Robertson to bullpen

According to manager Jim Leyland, “Nate is not going out with all his weapons, especially his slider.”

As a result, Robertson is going to work with pitching coach Chuck Hernandez to work on that and move out to the bullpen while he’s doing so.

Asked who will start in Robertson’s old spot next Tuesday, Leyland said, “I have no idea.”


Well, I am sorry it had to happen but it had to happen. He was suffering and at times just looked lost. You can’t have a guy in he rotation that has a good outing every fourth time out on the field. I don’t know what happened to the old Nate, but we need him to be right again.

I know after “Gum Time” left so did Nate. Ha ha

all i have to say is: FINALLY.

All right, who kidnapped JL? Dan, are you in Kansas City? 🙂
But seriously, this is a good move. There is a history of starters getting themselves straight after a stint in the pen. The most obvious that comes to mind is Mickey Lolich. I hope Nate can come back strong, because he’s certainly “one of the guys.” I don’t think anyone would dispute that.
The next five weeks could turn out to be interesting, at least.

Last I knew there were 9 members on a baseball team, what about the other 8+DH that scored how many runs for Nate? and the outing before this one he only gave up 5 of the runs scored against Detroit, how many did the other 8+DH score in that game?

None of the pitchers are getting consistent offensive support. Nate hasn’t been able to get it done consistently for a long time, and when he has, it’s often been because he DID have a lot of run support. The Tigers offense has struggled with consistency since opening day, and that’s why JL needs pitchers who can at least bring some level of consistency to the defense.

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