Polanco update

Jim Leyland said after the game that Placido Polanco has patella tendinitis in his right knee. Leyland was already planning on giving Polanco a game off Wednesday ahead of Thursday’s off-day, so he’ll stick with that plan and try to get him ready for Friday’s series opener at Kansas City.


I care more about Santiago!! I like this kid…. and I don’t care if “Rent”eria hits homers in his next 10 games. Put him down and give the spot to Santiago the rest of the way…

Hopefully this is a short term injury for Polly, I like him in our line up but am glad we have Santiago as a replacement, that guy plays his hardest when put in and I have a ton of respect for that.

It looked to me like the official scorer cost Joyce a double and 3 RBIs yesterday. I know it was a bad play and should have been an out but nobody touched the ball! That used to be the qualifier when I did some official scoring. Maybe they have changed the rules but that makes it dificult to call who the rror should be on. It could be your outfield partner not calling you off or calling you off or thinking he called you off etc..
Safer to rule that a hit or change th rule book and rule it a “team” error rather than attribute it to an individual.
I was very surprised with that ruling.
Nice to see G-Man pitch another nice game. One thing about him, he sure knows how to pitch with men on base. Old school, he bears down with men on.

Without looking:

How many errors does Brandon Inge have this year?


Oohh–just checked, I know the correct answer now but won’t spoil it for others!
BTW The Tigers have another interesting prospect catching for Erie right now. He seems to be a .300 hitter and is a LHB with speed who can steal some bases. Seems to be a little small (especially in terms of weight) for a catcher but James Skelton is an interesting player to keep an eye on.
Dusty Ryan and Max St. Pierre are splitting duties in Toledo. I don’t see St. Pierre making it back to the show. Ryan is the guy I hope can make the grade for the Tigers. He can hit for power, has good size and is apparently a very fine defensive catcher. Can’t see why they couldn’t get him on the 40 man roster in place of Wilson for a September call-up. Makes perfect sense to me.

On that fly by Joyce, replay showed both guys calling for the ball then both pulled up short. Usually your centerfielder is the captain and he was given the error initially, then they switched to the other guy. That tells you something right there. I used to keep score for my HS team when I wasn’t playing and also worked one season as an official scorer because I had an injury that year. And they paid me to do this. So how do I score that play? A double. 🙂 You’re right about needing a team error stat.
I think I know the answer to the Inge question.
Speaking of Polanco😉 ……….that was a darned fine play Santiago made last night, and Edgar just barely got back for that throw. Good infield play there. Razor is a valuable guy.
Let’s see if we get knave or knight from Knate tonight. Dude…….poetry……….

Regarding the Joyce double/error call. First of all I thought that it was interesting that they called it an error. I too always thought that the ball typically had to be touched for it to be called an error. So whatever, the Tigers get screwed. But then to change it from an error to Hamilton to the other dude I thought was horrible. It just goes to show you that they don’t want to give an error to their possible MVP candidate. At least that it my opinion on it.

Rich et al:

I got the answer to the Inge question also … close your eyes … what do you see…. that’s how many errors Inge has at third. The brother can flat out flash the leather. So winner winner chicken dinner for me.

I too am a Santiago fan. Sounds like he barely missed a dinger last night.

As for the poetry corner … uh … How’s about this:

Tiger win?
Wherefore art thou?
Art thou amongst the Texas wind?
Art thou within the gentle bosom of the prairie maiden?
Or art thou in the dreams of Tiger Girl?
Tiger win, sweep thee.

Sweet Jesus! I just read my last post and it is horrible. I sprinted past the liberal arts college in school hence my aversion for the literary trade. I’m going to cleanse myself by memorizing the statistics for AL Central third basemen over the last decade. Sheesh.

Start with Inge and work your way down the list.
Baseball poetry? How about this:
“Rogers Hornsby was my manager and he called me a walking pile of pigs__t and that was when my parents drove all the way from Michigan to see me play, and did I cry? NO!!! And you know why? Because there’s no crying in baseball!”
A literary masterpiece.

LOL. Maybe one of the great, often overlooked baseball movie because it is widely considered to be a chick flick, A League of Their Own.

Authors of the screenplay – the great team of Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel

Every now and again I see the picture of Wade Boggs sitting in the Red Sox dugout crying and I’m reminded of that quote.

Just got home from a mini vacation in N. Michigan. Your want poetry? Ok, it is not but the book is called Ernie Harwell Breaking 90. Yes I read the Drew Sharp article on Leyland for 2009. I like JL but it is our pitching that is not performing and when they do we are not supporting them. Did the Rockies give up on August 20th last year? Did Jim Carrey give up on Mary in dumb and dumber when it was a one in a million chance? I will not boo a Tiger. I will not give up until the last out. I admit some games have been had to watch. There are two outs in the bottom of the ninth and……….Tigers Win!!! Go Tigers. –Dave

Well, its sure good to see you all in high spirits. And by the way, being a “chick” myself, A League Of Their Own is my absolute favorite. And yes that is the best part of the movie! Anyway, I’m with Dave, I will never give up. Now I am in the process of looking for some cheap tickets that the bandwagon fans are going to give up. So if anyone knows of any, let me know! GO TIGERS!!!!! -Stacy

About Skelton and his “small build” being a problem.

Skelton is 5’11”-165 pounds.

Pudge was 5’9″-165 pounds when he broke in and we know what he did.
Jason Kendall was 6’0″-170 pounds when he broke in (1734 games caught). (Thanks to http://tigers-thoughts.blogspot.com/2008/08/regarding-james-skelton.html for the info)

And some poetry. Lets go back a few years and it also can relate to the 68 Tigers too…

“First we’ll use Spahn
then we’ll use Sain
Then an off day
followed by rain
Back will come Spahn
followed by Sain
And followed
we hope
by two days of rain.”

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