Raburn leads off

Curtis Granderson gets the rare day off, helped no doubt by the fact that he’s 0-for-9 with three strikeouts against John Danks. He hasn’t been out of the starting lineup since June 15 against the Dodgers. Meanwhile, Brandon Inge gets a regular day off, something Leyland seems to be cautious about while Inge gets back into the swing of catching every day.

TIGERS (55-57)

  1. Raburn, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Sheffield, DH
  7. Thames, LF
  8. Renteria, SS
  9. Sardinha, C

WHITE SOX (62-49)

  1. Orlando Cabrera, SS
  2. Nick Swisher, CF
  3. Carlos Quentin, LF
  4. Jermaine Dye, RF
  5. Jim Thome, DH
  6. Paul Konerko, 1B
  7. Alexei Ramirez, 2B
  8. Toby Hall, C
  9. Juan Uribe, 3B

P.S. — Neither Joel Zumaya nor Fernando Rodney will be pitching tonight. At this point, back-to-back outings isn’t really much of an option for Zumaya while the Tigers try not to risk more shoulder soreness. Leyland would like to avoid using Farnsworth after he pitched three of the past four days, but that might not be possible.


Unbelievable lineup for tonight. I guess that we are throwing in the towel huh. He is so worried about Granderson and his lack of ability to hit Danks. What about Marcus who is 0 for 7 against him with 5 strikeouts. Not that I normally have a problem with guys getting a day off but geez. Wins are at a premium and to rest one of your better hotter hitters right now to me is just ridiculous. Not to mention how many people does Curtis have at that game because it is in his home town wanting to see him play? Hopefully we will see him in before the end of the night.

I’m not taking any of this seriously as long as he keeps running Renteria out there. In the biggest game of the season to date, at the biggest moment in the game, he falls flat on his face. It’s not like we no longer have options there. Everybody got so fired up over the bullpen failure that Renteria’s game blowing error was practically overlooked. And I “won’t hesitate” to laugh at the entire situation.

Hey, let’s look to next year. Cabrera is looking okay at first, and Guillen is okay at 3rd. Many folks criticised this, but it’s working out okay.
Gotta get a shortstop. Let’s play Santiago more and see if he can hit. (I don’t think he will hit over .250 if you play him, but let’s try.)
Let Zoom keep closing/blowing games. Maybe he’ll realize at some point that he needs more than just speed.
Let’s get rid of Sheffield and let someone else DH. He may not be finished (I’m no fortune teller) but enough is enough.
Jim Leyland, your time has come. Thank you for everything and goodbye. You did a good job until this year. Best of luck to you!
Things will mesh next year. We have a good core.

And so it starts.

Oh yeah, and a new pitching coach is also on my wish list.

Thats it y’all….I quit. I once thought Leyland had some sort of telepathic powers (remember when it seemed no matter what button he pushed back in ’06, it turned out golden). Now, Leyland, after threating to bring up a few from the minors, then doing so AND IT SEEMED TO WORK, seems to be pushing buttons that don’t even exist on his keypad. He continues to play Renteria and Sheffield, who continue to dissappoint almost on a nightly basis….and he conitinues to go to his bullpen way too early in many games when he has what appears to be one of the worst bullpens in baseball. Verlander seved up the straw that broke the camel’s back for me….giving up another walk, then a 3-run homer to Tomey but what got me to this point was Dombrowski sending Pudge to the Yankees for Farnsworth. I understand we were losing Pudge at the end of the year but Farnsworth doesn’t plan on sticking around just as an FYI. Not sure if he will be welcomed anyway. So I quit…I am Tiger-free for the rest of the year and will watch them no longer…probably a good thing for my TV anyway because I constantly throw things at it everytime Keating is on the air with his stupid try at cutesie humor. He makes that show the worst it can be. Rod Allen and Mario do a good job at the broadcast so I will miss them. Go Red Wings.

I think batting Renteria at leadoff was worth a shot. He hit decently when he was batting in the top 3rd of the order.

I feel JL has decided to stick with Sheff .. win or lose.

Hey I like John Keating……and his cutsie humor

Renteria’s lucky to be hitting anywhere in the order. If he weren’t playing for JL, he’d be riding the pines elsewhere. Too much is made of the lead off position anyway. You’re only guaranteed to lead off once in the game any how. After the first inning, there’s no telling when you’ll come up next.


Yea, I like him too. Oo, a battle creek person. We’re in the same neighborhood.

Are you in BC???

You get a botched DP in the first inning and it appears it will be enough to get you beat. For a losing team, that’s all it takes. No 3-run homer, and you’ve got a great pitching duel.

Rich, what happened on the DP ball? I presume a bobble then a force out?

well…as far as Santiago batting .250 or less…i personally would rather take him batting .100 and tightening up the defense…which sounds terrible, but enough is enough with Renteria…it seems like we’re constantly complaining about his errors and lack of production.

Tough break for JV. He’s had a number of games this year where the brunt of runs against him have scorec because of 1 hit. Throws a good game but often doesn’t get the support he used to.
Lopez burned himself there by having to telegraph the breaking ball and showing to Ramierz too much.
We were gonna lose anyways but it’s too bad after the game JV threw to save his manager’s ***.
And don’t you just despise these homers announcing? The only thing worse about them talking about themsvelves is talking about the umps bad calls. Their schtick is brutal too.
I hate being annoyed when I am already annoyed.

I don’t know if he didn’t it to save his manager *** but he certianly did it to save that of those in the pen. Since they threw way too many last night. That being said I am not sure why he was allowed to inntentionally walk Thome. I would of rather seen Fossum or Seay come in and at least try to get him out. He was cashed by that point and there is no way he was going to get another out. But again pitching was pretty good tonight and now no hitting, except for the much maligned Magglio, and Sheffield. Oh ya Polanco was just okay. The disappointing part to me is that what looked like a so called respectable loss now looks like we got creamed.

Dan, it was Polly on that DP, of all people. I thought at first Guillen must have taken too long, but on replay I saw that wasn’t the case, that Polly just kind of rounded the bag before the relay for some reason. So after that, you just know JV is going to pay, and he did. That changed the entire ballgame. A winning team gets around that, costing the pitcher a couple pitches, but a losing team gets beat with it. See it all the time. Other than that, JV pitched a whale of a game. Good job.
Re the Chicago “announcers”, I know you have no choice with MLB.tv. I have a choice with my TV package and I always take the high-def feed, regardless of which team’s it is. Except with Chicago. I’d rather listen to Mario and Rod in standard def. Hawk and DJ are that irritating. They actually make me angry.
If JL returns next year, we can expect more of the same and I’m tired of it. I’m probably wasting my time with this, but I’m going to forward a name for manager consideration anyway. Manny Acta, over here with Washington. He’s young, 39, from the DR, and has done a good job with very little talent. I’d like to see what he can do with some better ballplayers. He may also connect better with the latin players. I think we need a youthful infusion. Someone who would be excited to be here, not someone who’s goal it is to play meaningful games in September. Maybe a fresh approach. He also comes across extremely well with media, which is actually important to an organization.
Like I say, probably wasting my time because I know of no prior connections with DD, but just bringing the name into play.

Well, I hear today that their is a certain mgr here in SoCal that is amazed at the “continual mental approach” these Tigers pitchers still have to the game….. A kind of, laughing /shaking of the head thing.

By now, I’m sure this blog is full of the same response!?

Sort of speaks volumes when the peers think that.

Yes Rich!!! Acta seems to be a talented guy with a future. I’ll go ahead and 2nd that vote…..

And if they won’t hire him, I would think anyone here on this dopey blog could do better, then I vote for TigerGirl!!!

Gosh, could you imagine trying to manage a bunch of guys making way more than you? I always wonder in the world of pro sports if the coaches/managers command the type of respect they should get from the guys making millions and millions for mediocre play?

Another day, another loss. I was thrilled to see JV suck it up and come back after the 1st inning with some great pitching. Being down 3 runs with 8 more innings to bat is not the end of the world, but they sure looked like it. Either that or the opposing pitcher was just that good.

I dozed off and missed how they made it 5-1, guess I am not as good of a fan as I thought! I too thought it was curious that Grandy was out of the lineup today – they did just have a day off on Monday right? Mario/Rod said they are putting him in because JL wants to win this game. If that was the case he should have been in to start. Not that him being out was the reason we had zero offense last night. At least the old man provided an rbi for us – can’t remember who posted about Tuesday’s game and the fan yelling old man at Sheff the whole time – but I noticed it too, guy must have been way loud!

Not good to drop these games to the Sox – 8.5 games out of place is becoming Mount Everest now. Hey – I see Jones might be back soon – I’ll happily accept him and hope the rest did him some good.

I’ve chosen sleep over watching the end of the last two night’s games, so I have nothing to add, as most of my understanding of the games have come from reading about it the next day.

I am going to four games next week….I’m curious how the crowd reaction will be….it feels like it did at the beginning of the year when nothing seemed to go our way, and the crowd let their frustrations be heard loud and clear. Not that I agree with booing your own team, but I understand….

By now I’d hope we have figured some if it out, but I think there are just too many issues-

I do have to say I find it frustrating the double standard JL seems to have- Grandy’s on a 15 game hitting streak, but bench him because in two career games against Danks he’s 0-9. (Any coincidence we didn’t score a run until the 7th inning?)
Seems he and some others have to prove themselves over and over but others can ride on their past accomplishments, to the detriment of the team……

BTW Tiger Girl- I’m a Tiger girl, too.


Just read this freep.com……

The Tigers have lost 19 games in which they led or were tied entering the seventh inning. If nine of those games had ended differently, the Tigers would be in first place in the American League Central. Instead, they entered Wednesday 7 1/2 games behind.

Granderson got the day off because it was a way for JL to worm around the Sheffield situation. Raburn went 4 hits the other night but the only way he could get him in the lineup again after that performance was to sub him for Granderson. JL can rationalize the move easier. You knew JL wanted Thames and Sheff in against the southpaw.
In my book Granderson plays.
Today, in my book, Santiago plays. Joyce plays. Inge plays.
It is insulting that Santiago is not getting any playing time in light of Renteria’s performance.
Also, I am on the phone with Toledo and calling up Brent Clevlen BEFORE the end of August. I am also asking if Dusty Ryan looks like he could handle a shot. Sardinha down (why bother?), and either put Sheff on the DL or send Raburn down. Clevlen is the future RF in this system. Show some confidence in him.
In September I call up Larish and play him at 3rd to see if he can do it. (Unless a miracle occurs and the Tigers are contending). Get a look at Porcello (though I don’t think his numbers look particularly great) and maybe at Jonathon Kibler whose numbers are.
BTW, Vance Wilson is eating up space on the 40 man roster, as is Jeremy Bonderman. I’m not sure of the point of them not being put on the 60 day DL and replacing them.
Does this mean I don’t like Raburn? No, I like him, I like him a lot. But I think his role will be super sub nect year. Hopefully they will get something for Inge. I like him too, but he should be playing 3B for someone who will insist he cut down his stroke and try to hit .270 or so.
But, I am trying to avoid talking about next year just yet.

Another comment on the Granderson benching vs Danks:
Thames was 0 for 7 — he played.
Inge was 4 for 10 with a dinger — he sat.
What exactly was JL’s reason again?

I thought after they pulled Danks of PHing Granderson for Thames, going to the hotter hitter as the tying run at the plate. Raburn slides to left. I guess you could go round and round on that one, since he PH Grandy for Sardinha later.
Another effect of the Pudge trade is more playing time for Sardinha, since Leyland will now feel the need to rest Inge often. This will drive Brandon nuts, not to mention weaken the team even further. I think the guys realize all of this and, if they haven’t thrown in the towel, they’ve at least picked the towel up and are contemplating what to do with it. It really does seem folly to even think of them making any kind of run.

I agree with your assessment of yesterdays game of who played and who didn’t. Except regarding Inge. I think that he was given the day off as was Pierzinski because they caught 14 innings the night before, I think that is pretty obvious. I think that if it would of been a regular 9 inning game (as it should of been) Inge plays last night. I would of liked to seen Granderson in there regardless of his previous at bats, but maybe there is something else going on there?? Although I guess it really doesnt matter anymore. No sense in killing Granderson by overextending him. Thames is killing us right now, whatever mojo he had is certianly gone now, what ever you all think of Sheffield, Inge or whoever, Thames is in a major funk.???? I feel bad for him.

Also has anyone noticed that we have only won one game since Pudge left??? Coincidence, I think not??

Dan – I didn’t realize Bonderman and Wilson were actually taking up spots that others could be holding. that is just crazy as it has been apparent from what I have read they are done for the season.
Tracey – 19 games they lost with a tie or lead going into the 7th? what a horrible stat. Now I know why I don’t read into stats, they kill me.

With the Olympics starting and a golf getaway weekend at Houghton Lake, I will take a leave of absence from watching a majority of games for a while, might do my blood pressure some good! I say this and sure enough you know I’ll be splitting my time with the Olympics and the Tigers because I can’t stand to not watch for too long, I’d hate myself if they rebounded with 10 straight wins and I wasn’t paying attention!

I’m done blogging until Monday – hopefully I will return to a bunch of happy bloggers wondering if our great turnaround over the next 4 days means the race is on!!!

Inge didn’t catch 14 innings on Tuesday night…just an FYI…Sardinha replaced him toward the end of the game.

Good call, AR. Inge caught ten innings Tuesday night. He was certainly available last night. Another example of JL putting other priorities in front of winning even the most important of games. He’s done this forever.
Dan, a thought occurs. You know how you say, and correctly, that Inge and/or Thames would be better off with another team? Well, what if they stayed with Detroit but under new management? Case in point: Inge was not a .230 hitter in 2004 and 2005. He was at, off the top of my head, .287 and .261. Perhaps he had better coaching with the Trammell staff?
Thames is indeed in a major funk, but I wonder if it’s not a self-fullfilling prophesy? He was never really given a starting job, he just started more than he had before. You have to live with the cold spells if you want the team carrying hot spells with these slugger types. Marcus has spent yet another season auditioning. That can’t be easy.
I’m not counting last Wednesday’s win as being without Pudge, since he was still on the premises. That means we’ve gone 0-6 since he left. Possibly demoralized an already shaky team? Oh sorry, forgot. There’s no such thing as chemistry. And momentum is only as good as your next day’s manager….I mean, pitcher.

Initially, the club wasn’t sure if bondo is done for the season .. and no updates since. Not sure of wilson but he is done, i think.
Once we sign our draft choices, we might need space on the Roster. Currently, the 40 Man roster is at 38, so we have 2 spaces to spare. No need to move Bondo or wilson until we have to.

Question of the day: name one pitcher who has improved since the current coaching staff took over. Points will be given for naming pitchers who have gotten worse.

Nice Rich the answer is none. What do I win.??
Regarding Wilson, he had to have Tommy John again, so I presume he is done for the year and Bondo certianly is done. But hopefully he will be back next year for spring training. My guess is regarding Wilson middle of next season. Don’t they say about 12 months to come back from that surgery?? I would wonder when the September all ups happen whether they would clear those roster spots, but no real reason to do it until then? I don’t really know the rules or whatever regarding that. JASON do you know??
And Rich I agree with you I do believe that there is such a thing as chemistry and I don’t know whether this team has it or not. I also don’t know if they had it they would be winning or not. Looks in the dugouts sure appear that these guys like each other. Cabrera always seems to be goofing around, Granderson and Thames and their handshakes or whatever. However I do also agree with Leyland that you are sometimes only as good as your next days pitcher. The way I look at it the offensive stats through the season even at times have been slow and spotty they are amoung the best in all of baseball. In a lot of catagories they are 4th, 5th and 6th. Anyway pretty darn good. Good enough to win most games. So the question goes why aren’t we winning more games. Well then you have to go to pitching and I think everyone would agree that a lot of our problems have to do with poor inconsistent pitching. So I think that there is something to chemistry and that there is something to Leylands montra about the next days pitcher. Again just my opinion.
How do you

I know that the Thames issue has been quite a hot button this year with people on this blog. And while I have put myself on the side of he is not an everyday player and think that he should be in a straight platoon for that position, That is much less than what is happening right now. And maybe there is something to him getting less playing time because his bat has really been bad. He is only batting .143 since the allstar break. Or is his bat worse because he isn’t getting much. But I think that this is always about what he has gotten, think back to when he split that time with Monroe. Joyce on the other is batting .292 in that same period with Joyce only getting 6 more at bats in that period. They have both struck out a lot Joyce 18 times and Thames 21 times. Thames has 3 homers and Joyce only 1. By the way Joyce only has 2 more RBI’s in that frame than Marcus, with twice as good of a batting average.
What does everyone else think that Leyland should do??

I agree with Byrnes. I think if Inge was traded to the Twins(which won’t happen) he would hit .275 there.

Farnsworth… gee, almost like a four-letter world to the Tigers now.

I decided to look at all the guys numbers since the allstar break. A few were interesting to me

Sheffield – 65 at bats/ 6 runs / 17 hits/ 4 HR’s/ 14 RBI’s/
. batting 262 with 9 BB’s
Ordonez- 79 at bats/9 runs/ 29 hits/ 2 hr’s/ 15 RBI’s/
. batting .367 with 6 BB’s
Renteria – 69 at bats/ 10 runs/ 18 hits/ 0 HR’s/ 4 RBI’s/
batting .261 and 5 BB’s
Cabrera – 82 at bats/ 10 runs/ 27 hits/ 4 HR’s/ 25 RBI’s/
batting .329 with 6 BB
I was kinda suprised at Sheffields and Renteria’s numbers. I was suprised that Sheffield RBI production not that bad. I did look at everyone’s but I didn’t want to bore everyone. So with all of our complaining about Sheffield he is actually benefiting the teams right now in some ways. The only two that have more RBI producation than him are Maggs and Cabrera.

I might be wrong .. but the stats don’t show the whole picture. Sheff’s most hits and RBI’s were in non pressure situations and losing causes. When we actually needed a hit from him, he hasn’t delivered. If you check the last few threads, I think you will find those comments that Dan made bout it, which is true.

Now that I had a few minutes to think this is the way it is… Get rid of Gillen, get rid of Rentaria. Those 2 are stinking like you would not believe!!!! What did we give to the that good for nothing SS??? Way too much!!! Who cares what league he is in!!! Hit the stupid ball!!! Is that too much to ask???

Never should have given Pudge for Farnsworth! What did he do??? Gave up 2 games on the line…. I can do that while I’m taking a pee for pet’s sake!!!!

Sheff is done…

Thanks for the help or the effort, you can’t fault him there but he is cooked, baked and ready for the fryer…

And to heck with this automation censor!!!!

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