Halladay pushed back to Friday

The Blue Jays made a roster move after the game. Jesse Litsch was recalled from Syracuse and will start Thursday’s game instead of Roy Halladay, who will instead start on Friday at Boston. Good news for the Tigers potentially, bad news for fans who wanted to see Halladay on Thursday.

There’s some irony in the move. Halladay, like Justin Verlander, threw 130 pitches in his last start. This move allows manager Cito Gaston to push Halladay back a day.

“It gives Doc another day off,” Gaston told reporters. “It also gives him a chance to pitch against somebody we’re trying to catch.”


Thank You Nick Carfado for enlightening our mjanager with your Boston Globe article.
I have been railing on Sheffield from the start of the year. I honestly think he is a significant factor in this team’s lack of “chemistry”. If we had dumped him when we could have I bet we would have had reason to be optimistic right now instead of being resigned to disappointment.
Saw that at mlbrumors.com:
“Gammons’ Latest: Sheffield, Pujols
By Tim Dierkes [August 11 at 11:20pm CST]
ESPN’s Peter Gammons has a new blog post up.

The Tigers called the Rays, shopping perpetually unhappy DH Gary Sheffield. The Rays’ baseball people were not interested.”
Duh! I wonder why they are NOT interested? I’m sure there must be a team interested in Sheffield but I doubt they play their home games in North America.

Agreed Dan, who would want a .219 average with an attitude & all that baggage. In a perfect world we could pay him off, let him go……….then let him figure out how to hit the 10 homers he needs for his milestone achievement when nobody wants him on their team.
Not a very impressive game last night.
Still haven’t given up, GO TIGERS

I missed last night’s game, my husband was happy his Jay’s spanked us though. Am guessing JV had a rough go, not his year and I hope he can figure out what is missing for him, I know he has talent, just can’t work it out this year. This Sheff thing is getting ugly – i have a love/hate relationship with him but am really tired of this, I hate to see clubhouse issues played out in the media. Glad to see the White Sox lost, at least we got that last night and didn’t lose ground.

How dare, the Jays manager make such a logical decision. Pushing an Ace a day back, cuz he pitched 130 pitches last time.
Luckily for us, we have a manager who looks beyond logic for most decisions.
The latest? … he is still mulling moving Miner to the bullpen.:) .. He has a dominant pitch, he wants miner to use all of his pitches, but not give him time to, as a starter.

I guess it was too late for me to add on the Dontrelle post, comments made about the boo’s….well, shame on the boo-ing… thats not good sportmanship. Encourage your Tigers, or your not Tiger Fans!

Maybe Gary needs to be more like Manny, and go to the bathroom before he is to be up to bat? In all the other games played.. nobody does it better than Manny getting positive attention… think Shef needs some of that mantra, instead of neg articles, and bad press.

Hey? Maybe a shot of Gary handing Paws’ cell phone back to him, and trotting back to the batting circle. That would do it… calling his agent to get him on another team. HA!

Good morning ladies and gents. I haven’t been blogging much lately…….I’ve been beside myself in befuddlement.
But I thought I might cheer you all up with the lyrics to “Bewitched, Bothered, and Befuddled”, a classic by Ella Fitzgerald and as I remember it as a wee lad, sung by Doris Day…….. Feel free to sing along.
I’m wild again, beguiled again
A simpering, whimpering child again
Bewitched, bothered and befuddled…… am I.
Couldn’t sleep, wouldn’t sleep
Then love came and told me I shouldn’t sleep
Bewitched, bothered and befuddled….. am I.
Lost my heart, but what of it
He is cold I agree
He can laugh but I love it
Although the laugh’s on me.
I sing to him, each spring to him
And long for the day I cling to him
Bewitched, bothered and (totally) befuddled…… am I.
I’m also “bewildered”……….Go Tigers

I can’t beleive the change in Zach’s performance! Last year I almost gave up on him, and started to come around, and then this summer move to starter role… it fits him.. so why would you change it if its not broke. Bondo is out for season… our bright spot right now has been Gallaraga and Zach for good starts…Go after them Tigers!

I think what Cito Gaston is doing with his rotation is very telling of the difference in managers. His quote, especially about pitching Doc against a team they’re chasing, makes all the sense in the world. It’s no wonder this guy has success. Our manager doesn’t even consider things like that, and still doesn’t know where Miner fits into things. We have GOT to get a new guy in here, or it’s going to be the same thing over and over again. Before even discussing player personnel moves, they’ve got to address the manager situation. If they don’t, it won’t matter who we put on the field.
So what is the reason given for last night’s sleep-fest? This is the most boring club we’ve had in years. I’m tired of this lack of effort.

The Hitters weren’t a “cohesive” unit …. probably miffed by comments from a player who has got more AB’s than he deserved. … Professional or not, such comments will definitely play on their minds.
It’s all about being cohesive … chemistry has left the building. Fans confirmed that it was extinct in motown…. Last seen in the area in 2006 before it fell prey to the Sheff era, it was upset that the manager would not believe that it exists.:)
There are reports that it traveled down I-75 to the Tampa Bay area. Efforts to introduce The Sheff in that area met with resistance. The GM there believes in conservation of a ball club and expressed concern that a dying black hole would engulf the team.

I hope the questions about Miner staying in the rotation are just hearsay. It seems over the last few years that the Tigers find a #5 pitcher and then dump him. Sean Douglass in 2005. Zach Miner in 2006. Chad Durbin in 2007. And again Miner in 2008. Granted, none of them are Cy Young candidates but they did provide some solid outings as you would expect from a #5 starter. At least they might have provided bullpen help until one of the starters went down as has happened every year now. Maroth in 2006. Rogers in 2007. Bonderman/Willis in 2008. I don’t know what ever happened to Douglass but Durbin has a good record in Philly (4-2, 1.79 ERA) and Miner is doing well again this year. Now they are trying to figure out Miner’s role again as Leyland stated in that article. Why?

Regarding Sheffield. I as a lot of you have read am a supporter of Sheffield, but I too did not like these comments. Not because the guys wants to play more and doesn’t feel like he is effective as a DH. I am sure that all players are not cut out for it. And I remember last year there was a comment made to Sheff from Frank Thomas I think that it took nearly two years for him to be comfortable with it. However Sheff has never been well enough to really play in the outfield. In fact that is how he got hurt originally. But Sheffield is going to have to accept that it is his job here. And if he can’t well lets hope that they kind find a trade for him.
However I am also not a big believer in chemistry and I know that some of you are. This for all intensive purposes is the same team that was here in 2006 plus and minus a few. And I certianly don’t think that people can continually blame these so called chemistry problems on him alone. They all have some equal culpability when it comes to wins and losses on this team. Last night we lost before it barely got started. Justin Velerlander again was plain aweful. He would get ahead of every single batter and then toss a few breaking balls and get the count from 0-2 or 1-2 then waste a few pitches then have to grove one. He isn’t fooling anyone. And frankly every game that he pitches I expect him to lose. He is aweful this year. I really wonder if he is comfortable with the pressure of being the guy??? So if people want to blame it on him throwing 130 pitches that is crazy, he has been pitching horribly after games he threw a normal amount of pitches. To me that is just a way of putting another dig on Leylands managing skills.
And the other thing that no seems to be talking about is that losing Bondo for the season was a big blow. We did just not have the depth in ready pitching to overcome that. But regardless there is a whole lot of blame to go around for the underperformaning this year. No one is really excluded.

Garcia is a tiger… disgusting..
I’m so fed up.

oh and Dontrelle is moving to Toledo.

The question is who will Garcia replace in the rotation if he regains “Major League” form this season. Logic says that it should be Robertson, but knowing the history of moves the team makes they’ll probably replace Miner.

Gk … agree with some stuff you said, but not all. Chemistry is a group of guys playing as a team. It’s possible not to have it even with the exact roster of 2006. Are our hitters plating as a team? i doubt it. I did love the sheff trade back then, but is he a team player? NO
Read Thames comments after his MRI was negative. He put the team before himself. He of course doesn’t have Sheff’s stature to say otherwise. But he could have not said it.
Replacements for Bondo and Willis have actually been great. So that point is moot.
Pretty soon, the Tigers will look like the Venezuelan National team:) Ozzie for Coach … lollll

yep jgoblue,
Tigers are bonehead. Getting Garcia may not be that bad. But replacing miner will be idiotic. Are we sure that he will be better than miner?
Miner is pitching great as a starter and deserves to stay there for now. Nate had a great outing last time, but we can’t go on like that. He is the most inconsistent. He should move to the pen. But the tigers have already invested in him and not miner. It’s stupid to try to make your investment work for you, when it was an obvious bad investment, and lose out on a great opportunity in the meantime.
Now we know why JL was giving BS bout miner’s role on the team.

Exactly BH, Robertson’s inconsistencies are exactly why he should be on the move to the pen or wherever they put him and Miner should stay in the rotation. Since Miner has been in the rotation he’s been excellent and really since early in the season he has been solid, except for the excessive walks that he was giving when he was coming out of the pen. But those issues seem to be fixed, at least temporarily. Of course, all of this is based on Miner continuing to be strong every 5 days.
JL is always talking about the team being as good as your next day’s starter, and at this point I would much rather go with Miner than Robertson.

I would assume and hope that they knock Robertson to the pen. Someone mentioned it a while ago and I thought that they were right. He is usually really good the 1st time through the rotation but then they seem to figure it out. Although he was pretty darn good on Sunday. I think that they need to send Verlander to pitching camp, wherever Dontrelle is.
Well Bhavin, I don’t think that just because Galarraga and Miner have done okay it really devalues Bondo to this team. If you had Bondo you wouldn’t have to count on some of the other ones that we have had to put up with. Lack luster performances by Robertson and Kenny, and Justin for that matter. If a guy needed an extra day or so of rest like Verlander appearently needs he could get it. So I really think that it has more of an impact than you think it does. We will agree to disagree on that.
The fact of the matter is no one has been completely immune from culpability. As my mother used to say when I was a kid and we were in trouble. YOU KNOW YOUR BLAME.

I don’t see how signing Garcia is a bad idea… unless they demote Miner. I’m thinking there are lots of other candidates including:

– Kenny Rogers: he’s been getting shelled lately and isn’t in the plans for the future. If Garcia can fill the “veteran lefty starter role” I think it makes a ton of sense to see if he can do better than Kenny this year and potentially sign him for next year.
– Justin Verlander: If we’re completely out of it in a few weeks (assuming we’re not already), the Tigers may DL Justin to ensure he doesn’t get hurt. They took a similar approach with Bonderman a few years back.
– Robertson: He pitched great last time out and I know this is just a pipe dream but I still think he could be a dominant reliever.

Let’s go out on a limb and project next year’s starters:
1) Verlander– he hasn’t pitched like an Ace but he is our Ace. If he’s not better next year, we’ll likely struggle.
2) Gallaraga- He’s a stud.
3) Robertson: His contract makes him pretty much untradeable and he can be a quality starter.
Lots of options for the other two spots:
– Bonderman: Big question mark. Huge upside but can he come back?
– Willis: His contract means that the Tigers will give him a long look.
– Garcia: Assuming he pitches well this year, the Tigers could sign him.
– Porcello: Its probably too early to consider him for the start of the year. I’d say at the earliest, he comes up next Summer/late fall.
– Any one else?

I have to believe that this is Kenny’s last year and if he chooses to come back, I would hope the Tigers would pass. That’s not to say that I don’t like Kenny– I just think he’s done.

That’s all– still hoping we can put a few wins together. I’m not commenting on Sheffield. He needs to bat his weight before I take any of his comments seriously.

Okay now, you guys have to stick with Miner even if he has a couple bad outings. No touting the guy only when he’s going good. :-) Seriously, I think Zach has a tremendous upside and wanted him to step in to replace Bonderman. Who knows where we’d be if we’d done that at the time, GK?
I agree with you, GK, that everybody’s to blame. There’s always a designated scapegoat, and this is one of the few times I agree with Drew Sharp when it comes to baseball. All Sheffield had to do, in my eyes, was to shut up. Now he’s got me good and PO’d.
I’m not going to persecute the Garcia acquisition. This is actually where DD does some of his best work, picking up former quality players that no one wants anymore. And leave Sheff out of it, I’m talking Pudge, Maggs, Guillen, Galarraga and others. I don’t see how this hurts, UNLESS, as some of you are saying, they go overboard and start using him when they shouldn’t.
Just so you’ll know where I’m at, I’ve got Miner, Galarraga, Bonderman and Verlander penciled into next season’s rotation. I try to look beyond immediate results and project. And as I’ve said before, anybody you go out and get probably won’t be any better than these four anyway. I’d rather look to upgrading the bullpen and filling some positional needs. Can’t fix everything.

Why am I suddenly being directed to the main MLB sign-in page? Is this so I’ll forget to uncheck the box that opens me up to spam from MLB’s “partners”? I used to sign in on the MLBlogs page. Everybody getting this?

Ya I like your rotation for next year Rich. In some new news I saw on the ESPN website that the Tigers put several players on the waiver wire including Sheffield. Very interesting. And frankly I am not so concerened about Sheff one way or the other, but I would like to know who else they are floating out there??
JASON are you out there do you know???

This just posted on ESPN’s website. A major league “source” is reporting that Sheffield has been placed on waivers. Here’s a link to the article:

Generally, most of the roster is placed on waivers this time of the year. If anyone claims the player, you pull him back.
The idea is that the player will be available to trade if a package or need arises. So this might be just the annual exercise. But then again, if anyone claims him, the tigers will definitely listen in his case.

Rich, you are right .. we can’t get on miner if he has a bad outing or two, just like it’s early to get behind nate after 1 good performance.
Problem for miner is, now that Garcia is signed, and JL saying he is not sure where miner fits, he will be pitching with a lot of pressure. Which might be unfair, after giving us a few good starts.
GK .. I know we lost depth after losing Bondo and Willis .. but i don’t think even for a second that Galarraga or Miner would have replaced Kenny, JV or Nate in the current situation. If Bondo and Willis were in the rotation, the Tigers would be trying to get other 3 to pitch better.. unless they got injured.
What I am trying to say in effect is, if Bondo and Willis had given us good results as Galaragga and Miner, we would still be stuck with the other 3 in the rotation. Galaragga would still be starting in the minors, or in the tiger’s pen.

BH is correct in saying that a number of players are routinely put on the waiver wire. This became “ESPN-worthy” because of Sheff’s comments. I did read the story, however, and enjoyed what Dombrowski had to say about it.
If anything else, this pounds home the fact that this is all just a highly entertaining reality show, hey?

It is entertaining:) … and let me say.. I like DD, and as far as JL goes .. Ilike him, I like him a lot:)
But I must commend both of them, esp JL for reacting the way they did. If we read his comments closely … he was a bit harsh on Sheff while maintaining a friendly tone. … Like “anyone with brains will tell you he is not platooning” .. meaning …?
Just release him if you have to …

I agree with everyon eon Shef. Reading the tea leaves, DD and JL were both pretty PO’d about this, placed a call to Shef’s agent and probably told him what was about to happen.

As for Freddy Garcia, jury is still out. Been out of baseball awhile but he’s a wide body so he may has some gas left in the tank.

As for the consistency of the starting pitching I have to look at the coaching staff frankly. I think JV, Nate, Zach all have talented arms but if they are not concentrating or focusing then you have to look at the coaching. Pitching isn’t about firing up the laser ball at 99+. It’s knowing how to pitch by mixing pitches, knowing the batters, changing arm angles, speeds etc. The older guys like Maddux and even Rogers get that. Takes awhile to learn it. Coaches need to preach it.

Miner out of the rotation? Bad
Sheffield on waivers (and more importantly claimed by someone) Fantastic!.
Next year rotation (1st give me anew pitching coach) then:
1) JV
2) Bonderman
3) Galarraga
4) Willis
5) Garcia or Miner

We need a lefty and you gotta say sayanara to Kenny and to Nate. Hence Willis-Hopefully that works out.
Bonderman will be fine
Miner and Garcia will have to duke it out. Loser goes to the pen.
I still would not be hesitant to package a starter with a no longer needed vet and get a primo, tier 1, starter. Now by this I mean a Sabbathia or Lincecum, or a Hernandez or Harden (injuries notwithstanding).
I don’t see Porcello being ready.
The Dontrelle watch is now serious with him being elavated to Toledo.
Renteria and Sheff have to go. Sheff now.
What a sideshow he is.

I should qualify Miner & Garcia statement. Miner deserves the spot right now.
2009 (can’t believe I am now thinking in these terms!), is a different story.
Sheffield is a self-serivng, calculating, individualistic ballplayer. Whoever said that he didn’t deserve to wear an Olde English “D” jersey was right on. He really doesn’t.
Is he a scapegoat? No. Just a goat. Plain ordinary garden variety, goat.

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