Last Tiger to give up five HRs

Just two Tigers have done it since 1956. Jeff Weaver was the more recent, having given up five Red Sox homers on July 24, 1999 at Tiger Stadium. He left after four innings with nine runs allowed on 10 hits. Don Mossi did it on June 23, 1961 at Cleveland, but he lasted seven innings.

UPDATE @ 9:30pm: Upon further review, Robertson became just the seventh Major League pitcher since 1956 to give up at least five home runs and no singles in a game. Jamie Moyer was the most recent, giving up seven earned runs on six hits in 4 1/3 innings on July 21, 2006 for Seattle at Boston. The list includes former Tiger Denny McLain, who served up five runs on five hits (yup, all solo homers) in three innings for Washington at Oakland on June 16, 1971.


Really! Its been two years of this.. I thought Nate was having a downer year last year, but he’s still on a downhill slide. I feel bad for him only so long.. Something is wrong. If you go out there, and get beat up like that, and he’s having trouble just getting out of the 2nd, and 3rd inning, and Leyland had enough faith to let him try to work out of it.. and go to the mound into the 4th…
Whats that called,… *stupidity? No, but I thought the starting pitcher, was the one who goes, into the 7th with only having given up a couple runs…
NOT back to back homers, in two innings.. thats shameful!
Our hitters won’t always slug away.. used to be, you pitched out of jams, and if you had a one run lead, you protected it..
Nates pitches were awful!
Is it Brandon calling the game? Or signals coming from dugout?
If it isn’t the players, then the coaching is a letdown this year.

I was going to comment also on Maggs.. he isn’t looking like the great hitter we have been treated to the past couple years.
WHich leads me to think.. Maybe he’s gotten wind of possible trade bait for a pitcher, and doesn’t want to leave?

Nice to see Joyce boogie down that line on the ground out. Not a whole lot else to get excited about I guess.
Ceratinly not Dontrelle Willis who pitched 5 innings tongiht and gave up 5 runs, on 8 hits and 5 walks.
Dusty Ryan has a couple of hits and is batting .333 now for the Hens.

The pitching problem is not so much pitch selection as it is pitch location.

Moving my post over here.

Pitch location, or pitch execution as I called it, killed Nate tonight. He wasn’t coming close. They’d made some kind of adjustment in his mechanics, I guess it was, and it looked like it made him worse. Sometimes, however, it is pitch selection. Verlander falls into that trap. The catcher can call it, and the pitcher can shake him off. It doesn’t come from the dugout.
If Leyland returns, it’s got to be without Hernandez. The proof is in the results, and he’s showing none. He inherited some of this staff from Bob Cluck and everything’s gone downhill since. No one has improved and most have gotten worse. It’s difficult to replace an entire pitching staff, so that leaves the pitching coach as a start. While not common, managers do sometimes replace a pitching coach.
Anyway, here we are talking about next year again. Willis threw 98 pitches in five innings, 55 strikes and 43 balls. I do expect a new and improved Bonderman next year.

Wow Rich, 98 pitches in five innings, 5 runs and 8 hits. Not unlike his numbers in Lakeland. I expect a call up any day now! Ditto with Hernandez.


Well, isn’t that just one heck of a club for Nate to be a part of? How frustrating. Hernandez really does have to go – even if it isn’t his fault and he isn’t pitching, there is something to be said about this widespread problem with the pitching staff, minus a few great surprising standouts.

Did any of you see Grandy’s latest blog entry about the 2 balls he misplayed on Monday? I didn’t see either I missed the first half of the game. I like when he writes about what is actually happening in the game in his entries.

Ya last nights pitching performance was aweful. I don’t know what Nates problem is. Where he use to have this bulldog mentality and was able to wiggle out of problems and make pitches last night was all too familiar this year. It is almost like after something goes wrong he just hurls the ball up there with out any thought and says here it is hit it.
Like someone said earlier I used to feel sorry for him and say if he could just get some run support he would probably have the most wins on this team. Well his lack of performance this year has nothing to do with run support. He and Verlander to me are the same this year, you just don’t know which one you are going to get. But they have both become very hittable and their pitch counts get driven up very fast.
And yesterday it had nothing really to do with pitch selection it had to do with location. Several times they showed where Inge was set up and he moved his glove several inches from where the original target was set up.
I do agree with Hernandez needs to go. Someone said it earlier this season, “who has gotten better this year under his instruction?” the answer is NOBODY.

Well it didn’t sound any better on radio last night. Ranger announcers were sort of flabbergasted at the 3rd and 4th innings also and the pitch location. Sounded like Joyce misplayed another ball in left also.

Guess this is what we are left with … a team that will struggle with consistency right up to the bitter end. Like we have mentioned many, many times in the past, players are players and you are what you are. But whenever I see any team that is inconsistent in executing the fundamentals I always have to look at the coaching and the leadership. Management gets the players, coaches coach the players and players play.

At this point it is like shooting fish in a barrel but the buck stops with JL and with DD. The management getting the player part has been inconsistent and poor; the coaching has been inconsistent and poor; the players, with the exception of Shef and JV, have been pretty much what you would expect from each of them. The .300 hitters are hitting .300 and the chronically inconsistent pitchers are being chronically inconsistent.

One other note:

Noticed the article about Brandon on the web site and the mention about the 2009 season. It would seem that the organization is also throwing in the towel for this season.

Looking back: There were three seminal events that turned the course for the Tiger season. The first was Curtis getting injured the last part of spring training. Had he not been injured I think the Tigers might not have started so poorly.

The second was Bondo getting hurt. Although offset by AG, Bondo is a workhorse and him being in there might have made some difference even mentally to JV and KR.

Finally there was Dye’s homer run off Jones a few weeks back. That was the proverbial straw …

I think the Tigers coul legitimately go after Saltalamacchia from Texas.
He is big, talented, young, scads of potential and a switch hitter.
Texas needs pitching I can think of a number of thumbers that we have that are actually better than what they have right now.
Any of our lefty starters Robertson Rogers and/or Willis.
Lopez, Rodney, Jones, Beltran, Miner (though he might be better to hang onto), Bonine, Bazardo, Fossum etc.
The guy is going to blossom and could be a franchise type player behind the plate.
One thing this team needs to keep in mind when retooling is the ever present need to bolster production from the left side of the plate. The need remains. Guillen and Granderson and unproven rookies are not enough.
I expect we will see Robertson removed from the rotation. Sounds like he is saying there is nothing wrong with him physically so my theory about them putting him on the DL may not happen. I kinda’ figured we might get the “tired arm” drivel.
I am looking forward to seeing some new faces on the team. Ryan, Ramirez, (not so new) Clevlen, Fien, Wells, even Freddie Guzman for crying out loud.

Dan, I like your thought on Saltalamacchia. I’m not familiar with what happened with him this year, as I thought he was their big signing. It does appear that Nolan Ryan will be looking for pitching, which is a shame for them since they’ve traded away their good ones.
For us to get pitching, we’ll need to cut payroll. How about this? You put Inge back at third, and Santiago at shortstop. Have done with Renteria and start using some of our current regulars in the DH role. This frees up payroll for pitching help and strengthens the defense, all at the same time. That way, maybe we can compete. We’re not going to outslug the entire American League, that was a foolish notion. Try it this way for a year and see where we’re at by the end of the 2009 season.


I like the idea. Shores up the infield (even Cab is playing a decent 1B). We still have the issue of Shef’s salary to contend with but I understand he’s “coming around” and should be at full usefulness by the end of September. Just in time for the end of the season.

I’m not a huge fan of the Mag’s at the three hole experiment. I liked Curtis, Polly, Guillen, Mags and then Cab line-up a lot. I think JL shouldn’t be tinkering with it at this point though I realize Carlos and Polly have been out abit.

Arms are such a premium that you hate to give up on people but Nate just appears to be lost right now. Mike Maroth out there? 🙂

No disrespect, but why on earth are we reading columns about Inge at cather on the Tiger website? I can think of a handful of more worthy players to discuss. Inge, catcher of the future, seriously? That makes my stomach turn. What is the front office thinking? We gave up our Hall of Famer, now we’re stuck with Inge. Is there any way someone else could possibly take him off our hands?

Amen! SO many good comments today!… I agree whole heartedly on pitching..I would expand it to all the pitching staff… We just don’t know which one we will get on the mound.. Jekyl or Hyde? Two arms on a given day.. WHips are up, nobody is showing any improvment on pitching..then the pen comes in and its like 7th inning stretch for the opposite team!
And Chuck Hernandez really hasn’t impressed me this year. (Remember seeing Kenny Rogers talking to these young future stars over pitching tips on the railings in past seasonsdidn’t see , or hear any of it this year)… and they all look like tired arms.. 100 pitches for most by the end of the 5th or 6th innings is bad news.

Has anyone pitched a complete game for us this season?
Zoom-Zoom and Rodney havn’t shown any improvments over last year.. remember last year at this time.. I really doubt Farnsworth will want to stay. Jurjens,Miller,Grilli, Byrdak, Mcbride,Durban,Maroth, all gone.. who have improved the team to lift us?
I would like to see if Tigers offered K Rogers a closer role, what he would say to it next year?

The Tigers’ biggest handicapp is (are) Leyland and Dombrowski. The decisions they are making are causing a great deal of the problems the team is having. As soon as a relief pitcher is doing well, even after only one inning, Leyland pulls him out and puts Jones (or someone equally as useless) in there, and we end up losing the game. What happened to the days when the pitcher stayed in the whole game? Dombrowski traded away Pudge for a pitcher who stinks. They sent Clete Thomas back down when he was doing a great job. What are they thinking? Inept management is the problem with this team. The hitters are doing their jobs. The pitchers, except for Galarraga, are throwing away (no pun intended…..) large leads. Now we hear they might be trading Maggs?? As long as this awful management is left in place, the Tigers will be fighting an uphill battle.

Hitters in the 3 hole for 2008:
Guillen .261
Ordonez .240
Sheffield .220
Thames .286 (and in a horrendous slump)
This is supposed to be the spot for your best hitter. Obviously the hitters are not getting it done as much as we might think. By way of comparison, Guillen is hitting .333 elsewhere. I didn’t look up anymore numbers, but you can guess what they are. Power numbers are way down too.
Cabrera is at .235 since being put in at cleanup, but I attribute that to his cooling off after the hot streak.

Couple of things:

Ameilialia – Pitchers don’t pitch whole games anymore largely because of agents and because we tend to baby the arms. They just don’t seem to be as strong as they once were. The age of the specialist has arrived even at the college level. In colleges they train pitchers to be either starters or relievers.

On the three hole: That is an odd stat. You would think that because of who is behind them the three hole guy would see a lot of good pitches because you just don’t want to walk the guy when you have Mags and Cab behind them. So there would be less nibbling and more just fire it up there and see what happens. Carlos is a professional hitter so I don’t know if he’s just not being patient enough or what. But he must go up there thinking fastball. Either that or opposing pitchers just aren’t fearing Mags and Cab. I shudder to say it but maybe Shef should be given some more time hitting in the 3 hole. Now that he’s not hurt it might allow him to see some better pitches and get some better swings. I’m no fan of his but he is a patient hitter. He does tend to walk alot and maybe he’d be better at that slot. I always seem to see him with a 2-1 or 2-2 count just before he pops out or hits into a double play.

As I’ve said here on a number of occasions, I don’t like stats because they rarely tell the whole story, usually not even half the story. These numbers might all be coincidental to other things. Guillen had a number of things thrown at him this year but, all in all, he’s the most patient of Detroit hitters. He nearly always has a good AB. I suspect he doesn’t like hitting third, but I’m guessing.
Thames, of course, got his .286 during his hot streak.
My original intent was to put some numbers on how the Ordonez-Cabrera switch has gone so far, then I got sidetracked with this other thing. I still think hitting Maggs and Cab 3-4 is the best way to go. They’ve just both hit slumps at the same time. If it was pressure causing a failure to hit in that spot, I’d bat Santiago third. 🙂 He never tries to do too much.
This is just for this year. I think we could get a good leadoff hitter and move Granderson down to third or so in the future.

Great ideas. We need a lead off hitter. Dan, nice link to the Wolves but I do not know what position Wilkin’s plays. Grandy second, Polanco third and Carlos 6th. Rogers as pitching coach. Verlander has had an off year and early on he had no run support. We get shut out too many times and score over 10 runs too many times. I am trying to forget how many LOSING seasons we had in a row so let’s get another winning streak going. Go Tigers! –Dave

Hmm, Curtis in the three hole. He’s cut down his strikeouts and runs well. Not very patient so he doesn’t walk much but he’s got pop. To me he’s the prototypical leadoff hitter or would be if he were able to get walks. You think by having him in the leadoff that we are not seeing him hit for better power numbers? He’s moe focused on getting on base, etc.?

Granderson is 3rd on the team in walks, with less games played than the others. I don’t, however, see him as a prototypical leadoff hitter. If Leyland would give him the green light to steal (something the man refuses to do), he’d be more valuable up top than he has been. Grandy’s power numbers (slugging pct) are fine, and he’s still improving as a hitter.
Here again, JL isn’t using all the tools he has at his disposal. Granderson stole 25 bases in 26 attempts last year. JL has done an effective job of reigning in this team at every turn. Any discussions we hold here all turn on who is managing next year. It doesn’t matter what a player is capable of doing if he’s not allowed to do it.

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