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Friday marked just the third time since 1980 that a game ended on a 2-1 putout. The Tigers were involved in the last one, too, under similar circumstances July 24, 2001 at the Yankees. Mariano Rivera’s pitch got away from Jorge Posada, but Posada recovered to throw out Roger Cedeno to seal a 6-5 Tigers loss.


Our Venezuelans looked pretty bad that inning!.
Leyland drives me nuts with his obstinant thinking that because he has a power/HR type ball team that thaerefore means you don’t run even if you have guys that can run.
He has totally misused Granderson this year. Lately Curtis has been getting on via the walk. Can you remember guys like Carew or Wills getting a walk? What kind of havoc did that create/
Curtis gets on this game and if he steals 2nd base he could have scored on Polanco’s single.
Ordonez looks very ordinary lately. Guillen is struglling to hit .280 this year. Can we afford to see him another year older and slip even more next year?
The team needs an overhaul, like it or not, I don’t think we are going to get it and I think we will be talking about the definition of insanity next year again.

Steal, Run, Hit, & Run, Run & Hit. Something C’mon JL. Get real.
I can’t stand his managing style–it’s absolutely mind-numbing.

Nice to get the win and the god pitching. I think we have been fortunate to run into KC right now. Still not getting a lot of hits but at least the runs we are plating are holding up.
Note on Curtis Granderson:
He will not believe the world that will open for him when he learns to whack that 1st pitch fastball when it is over the plate. He is a .300 hitter now but will be a .320 hitter when he learns not to put himself in the hole by taking that 1st pitch all the time. It will also serve to reduce his strikeouts too. He is not the greatest 2 strike hitter around so think what he could accomplish if he wiould get more hits on no strikes and 2 strikes!
Great game Zach.
Freddie Garcia pitched tonight and threw 2 innings giving up no runs on 3 hits witha a BB and a K.

I watched the game late tonight. Earlier, we went to see the class A Potomac Nationals host the Lynchburg Hillcats, and is there a better name in baseball than the Lynchburg Hillcats? Anyway, I DVR’d the Tigers game, “time shifting” as they call it. There’s something God-like about time shifting.
I was going to complain about the same thing, the lack of a running game. Three times Granderson leads off an inning reaching firstbase and three times he doesn’t attempt a steal. This against a pitchers/catcher combo that has allowed 46 steals in 50 attempts. I was finally called down by my wife for being “crumpy” which, as it was explained to me, is a cross between being crabby and grumpy. But enough about the 8th dwarf, Crumpy.
Miner was rolling, had everything working. I’ve already got 4 of the 5 starters set for next year, so let’s get a bullpen and run with it.
I see evidence of somebody getting caught up in hitting that car beyond leftfield. It’s fun, but not a wise approach to hitting. That said, Cabrera is putting up the numbers we expected, so he hasn’t disappointed. I hope Marcus doesn’t get caught up in the auto-whacking contest during his start tomorrow.
I’m not at all worried about Guillen. I expect him to return to being himself next year. With Maggs, we’ve discussed his trade value, but right now I think he’s just in a slump. He didn’t really have one last year, so it’s a return to reality. He’s not the .298 hitter we saw in 2006 and neither is he the .363 hitter we saw in 2007. Last year a lot of those grounders found holes, this year they’ve been doubleplays.
We can get the sweep tomorrow and once again reach .500. If we finish with 85 wins, that’s only three off last year’s total, and I’m afraid that will create a false sense of security. We need some changes, or this year will repeat itself.
The Sox and Twins are hitting the rough parts of their schedules, but we’ve done nothing to make any of it matter.

This is “interesting.”??? So…. JL makes the comment after Verlanders last game, “it looked like he was pitching.”

So, JL….. are you trying to tell us that you know what that actually looks like ??? Is this a “new” revelation to you?? the fact that Verlander is normally a chucker, and not a pitcher?

Memo to Leyland: Once you get that down, pass on the knowledge to anyone who can communicate it to guys like Verlander and Zumaya. They’ll be better off, throwing that 93 mph fastball, if the hitters are off balance anyday, than the 100mph fastball these MLB hitters are sitting back licking their chops on!!!! This aint high school baseball…..

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