Garcia to start Wednesday for Toledo

Just figured I’d post that in case you missed it. Dave Dombrowski confirmed the promotion Sunday. Realistically, they had to do it sometime this week, since Toledo’s season ends in eight days. By pitching him Wednesday, they could conceivably give him another start in the Hens’ season finale the following Monday.


Garcia working out for us would be a plus but I am really hoping that fellow by the name of Dontrelle Willis rediscovers his talent. We need his left arm pretty badly to replace Nate and/or Kenny.
Willis is throwing tomorrow in Toledo.

The season is in the toilet and so is Kenny Rogers.. I’d like the tigers to consider getting rid of him now and letting another potential starter for next year get a shot to show what he can do.. either that or bring back willis to finish off the season.

Can’t wait for September! Let’s see who these guys bring up and what they can do–it’s important to get an idea of what potential there is down below in order to decide what to do with the present Detritus Tigers.
My shipping list is growing. Ordonez is definitely a valuable player for us. Not in right field but as trade material. Some team would love to have his recent batting championship, and 139 RBI seasons in their lineup. He is (at this point barely) a marquee player but his trade value will be very diminished if they hang on to him for “one more year”.
Ship him out—and get a premier starting pitcher for him. We have a replacement right fielder for him in Toledo or Erie.
Your choice if you want Clevlen or Ramirez.
Clevlen will not win a batting championship but he will hit 20 HRs, drive in 85-90, move from 1st to 3rd on a single to RF, steal you a dozen bases, throw someone out at 3rd (when is the last time Ordonez has done THAT?), catch a ball in foul territory, steal a HR away from a hitter, run out ground balls and not not be waiting for a $650k paycheck on the 1st and the 15th.
Ordonez has shut it down. He is in blame mode as well. N.B. the stare at Gene Lamont after being thrown out at home. The only other guy on the team that might not score on that play is Gene Lamont himself.
Time for the Prima Donna to go.

Noticed that the web site is still holding out hope for the post season. I suppose that has to be said, but please. Win every game? You serious? 33 games or so to go.

As for these guys I don’t get to see the lads on tv so I don’t know whether guys are hustling or shutting it down. I heard yesterday of miscues in the field, not running out ground balls, etc. I get it that the season is long and all that but I just have to say that it is inexucusable to not be executing ont he fundamentals at this point. They are professionals and they need to get mentally tough at this point. That’s also something JL should be preaching instead of making awkward comments about Brandon.

I noted the recent post from Dan I think on Brandon Inge. Brandon is an average catcher but a terrific third baseman. Let’s just deal with that right up front and be done with it. The dude should be at third, day in and day out and should spend the next months working on the art of hitting not how to block Rodney’s change of speed pitches. That decided we are left with Carlos. I say DH him.

That leaves us with Shef. I say release him and suck up the mistake. You won’t get anybody to bite on his salary especially given his year this year.

I’d leave everyone else intact and then start working the pitching.

One man’s opinion. I have adult baseball tonight and I guarantee that this 50 year old will be legging out every pop out. I also guarantee that I will not strike out.

Looked to me like Lamont didn’t have a very good day yesterday. There was also the Granderson play. Lucked out on that one.
“Prima donna” might be a little over the top. I think the man is just tired. He got a total of 12 games off over 2006 and 2007, and nearly all of his time off this year came due to an injury. JL runs him out there day after day, which is yet another in my long list of complaints with him. Stubborn ol’ coot, stuck in his ways. Playing outfield can wear a guy down, especially a guy of Maggs’ age.
I’ll probably get hooted off the blog for this, but they may as well put Sheffield in the outfield this week. All he’s been doing is sitting on the bench, and since the majority of his ABs end up in either a K or a popup, he rarely has to run. He should be fresh as a daisy.
For 2009, I’ll ask again. Guillen in the outfield? I don’t think it’s his time to DH, but I do want Inge back at third along with another shortstop. We can get a catcher. People need to buy into keeping opposition runs off the board. You don’t need a former All-Star at every position in the batting order.
Eric, I can’t resist this. How many popups are you planning to hit tonight? 🙂

I swear last year that all I heard people on this blog say that they wanted Inge off of 3rd, they didn’t want him (and I am not necessarily saying you Rich) But this year it is all about Brandon being back over at third. Well just for arguements sake if he goes back there next year, I know that people are going to complain again about his batting average. Notice this year I am not hearing much complaining about his sub 220 batting average this year, now that he is at catcher??
Guillen is certainly not Inge at 3rd but I don’t think that he is horrible either. The fact of the matter is that no one on this team with the exclusion of the few that are pulling their weight. Frankly I think that they have waived their white flag and are only giving adequete effort.
This year has been a disappointment. And getting into the playoffs is often a crap shoot, but the fact that they are just playing such inconsistent baseball is disappointing.
I also can not wait for the September call ups. It will just be nice to breath some life into this team. Maybe see some consistent effort and energy.

I say give Maggs a few days off. Yes, he looks tired. Trade him for a premium pitcher? Who might that be? I say we need a new coaching staff. Fresh faces, fresh ideas. We need pitching but didn’t we have it in 2006? And of course we need to shore up the defense. We have enough hitting. Let’s show Cleveland we have not quit! Go Tigers! –Dave

GK, I’m glad you excluded me because I spent all of 2006 and 2007 on this blog defending Inge at thirdbase. It’s all in the archives.
The thing about the blog here is that there are only some half dozen people left from the past three years that post on a regular basis now. The blog definitely doesn’t speak with one voice, much like a stadium full or cheerers or “boo-gers” (I like that).
I don’t think Guillen is horrible at third either, I just want Inge there and Carlos at another position. We’ve got one of the best 3rdsackers in the game and he’s catching. That’s just dumb.

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