Tuesday: Tigers at Rangers

One reason the Rangers badly wanted to get in Monday’s game was the fear that the weather tomorrow would be worse. So far, though, tonight appears promising. There’s still a good chance for some scattered storms at some point, but right now it only appears to be one line.

The bullpen appears to be at full strength tonight, so that will be a boost.

TIGERS (61-64)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco Santiago, 2B (Polanco scratched during BP – sore right knee)
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Guillen, 3B
  6. Sheffield, DH
  7. Joyce, LF
  8. Renteria, SS
  9. Inge, C

RANGERS (62-64)

  1. Brandon Boggs, LF
  2. Michael Young, SS
  3. Josh Hamilton, CF
  4. Milton Bradley, DH
  5. Marlon Byrd, RF
  6. Gerald Laird, C
  7. Chris Davis, 1B
  8. Joaquin Arias, 2B
  9. Ramon Vazquez, 3B


Interesting times:
We need to be vigilant with performances at this stage of the season. We are going to have guys suddenly start producing (perhaps they already have started) and give ud false hope for next year. There are some guys on this team that hit when it counts and some others that hit when it doesn’t. Stats won’t tell the whole story.
I don’t think Thames is an answer but the dude does hit when it counts sometimes.
Sheffield will now start mashing the ball.
Renteria and Inge too will show us some hitting.
Don’t be deluded—the guys that hit when it counts may even taper off a bit now. Why? Because it doesn’t count anymore.
Leyland still needs to go. The team needs a change and nothing annunciates itself as change more than changing the skipper.
It’s easy to slip into complacency and the sloganistic “Wait till next year” syndrome. Ask the Cubs fans about that. Our team is close, oh so close, to bringing a championship calibre club to the city. But they need help, they need fans on their butts clamoring for change and pointing out deficiencies. It should be a collaboration and not a dictatorship and the fans’ wishes need to be considered.
This year is done. Between the record, the injuries, the personnel, the management and the probability, we don’t have a chance. It’s hard, but let’s accept it and move on . And not let the rhetoric we have been getting accustomed to, silence our displeasure with the direction the team is moving in.

While I agree with a lot of what you say, yes it is over and unfortunately it may be time for some to go that is no suprise. And not matter what they do as far as hitting or whatever it is too late.
However where I do disagree with you is lumping a few of those guys into that catagory, ie Renteria, he is a proven hitter. Sheffield as much as I enjoy some of his antics and boy when he hits he really hits, he is far too injured to ever make much of a difference. Although he is doing well lately. Inge to me is always going to be a subpar hitter, but thats not news. He will go through stretches and then he will tank.
I know that I am in the minority when it comes to Leyland, but I am not convinced that he is the problem here (not saying he isn’t either but???). To me this year he has a lot of guys that are underperforming. Is it because of him?? Or is a combination or does the actual player have something to do with it. I really have mixed feelings. Everyone was ready to crown him the Mayor of Detroit just two short years ago and now a lot of people think that he is the worst manager out there. I really have a different opinion. I do think that Hernandez needs to go. He is obviously not getting through to these pitchers. Other than Galarraga and Seay can anyone say that they trust any pitcher completely on this team. I sure dont.
Anyway got to go get the steak off the grill GO TIGERS.

Whoo boy. Matt Joyce in left field is starting to look like an adventure. Not sure what the play was last night but the Ranger announcers were commenting on something Joyce did (Ithink he tried to make a shoestring catch and the ball skipped under the glove for a double that allowed the first run to score). My hope is that Van Slyke took the lad aside and said, uh … don’t do that again unless you are Curtis Granderson.

But Detroit has never been known for having tremendous fielding left fielders. Always seemed the place to put the mashers.

For tonight’s game I am setting the following prop bets:

1. Runs scored over under both teams: 12 and I’ll take the overs

2. Number of strikeouts by Ranger players: 6 and I’ll take the overs

3. Number of bases for Sheffield: 4 and I’ll take the unders

and finally,

4. Number of Tiger homers: 3 and I’ll take the overs.

Let the game begin. One game winning streak on the line.

I hope it’s not going to be Polite Nite. Man on 2nd with nobody out in the first 2 innings and no runs. Bad swings so far. Padilla has the ability to make us look real bad if we help him out.

My oh my. Ordonez is being very polite!.
His 1st pitch hitting into DPs is hurting us this year. I hope he can regroup and learn how to hit like he can. This is not good enough. There are times yes but here we are with a guy sitting on 3rd–1st and 2nd I can understand a little better but with a run out there you have to be more disciplined. I have never been a big Ordonez fan but gave him credit for last year’s amazing performance. I just think he too much involved in being Magglio than he should be for the good of his team.
I say it is time to unload him and get something fantastaic for him while you still can.

Galarraga is reminding me of the aces of years past. Every start is either good or better. He’s throwing variations on four pitches and commanding most or all of them. I was afraid he’d get beat on that one pitch tonight, but the guys pulled it out. I wasn’t so sure he should come out at the time the pen started warming up, but as the inning went on, he really had been sitting a long time.
Been waiting for Joyce. I don’t think he’d homered since before the break. Those 3-run shots are golden.
Watch Carlos Guillen up there. This guy never has a bad AB. I don’t know the stats, but I bet he sees more pitches than anyone on the team. If we only had nine of him. He also did a good job of captaining last night, helping to settle Rodney.
Another big night for Santiago. I realize he’s not going to start like some of us wanted, but he should at least get more PT. I think another manager would see to that. Not this one.
I don’t normally bother with stats, since what you see on the field should be enough, but I did look up Ordonez and first ball swinging again. His rate of first pitch put into play is in line with his career stats, but his average this year is down to .289. Compare that with last year’s .496, the .351 in 2006, and his career number of .355. It appears to be an element of his success at the plate, but it’s down this season for some reason.
I do see some guys looking better at the plate, which is what I look for. Stats rarely tell the story.

Way to go Matt Joyce, what a rush that must be for a guy in his rookie year with limited playing time to get a 2 ****** game. He did that right after Rod Allen announced him as “Sweet Swinging”. Galarraga had another great outing, this kid really has it together, I hope he can continue it and not be a first year wonder that never sees those results again. If he can keep a good head on his shoulder and pitch game to game I think he’ll be just fine. Tiger management, keep this kid.

Another good outing for Glover, good idea to get him into a non-pressure situation.

Well, at least we have had 2 nice games in a row to placate the fans a bit. I like seeing the runs coming from people picking up the slack from the run producers who have had a rough couple of games at the plate.

That dropped fly ball by Texas was a killer – kind of nice when it isn’t our team doing that though!

Oh Nate – think you can squeak out a good outing tonight? Not that I think we are in the running, we are way out of it and Chicago/Minnesota are not giving ground at all, but if Nate pitches great the rest of the season maybe they can trade him in the offseason? Don’t get me wrong, I think Nate seems like a great guy and I loved the whole gum thing a few years back, a fun, decent guy, but his starting pitching has been a killer.

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