalo, is ready to go, so here’s the leadoff man, shortstop Jose Canardo.”
Then there’s the deaf guy who had canard problems. “What’s that? Canardly hear you!”
Can you tell we have somewhat of a dull baseball team on our hands?

Hey, Roy Hobbs, now there’s a ballplayer we could use.


A rare siting from Ty Cobb…


Well, as you know, I live in Cleveland and don’t get to see ‘the boys’ very often. But, I have to admit when my wife said ‘no game’ as is always the case, this time I didn’t put up a fight. I checked the score in the 5th, again in the 9th and watched that no name call up give up the gopher ball. Bottom line, like it has been said before, we stink, plain and simple. Next year is all we have at this point…that and maybe Maggs (if he comes out of this mini-slump) winning another batting title.


Nice article on Mickey Tettleton. He always seemed like a nice guy when he was here (signed a baseball card for me once) and always enjoyed watching him chew and spit all over himself. Good times!


Also, as some of you might remember and noticed, I haven’t posted on here very much in the last 4 months. Like I said once before, life and writing has gotten in the way. As far as the writing goes, I recently had one of my short stories published. If any of you are interested in checking it out (you fellow married guys will relate to the story for sure) go to:
Click on August 2008 and then scroll down till you see my name.
If you like it, feel free to send them a comment, hopefully they will want me back for future issues. Thanks guys and Go Tigers (next year, that is)!


Read and enjoyed the article. I always wondered what the attraction of those little things were. Now I know. Congratulations on publishing. However, the opening page of the web site sent me into convulsions🙂 Webmaster needs to tone it down just a bit and back off the color button.

Well seeing as how we’ve now become a literary corner, I’d like to recommend to the masses a great book on baseball I have been working through called “The Old Ball Game” by Frank Deford. I’ve always liked Christy Mathewson and this book talks about the partnership between Christy and John McGraw. McGraw was Ty Cobb like and Christy was a college guy but they forged an interesting friendship. Great stories about the game. You can get it for a thin dollar on Amazon so next time you order something off there think about this book. Great Summer read.

Got some kid on the mound so it’ll be of interest to see what happens to him today.

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