August 7th, 2008

Favre batting cleanup

OK, not really. I just didn’t want to feel left out. Will this story ever stop?

Sheff is getting the night off, though he says he’s feeling pain-free and his healthiest since early last season. Edgar Renteria is also getting the night off, replaced by Ramon Santiago. Magglio Ordonez gets a day at DH, while Marcus Thames and Matt Joyce handle the OF corners.

TIGERS (55-58)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Ordonez, DH
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Joyce, RF
  7. Thames, LF
  8. Inge, C
  9. Santiago, SS

WHITE SOX (63-49)

  1. Orlando Cabrera, SS
  2. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  3. Carlos Quentin, LF
  4. Jim Thome, DH
  5. Paul Konerko, 1B
  6. Ken Griffey Jr., RF
  7. Alexei Ramirez, 2B
  8. Nick Swisher, CF
  9. Juan Uribe, 3B