Leyland "flabbergasted" by Sheff comments

Jim Leyland took a look at the story in Sunday’s Boston Globe in which Gary Sheffield expressed his frustration about DH-ing and described his role as “platooning,” and in Leyland’s words, he was “totally caught off guard” by it. The DH role, Leyalnd emphasized, was something they agreed upon before trading for him in November 2006. They tried playing Sheffield in the outfield earlier this summer, and it didn’t work. Leyland also pointed out that Sheffield isn’t exactly platooning, having played the vast majority of the games in which he’s been available. Look for more about that on the site.

Also, Marcus Thames underwent an MRI exam this afternoon to check out his shoulder. Todd Jones threw in the bullpen today and said he’ll be ready to come off the DL on Friday when he’s eligible to be activated.

Lineups …

TIGERS (58-59)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Joyce, LF
  7. Sheffield, DH
  8. Renteria, SS
  9. Inge, C

BLUE JAYS (59-59)

  1. Joe Inglett, 2B
  2. Marco Scutaro, 3B
  3. Alex Rios, RF
  4. Vernon Wells, CF
  5. Matt Stairs, DH
  6. Rod Barajas, C
  7. Adam Lind, LF
  8. Lyle Overbay, 1B
  9. John McDonald, SS


Darned right, Jim. First time he and I have agreed in a long time. Just like I said, the dude was signed on here to DH, and he hasn’t been platooning.
I see he’s still in the lineup. This will be interesting.

Wow! Gary should be happy that he is even playing, let alone worrying about platooning. Every time he comes up to bat in the clutch he comes through…..with a strikeout, fly out or his personal favorite, a double play. GARY, RETIRE PLEASE!

Maybe there is a chance Tampa would be interested in Sheffield. I just saw where both Longoria and Crawford are injured. Bartlett (ss) is day-to-day. Baldelli is back but still prone to fatigue. Hey DD! Get what pitcher you can, pay some of Sheff’s salary, and send him packing.

Good call msdof. I’d actually be happy a little bit ( a very little) for Sheffield if that were to happen.
I figured Sheffiled would be DHing again. He has been dropped down to 7th behind the rookie. I suppose that would be another excuse for him.
First it was the injury then not playing a position, then the umps then the pitchers who are pitching him tough (why do they have something against him anyway?), then his manager then it will be the fans and on and on and on.

Do I like booing our players, NO. But tonight I hope the Detroit fans make it clear to Sheff how we all feel about that self centered, overpaid, underplaying, troublemaking, loud mouthed idiot. And of course, his buddy JL says he understands Sheff’s frustration. Did we really expect JL to say anything else?
Neither Sheff or JL deserve to wear the English D.

i didn’t realize we had a new post … will copy my post here

As Rich said … Thames might or might not be an everyday guy, but he never got the chance … he was benched when hot … then again, when hot, he was benched “to clear his head” cuz he went off on an ump. JL said it’s unlike Thames … he needs to cool down. Problem is, the very same game, Polly went off on the Ump too … but that was never discussed. I have a post regarding that .. the day it happened. And how seriously does Sheff need to sit to clear his head?
I like Thames and I LIKED Sheff until a few days back. I understood that he was injured .. and then understood that he can’t quit .. he has to play and try his best, as long as JL starts him. But now it’s a different ballgame. He is paid 14 Million .. can you believe it.
IMO, JL has handled only 1 player correctly, Pudge. He alternated him and it worked. No other player has responded to JL’s antics. Rodney, Zumaya, Sheff .. you name it. He has handled most players badly.
As an Organization, if we have the guts, Sheff should be gone this week. You bend over once for a player like this and it gets ugly. Manny Ramirez obviously played bad, commit errors, blow stop signs from the 3B coach .. until he had his way. Between all the drama, he was still producing. This guy doesn’t have a leg to stand on.
Bout Chemistry .. you don’t need it when you are winning cuz everyone is happy. One bump on the road and thats when the Chemistry comes in. An average team or one going through difficulties need teammates who believe in each other, not an egotistic aggressive non performer who wants to bail out of this mess that he and his manager are responsible for.

He looked out by a decent margin.. why won’t they show the slo-mo of the bag.

The 2006 was a surprise winner. Did we expect a WS team? No .. but they had chemistry. They were excited. Then we get Sheff and we have a team like the yanks … based on individual goals and milestones. We have lost sight of the team concept.

If I am Sheffield, here’s what I am thinking :
I am at a stage where i might be demoted to the bench, or the DL … what bout my 500 HR’s
I know my performance has been bad, .. but i need 10 more HR’s … so how bout I fuss, and get traded .. take my 14 Mill to a new city .. no baggage of failing … and the new city will welcome me.
I have overstayed my welcome here, but the new city with a clean slate, will give me enough time to succeed or at least get to 500 HR’s.

Exercise in mind-reading are pretty pointless. The comments as reported are obviously not a good sign. You have to give Sheffield a chance to rebut them, but so far there’s not a peep, as far as I can see. If he doesn’t rebut the remarks, he’s certainly lost whateve respect most of us had left for him.
It’s pretty sad…

I think htere was a rebuttal (of sorts). In the Free Press online.
I don’t often complain about JV but what’s up with all the fastballs on 0-2 counts in the 2nd inning?

I don’t think they are pointless .. if JL/DD did the same mind-reading, they will be in a better situation to handle stuff. Knowing Sheff’s mind will help them solve this.

Dan .. did Sheff say he didn’t mean that or didn’t say that … a am curious.

I’m pretty discouraged seeing this type of pitching from JV. He is absolutely grooving fastball after fastball with no movment. Jays are sitting on 2-strike fastballs. This is either arrogance or stupidity..

Anyone think JV is having a hangover from his last outing? 130 pitches when the whole pen was pretty much unavailable. He was running on fumes when Lopez replaced him for 1 out.

Read the freep article .. Sheff is trying to say that all the stuff he said is no big deal .. and he is not upset. But after reading this piece, I feel like there can be no winners here. JL/DD looked out for him, and there is a lot of respect on all sides. The problem is that he is not performing.
The comment about helping another team and keeping all his options open is not addressed. So there is some window dressing going on.
I am glad JL recited all those stats about the games Sheff played.

Well, Sheff is definately not taking anything back in the Free Press article. That’s it for me. I tried to be patient when he was complaining about the strike zone. But come on, it is really sad to see his whining. I hope we can get rid of him. Maybe he can work out with Barry again, and get back into his old form. Why was it that he was playing so well when he was working out with BB anyway…

Yep. 4-1 Blue Jays. I hope this is JV’s “off” year because he sure hasn’t been very consistent. And so far Cy Marcum has shut down Cabrera, 4 left on base.

ok … JL needs to hook JV

ok … JL needs to hook JV

Ok … JL needs to hook JV

Ok .. JV should have been hooked after the 1st hit in this inning

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