Sunday: Tigers vs. Orioles

Almost forgot the lineups. Scheduled day off for Magglio, a day off as a precaution for Guillen.

TIGERS (60-63)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Sheffield, DH
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Thames, LF
  6. Renteria, SS
  7. Raburn, RF
  8. Inge, 3B
  9. Sardinha, C

ORIOLES (59-63)

  1. Brian Roberts, 2B
  2. Nick Markakis, RF
  3. Melvin Mora, 3B
  4. Aubrey Huff, 1B
  5. Kevin Millar, DH
  6. Luke Scott, LF
  7. Ramon Hernandez, C
  8. Jay Payton, CF
  9. Alex Cintron, SS


Holy Murphy! Is that ever one weak-*** lineup.
Looks like JL want s to put pressure on Miner tos see if he can pitch a no-hit shutout!
Sardinha?? Prececeeded by Renteria, Raburn and Inge??
We’re likely not gonna get much out of the bottom of the lineup today.

Man–I knew Miner was due for a stinker but not this bad and this fast.
I don’t see this lineup we have today being able to manufacture 4 runs, so this one may already be done.

They say it’s a game of inches:
Already we have seen:
Roberts gets a double on the line
Inge misses making a a great catch by an inch
DP possibility just beat out
Granderson’s possible double inches foul
Cabrera’s double missed being a HR by a foot or two..
I would suspect we will see Glover today.

Boy they are teeing off on Miner today.
The intentional walk to Huff is the best pitching we have seen so far today!

Sheff up 2 out and based full.
Show me the money $$$$

Gotta give ’em credit. They are fighting to stay in a game they could have given up on.
Sheff did come through and Cab once again.
Sardinha looks like a pony league hitter up there. I think he got a bad call on his strikeout but he should have been swinging anyway. I can’t see why this guy is donning the gear for us.


It’s like our pitchers cannot have two good games in a row. You would think we could keep the momentum going after tieing the game back up. This is brutal to watch.

Are we watching the same game, the pitching is not great but Detroit can’t catch a ball or save a ball to save their own jobs. Leyland says he is happy with the way his team is performing, I want to know what he is seeing because I can’t see it!

Wow, what happened? I wisely attended a performance of “The Lion King” at the Kennedy Center and didn’t see this game. I put it on the DVR and may watch parts of it later tonight. Or not.
Melvin Mora and Luke Scott again? Doesn’t that seem to indicate our scouting reports aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on?
Leyland: “If Zach pitches good, we’ll have a chance. If he doesn’t, we won’t.” This stuff drives me nuts. Isn’t it possible for a team to play over a bad start by the pitcher and still win? JL is telling everyone that they can’t, everytime he says this, so they have an easy reason to fold. “Oh, bad start, pack it in.” As it was, it appears that this game was 5-5 after Miner had left, and the bullpen is not excused from pitching like garbage just because the starter wasn’t good. And your hitters don’t fold up like an accordion, either.
We desperately need a change of culture with the club. It’s no wonder JL is a sub-.500 manager for his career.

Not much I can comment that what others are thinking.. They are not playing as a team.
I feel bad for TJones, going down again on DL, he’s been a good pitcher,lots of ups and downs for a closer, but think he is all done for the year.
Today was just sad. 16-8.. Glad I didn’t sit thru it.. Heard there was lots of Booing in the post game announcments, ha, when they interviewed the Orioles…
It just gets me , when they ask JL in the post game show, about pitching , and he says, “I don’t know, I am not a pitcher, you have to talk to them.”….. in a way thats a slap in the face, because he is the skipper.. If you win, you get or give credit.. If you loose, you have to take the heat. And rarely do they let the players sound off about too much, because it can get them in trouble, much the way Shef has done. Grilli was on thin ice, mentioned in the press something about S Casey, and the chemisty, and poof!.He’s gone, Now what do you call that? JL: Its your team.. your leading them.. you made the decisions.. much the way the season has gone.. always looking for somebody to be a hero, or pull off a miracle out of the hat.. I am tired of it. They are not playing as a team… There I said it!
I am starting to think , JL is better with the kids coming up, but isn’t good managing the high caliber players, like the Yanks, Dodgers, and Sox have had.

I finally did watch the first two innings of today’s game. Strangely enough, Miner pitched better than the Baltimore starter Olsen. Yet Baltimore won. Would that be because they have momentum? JL, please stop with the BS. I’d like him better if he didn’t talk at all.
Miguel Cabrera sure can hit, so that’s my “duh” statement of the day. We may be able to compete next year with the majority of position players we now have. Will need a catcher. Probably will have to offer Thames, Inge, and others to upgrade the deficiencies in the bullpen and on defense. Need a pitching coach with a different philosophy, but that usually requires dismissing the manager.
Things could be better next year just because it’s not 2008 anymore. This season started with too many expectations, too many distractions, and too much overconfidence. Starting out next as just another team in the pack should help.

WELL, IT WAS DISGUSTING DISTURBING AND PAINFUL TO WATCH. As I said yesterday, we went to the game and for only the second time in all of my years we left the game in after the bottom of the fifth. I couldn’t take it. The game was already near 2 1/2 hours old and it didn’t appear it was going to officially end sometime soon.
While I agree with JL that your next days game is only as good as your pitching, I also think that Rich is right you have to be able to overcome that sometimes. And with the B lineup in that was going to hard. Inge, and Sardinha are practically automatic outs. And as much as they were teeing off on Miner, the pen was much worse. Bring up the guys from AAA I say. I mean it wasn’t as though they got a bunch of cheap hits, everything was hit hard, what was it 5 homers and 6 doubles??? That is horrible.
And it isn’t going to get any easier in Texas. The ball flies and those guys really really hit.

Wow, I about dread coming here now just because the Tigers are so painful to watch and I keep hoping I can come post about the great turnaround. I watched on and off yesterday and was so pumped when we tied it up in the 2nd inning. I seriously cannot believe how horrible our pitching is. Miner was probably due for an off game, but our relievers did horrible but that is not surprising I suppose. I said last week if we can just gain 1.5 games a week we are in it, but we went the other way.

Too bad for my Jones – hate to see this happen to him.

A not so funny note – when I had my son 18 months ago we named him Luke. My dad immediately asked if there are any MLB players named Luke and my hubby said yes, Luke Scott of Baltimore. I had never heard of him, and sure enough now that I have he seems to always have our number. I suppose that is all my fault really!

I like Leyland, I really like him a lot, however, I do not see the fire. How about when he ripped the team in the clubhouse? Where is he now, Greektown? Why are the Cubs winning? The Mets get rid of Randolph and now they are winning. How can our Tigers with the current coaches continue to have a bad August and September. Hey DD, I think you have a solid foundation for years to come so it is time to get a young coaching staff that knows about defense and a bullpen. One last comment, Inge, he will do anything that is asked of him. Rich I think said this, teach (or coach) him to hit and what more do you want and need in player who is the best defensive 3rd baseman in the league! I am done for now. Go Tigers! –Dave

Something must have been in the air yesterday, did you see the runs scored by other teams? NYY, 15, Tor 15, Min 11, CWS 13.

Funny how these posts have taken a different course. Before it was all about Sheff hating, pitcher hating, but still having hope that the Tigers were not out of it. Now it’s talk of next year and who should stay or go. With 38 games left who would have thought back in the spring that we would be feeling so defeated? Reality has set in, it’s over for our Tig’s. Only one thing left to say………………….bless you boys.

I was at the game Saturday and someone had a sign “bring back Pudge”, I couldn’t agree more. What a horrible move that was.

Bottom line for me is Leyland MUST be gone next year.

Using the comments above in an effort to help wake me up this morning, I’ d have to vehemently disagree with those that would have Pudge back. And, my issue is still this:

Pudge is in the twilight of his career, absolutely. He, in my opinion is a 1st ballot HOF’er, but basically useless to this team for (2) distinct reasons; #1. Maybe the slowest bat in the league. Can’t hit himself out of anything thats wet. He’s basically an automated out and will hurt this team as usual, being on the wrong side of a double play, or inopportune pop-up. #2. One thing that Pudge has never done well in his career(although not talked about much), is “calling a game” has not been his strength. For all of his God given talent and prowess, has never been the type of catcher, like a Boone or a Bench or a Scossia, who makes the pitchers throwing to him, better. A good catcher basically controls the game, from that position. The point of making that statement, again…. is that this is what this team…errrrrr…… pitching staff sorely needs, since they don’t get it from the dugout.

This is a HUGE reason why Mike Scossia of the Angels makes a great coach. He uniquely understands so well this part of the game. There is little confusion on the Angels as to who is doing what, when and where. On this Tigers staff, what we have is chaos, especially when it comes to pitching. Absolute chaos!!! And really…. the Angels don’t possess more natural talent than do the Tigers. But they have guys who know what they’re doing. Their pitchers approach to the plate, is really different.

This here blog wouldn’t be laboring with these incessant conversations, if he(or someone like him) was at the helm.

Leyland must go. He’s WAY overrated and prefers to surround himself with “his boys” rather than win. I can hear the cards and letters coming with that statement, but I believe it’s true. This team should be beyond the stage where there are, and that’s not going to happen unless heads roll first. The table is a mess, and needs to be cleaned off before used again..


Well, I too keep thinking about signing off for the season. I get a shot of hope that reels me back in but then something like yesterday happens and I swear them off.

You just watch: We’ll go into Texas, sweep them with softball scores and that’ll blow on the faint ember of hope that is the remainder of this season.

Rich: I agree with about 98% of what you post but I don’t think I’d get rid of Inge. Granted, he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat but he is just lights out at third. I’d rather have him there with his versatility and occasional pop than with someone else.

So, the likely candidates I have for trade material are Marcus, and the Toledo kids. Although I like Joyce, we need some arms. The only team that would take Sheffield are the Isiah Thomas Knicks so that’s out. I guess I’d just release him, swallow hard and pay the tab. Unfortunately I think JL is going to get tagged for Shef and Renteria; he’ll ultimately be the fall guy for this whole thing. Bobby V. is wanting to come back to the US. Probably take a long hard look at him.

So we have Texas.

Well Eric, let’s be clear. I don’t want to trade Inge. If it was up to me, I’d have him on third all the time. There would be complaints about his offense, but that’s something I think can be addressed. Anyway, my point was that we’ll have to trade somebody’s favorite player(s) to get pitching help, be it Inge or Marcus or Maggs or whoever. We can’t win with this staff as it is, unless it turns out that Hernandez was even worse than we thought he was, and I’m not sure that’s possible.
Mitch, don’t hold your breath waiting for those cards and letters, because what you said about management is in accord with about 90% of the posts I read. I think changing managers and staff is job one.
I see a lot of comments about releasing Sheffield. Just cutting him loose, then paying him his salary. That doesn’t make sense to me, unless his replacement is a vast improvement. At the current time, we don’t have anyone like that. We’d have to acquire someone. Heck, I’d rather put his sorry butt in leftfield than release him for no return. I think he’ll be back. I may not like it, but that’s how I see it.

Job 1, is right.

I’m admittedly, “old school,” but I think you’ve got to have some power/pop at 3rd base. I love Inge’s play there! The guy is nails at 3rd, not seen here since Aurelio, but I’d take a guy who was a little more than average in the field, but gave this team 30/100/100 anyday. Who wouldn’t?

I think a guy like Inge is a premium commodity. Lots of teams would covet a guy like him.

The team that best models a futuristic agenda, year in and year out, is the Atlanta Braves. That is the direction that this team had the potential to move towards, and wasted a chunk of it. You can’t trade young pitchers who’s career is ahead of them for position players, almost across the board. Cabrera, as good as he is, is probably never going to be thee guy, who brings home the ring. BUT, Jairgens might be!? And, Andrew Miller, eventually, might be….. If they give up more top prospects like these guys, for a new left fielder/new 3 base…etc……. Let go of a guy like Zumaya, I have no problem with that cause I think he’ll spend 60% of whats probably going to be a short career, on the DL anyway.

This teams best pitchers, are probably down in the system.

I actually wouwouldn’t mind seeing all the 2003 guys gone (except Bonderman). I like Inge, I like him a lot, but I don’t think we can afford his weak bat.
They are hoping that Larish can adjust to playing 3rd and take advantage of his power LHB. Problem with that is we will not be happy with his strikeouts and we will end up criticizing his lack of zeal. He is a very subdued, quite guy and this Tiger team needs some raw exhuberance and “excitable” players.
I’m looking forward to seeing whaty Dusty Ryan can do behind the plate. Sardinha should be canned (pun intended), this club cannot benefit from what he has to offer.
In my imperfect (but better) Tiger World, there is no Gary Sheffield, Edgar Renteria, Nate Robertson, Todd Jones, Fernado Rodney or Jim Leyland +++.
There are others that could be dealt too but those guys not only drag the team down by their performance but also serve as a barrier to player development.
Catcher, 3B, LF, closer and another starter. These items are still badly needed and should have been properly addressed (arguably 3B was with Cabrera) a year ago and maybe as many as a couple of years ago.
Renteria is getting some hits. That’s good for his trade value, but don’t count on him being a better ballplayer next year then we’ve seen this year. His career is on the downslope.
Sheffield has to go. He simply carries too much baggage and too much unpredictability to bring any positive energy.
Sell him! Pay half his salary (or more) if you have to. He is keeping Ordonez and Guillen from learning the craft of DHing anyway.
Rodney will always be Rodney the Right or Rodney the Rong. He will excite us and incite us. Time to get something for him.
Zumaya has potential and is young enough to cultivate him as a project. Probably less than a 50/50 chance but worth it IMO. He needs more than Chuck Hernandez though.
Missed a few games lately but being a Tiger Fan is a lifelong committment. I take my job seriously and get pretty darn annoyed with players who don’t seem to respect the history of this franchise.

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