Todd Jones injured, Leyland hit in face

Apparently Todd Jones has been feeling some discomfort in his shoulder for the past six weeks, but Wednesday was the night in which it became a significant enough issue to shelve him. He couldn’t loosen it up in his warmup tosses and had to stop, he said, and he couldn’t get extension on his arm when he pitched. He’ll get an MRI Thursday or Friday, and Jim Leyland said it’s a “strong possibility” they’ll make a move to get another reliever (not Farnsworth, he won’t join the team until Friday) and likely put Jones on the DL.

Speaking of Leyland, he has hit by a foul ball on the side of his face during the game. The ball took a funny bounce and smacked him, but he kept on managing without medical attention.


Hi, I just wanted to share my feelings about Pudge. Although I knew it was inevitable that he wouldn’t be a Tiger, I’m very sad he’s gone.

When he came to Detroit, he was a ray of hope for the team in a very bleak time. It had a personal connection for me as well. My mom was losing her battle with cancer, and I spent Opening Day with her, watching the game in her living room. I remember it was a beautiful day, the announcers were so excited about Pudge- it seemed the entire Sports section of the paper was all about him and his career, and what he could mean for the Tigers.

My mom died less than a month later, but I remember that day with great fondness. Thanks, Pudge for everything you brought to Detroit. You will be missed!


This comment “For all their seeming brilliance over the past couple of years, I believe a couple of their off-season moves have now caused them to make more stupid moves to try to fix those” was credited to me last night by Ogb. The comment actually was from Jeff.Malin. I’m not saying the current moves are stupid. Yet. 🙂
Had to be up at 4:30 this morning so I shut down in the 12th last night. Real happy to see we pulled that out.
Be back later.

Who is the Tigers back-up catcher??

Rick V

Well a few thoughts this morning after a very long night
Regarding Pudge, very sorry to see him go, I guess it was bound to happen, but?? I think that Inge is a fine catcher, but the bat is a big question mark. RICK V Sardinha is the back up catcher now. Again a pretty good catcher the bat leaves a little to be desired. I was just a little shocked that all we got was Farnsworth in a straight up trade. I think Pudge was worth at least a prospect in the mix as well.
Regarding Todd Jones, it makes sense that he hasn’t been feeling well, that is about when he started to have a few problems and seemed quite a bit more hittable. Hope he can take a little time off and comeback and be serviceable.
But why don’t they do something about it before you wind costing the team??? I guess it is because in weird way he was trying to live up to his contract??
Regarding Farnsworth, after last nights obliteration of the pen, in the 10th I would of gotten on the phone and told Farnsworth to get his butt in Cleveland regardless. He can go on the offday Monday to get some stuff. Pudge is managing to make to the east coast. We need a reliever and need it today. It would be nice to be able to be able to depend on JV to go 8 and Zumaya in the ninth BUT????
Regarding last nights game is that the positive is that they won. They were able to hit Lee, which after the 8-1 start I didn’t think that there was a rats chance in hell that they were going to win last night. They showed fight. On the other hand the pitching was aweful. Even Seay and Fossum, got out of there jams, but the problem is that they got in the jams to begin with. Rodney hasn’t shown himself to be any better than Todd Jones. Todd took more than 2 months to blow his first save, Rodney took two games??? The starters other than Galarraga are unreliable, and yes that includes JV. Miner has been good so far, but Robertson is one game on and two/three games off. I don’t understand what is going on with Robertson?? He isn’t the guy that he used to be. In 2006 he was awesome, he didn’t have the wins to show for it but his ERA was awesome, and even last year he suffered a but from lack of run support.
Anyway glad we came out on top of that fiasco last night. It would of been heartbreaking to not win.

By pitch counts from last night.. i’d say that Lopez, Jones, Rodney, Seay, and Fossum would be unavailable tonight.. leaving us with Zumaya and Dolsi.. and Farnsworth if he could get here.. it really hurts us that he’s not.. I kinda thought he should have made it to cleveland during the game yesterday. I’m assuming if they don’t make any changes that Rodney would be available in a pinch and probably Galaraga as well. They’ll probably hold him back from his bullpen.
Hopefully Verlander has a great outing and this worrying is all moot. We got a good chance to win tonight if Verlander has decent stuff. It’s a bummer Inge had to catch so many innings last night and will likely have today off seeing as he has the best number against Carmona of anyone on the team.
If leyland sticks by his guns the lineup will probably look like this:
Granderson CF
Santiago 2B
Thames DH
Guillen 3B
Cabrera 1B
Renteria SS
Joyce LF
Raburn RF
Sardinha C
YIKES! Hopefully he’ll wisen up and DH Magglio. That lineup is 13 for 60 (.216) off Carmona.

One thing positive I am looking forward to, is seeing if Farnsworth, can use that wicked Slider for strikouts! I am sick of seeing Rodney, missing the zone by a mile, making the catcher have to dive for it to save the ball from hitting the back fence.. that is simply pitiful to see him fill the hole for closer on the team.. get him out of there.
Something is wrong with Jones, and DL, is the safest way to ease him out. Pitching our of jams for contact, worked in my opinion, for a while, but his luck has run out.. ho boy!.. thier hitting the balls out of the park too often. The walks and hits given up are no way to be the closer. Nobody is dominating or overpowering the teams in the releivers spots.. thats sad!

I am happy, as a fan of Brandon. Yes , Pudge is a Gold Glove and I will miss what he added to the defense of the gam, but declining skills, at 12 mill…… Brandon is a value for the money- $6 mill.. he can do it all and I think he can be just as good behind the plate. His numbers compare to Shef’s. .. and don’t get me going for declining skills…Shef, 13. mill… Rentaria? cough*10 mill… ooh..I am not done yet.. Remember a guy named Willis? $7 mill…. and JV… $1.13 ? Ya gotta be kidding me… sick , Justin is an ace and deserves a nod..
and… attaboy to Curtis.. 5 hits last night… way to go!

What a game… too bad for me, I had to leave for work after Rodney gave up one over the fence for the tied game to go extra. Just happy this morning we won that one.

I said earlier, no trades. Didn’t we have Farnwworth before? It was 12-12 in the 12th at 12:12 am. Hmmmm.
I went to bed when Fossum loaded the bases. Glad to see we won! I know what most of you think of Jones bet Rodney scares me even more! Hey Justin, throw stikes. You are our ace! Go Tigers! –Dave

The white sox have just traded for Ken Griffey Jr.
As long as he agrees to be traded it’ll happen.

Chad,With the addition of Griffey,it could really stretch our pen dealing with Dye(righty) Griffey(lefty) back to bak.We desparately need another lefty now.I`d say drop Nate to the pen,but he has been awful against leftys.He has been awful as a starter.I would be tempted to put him on DL and turn Lopez loose for a start or 2…..If the boys were tired 2 days ago,wonder what they feel like right about noww.We need a complete game or 8 minimumfrom Justin if Farnsworth isnt here for gametime

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