Monday: Tigers at Rangers

The weather was nasty for most of the day here, more Florida-like than Texas, and the forecast still calls for a good chance of rain tonight and into tomorrow, but for now it’s dry.

The Tigers bullpen is a little short tonight with the long work from Sunday, but Kyle Farnsworth is available.

On the Rangers side, Ian Kinsler went on the DL today with a sports hernia.

TIGERS (60-64)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Guillen, 3B
  6. Sheffield, DH
  7. Joyce, LF
  8. Renteria, SS
  9. Inge, C

RANGERS (62-63)

  1. Brandon Boggs, LF
  2. Michael Young, SS
  3. Josh Hamilton, CF
  4. Milton Bradley, DH
  5. Marlon Byrd, RF
  6. Gerald Laird, C
  7. Chris Davis, 1B
  8. Travis Metcalf, 3B
  9. Ramon Vazquez, 2B


I know it’s only 1 AB but does anyone else recall Ordonez ever having 3 weaker, sillier swings than what we witnessed in that first inning?
That was scary bad.

Well his 2nd aB was even worse. That’s very unusual for Maggs. Is something up?

Laird up 1st base open—–I’d walk him. He OWNS Kenny!

He pitches to him and now Laird is hitting .647 against Kenny. Worse yet Kenny grooved him a fastball down the middle ahead 0-2. Seems like we have had a lot of 0-2 base hits against us this year. You are either looking at poor coaching or pitch calling.

We are seeing stubborness turn into stupidity. Same situation with Laird–Young hits Kenny like crazy and first base was open. What does he do–he pitches to him and Young connects—–again.
You have to be smart when you are 44 years old and not just think you can “get the guy this time”. When Kenny doesn’t pitch smart he only hurts himself.

I quit. 2 hits against a guy who gave up 10 runs in the 1st inning against the RedSox.
Coma Zone.

And the new Roller Coaster gets the save. I thought JL would have a seizure when Rodney hit that guy.
I thought Glover could have gone another inning, as the bullpen was a little used up. JL didn’t automatically have to go to Farnsworth. That was near disaster. You nearly end up in extra innings with practically no one to pitch them.
My biggest problem with decision making tonight was both times the runner was put in motion, 1st and 9th innings. In the 1st, Magglio was obviously bothered by something but JL sends Polly anyway which resulted in a predictable strike him out throw him out DP. Then in the 9th, he puts Maggs in motion with Cabby in a 3-2 count against a pitcher who can’t find the strike zone this year. And Guillen and Sheffield coming up.
If anyone was still watching, that 4-run 8th of ours started with 2 down and no one on. Sheffield busted down the line to beat out that chopper and that opened the door. Give credit where it’s due, he hustled and did the job.
I was interested in what they were saying about Nolan Ryan wanting the Texas pitchers to be able to go longer than 100 pitches. He’s being interviewed by John Keating tomorrow and I’d like to know more about this. Ryan, as you may recall, was a fitness freak. I don’t think we’ll ever return to the days of 20 years ago, but I’d think a pitcher who starts every FIVE days could throw 130 pitches in a start without caving in. I wish Nolan all the luck in the world with this. If it’s successful, we may see a change in the approach to starting pitchers, a change for the better.

I don’t get it…Glover had a great inning for his Tigers debut, yet Leyland decides to yank him to put that joke Farnsworth on the mound to nearly blow the game. Why didn’t Jimbo yank Farnsworth until he gave up 4 runs? It’s decisions like that help explain why we will not make the playoffs this year. Very frustrated with this team but I am not going to stop watching them. GO TIGERS!!

PS – I love Sheff and always have and really hope he hits 500 HR’s with this club cause I don’t see him on this team next year

Rich – I agree with giving Sheff some credit, he does hustle there is no doubt about that. I was having fits that Farnsworth was left in there for so long. I know the pen was depleted from the night before, but yikes that inning was horrible, thank goodness Rodney did his job even though he had to make it a bit interesting!

It all worked out in the end, but I was having a fit when we were down one run with Joyce on 2nd base and zero outs, Renteria should have been told to bunt. He struck out but luckily Inge picked him up. I am happy to hear Inge is looking at old tapes to get his old swing back and start producing some more.

I didn’t realize we had brought up Glover and missed his inning but sounded like he had a good one. I just hope Gallaraga isn’t too amped up for tonight’s game against his old team, sometimes it plays to your favor and sometimes it backfires, so hopefully he can keep his composure and pitch well, that is the ultimate way to show a team a mistake.

I hope Inge goes a step further and reviews his games from 2004-05, when he hit for a much higher average. I think he can improve, absolutely. Already I see him choking up with two strikes which, if nothing else, helps him with that check swing thing. That has cost him a lot of outs in the past. A lot. With an improved offense, I still see him as the regular thirdbaseman.
Eric mentioned Bobby Valentine the other day, and I’ve already brought up Manny Acta’s name. There’s another potential candidate coaching thirdbase for the Rangers right now, and that’s Matt Walbeck. He was Minor League Manager of the Year last season (that’s ALL of the minors) and has already managed our guys, at least the ones who are still here. It would be his first ML managing job, but what the heck. He’s also a former catcher, which always make for good manager material.
Just tossin’ that out there for discussion.

I enjoy watching Sheff prove me wrong- in fact it makes me quite happy. It’s unfortunate that it takes controversy to get him geared up, but I guess it would be silly to assume he could/would change now.

I don’t get the Farnsworth thing either. Granted there was some bad luck at the beginning of the inning, but the two shots that “hit” Renteria and Cabbie should have been an indication the Rangers were not being fooled. It’s not often I see two plays in a row where guys are visibly hurt from “catching” a ball.

I’m no big league manager for sure, but as unpredictable as the bullpen has been, why don’t we just leave in the guys when they are pitching effectively, and then take them out when they stop pitching effectively? Is that too simplistic, or too much common sense?


Yeah Trace, I read Drew’s article. His opinion. Anyway, I’m not talking about JL resigning. I doubt he can see that his way doesn’t work, so he’ll have to be let go. It takes him months to identify and address a problem. Just too slow on the uptake. We wasted an entire spring training, then tried to have it during April and May, and that was just the beginning, and that was just this year. I’m not impressed with his entire body of work here. There are plenty of capable managers. Guys who can get the most out of their players.


Your point with JL is dead nuts on. He shows flashes of this and that but his entire body of work as you note is suspect. In my mind he mishandled alot of situations this year. A manager is doing his job when he isn’t noticed and this year there have been things that JL has done or not done that causes even the average baseball fan to scratch their noggin and go “huh?” It has been noticeable. Maybe its the other coaches, but the buck stops with him and he might love MI and DD and for all I know the man crush might be reciprocal, but in my view I think JL is “walking the green mile” despite the pundits.

By the by I also like Walbeck.

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