Tuesday: Tigers at Indians

Brandon Inge is catching in place of Ivan Rodriguez, who will also have Thursday off according to manager Jim Leyland’s schedule. That would seemingly reinforce the notion that Pudge is not in play; otherwise he would probably be showcased.

No other changes on the Tigers side aside from Matt Joyce getting the expected start. The Indians lined up three left-handed batters and a switch-hitter to go up against Galarraga, who is now giving up a .273 average and .818 OPS from the left side compared with .141 and .461 against right-handed hitters.

Joel Zumaya is feeling good and ready to work tonight. He wanted to get in the game last night, but Paul Byrd took care of that. Fernando Rodney is available if needed, but Jim Leyland said again that he would like to give him another day of rest if he can.

Quite a few scouts here tonight, to keep in mind, this is also the home of the retooling Indians. Dave Dombrowski and the front office are not holed up, instead going about business as usual.

TIGERS (53-52)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Joyce, LF
  7. Sheffield, DH
  8. Renteria, SS
  9. Inge, C

INDIANS (46-58)

  1. Grady Sizemore, CF
  2. David Dellucci, DH
  3. Ben Francisco, LF
  4. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  5. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  6. Kelly Shoppach, C
  7. Andy Marte, 3B
  8. Ryan Garko, 1B
  9. Asdrubal Cabrera, 2B


JUst heard that the Packers are offering Brett Favre for TJ and a dozen maple bats.

We’ll take that deal! HAHA 🙂

what a sweetheart deal the angels got with Texiera.. swap first basemen and throw in a AA pitcher..
Hard to believe someone else wasn’t trying to top that. It’s probably because they had the most to offer at the first base position back to Atlanta.

Chad,I think Atlanta got the best of that one.Kotchman could really turn out to be special.He is a great glove and does not strikeout, and bet Terxeia does`nt resign with Angels.But it sure shows Angels looking to go for the whole enclilada.Great to see Edgar turn on that ball for XBH with men on.Nice.Armando doing his steady good job.Keep it up….Ed,You`re right about us solving problems of getting those guys out.And there doe`snt seem to be much outthere in terms of left handed help.Maybe that one from Atlanta has that Dan brought up.But, I hope we dont gamble too much on him.Good to see the bottom of the order produce.Go Tigers!

Finally! At last! About time! Somebody comes through with a hit when there are runners on base. Of all people, Renteria.

1st inning, Polanco and Guillen get on. Maggs hits into a double play.

2nd inning, Cabrera homers, nobody on.

3rd inning, Granderson gets on, Polanco and Guillen can’t hit like they did in the first inning.

4th inning, Maggs gets the hit he should have had in the 1st inning but Cabrera pops out on the first pitch. No hit with a runner in base? Matt Joyce double Maggs over to 3rd base. Sheffield? LOL LOL LOL. Thank you Edgar and Brandon for stopping that circus of hitting.

Oh Lord, Sheffield has contributed. Amen.

How about our 7,8,9 hitters tonight accounting for 7 of the 8 RBI`s to this point.Dolsi did a good job getting us out of the 6th.Fossum and Zu did a good job getting us out of the 7th.Come on boys,Hold Em!

Rodney has just walked the leadoff batter on four pitches. Neither Rodnet nor Jones is the closer of the future for this team. Either Zoom grows into the role, or we find someone elsewhere. I hope Rodney will get the job done tonight, but I want a different closer.

Chicago lost to the Twins,so we pick 1 up on them.Way to go Tigers.Great to see the bats come alive.Looked like Rodney was overthrowing a little tonight.Maybe he will settle down a little after he gets a few 9th innings under his belt.I kind of thought Zu would have been the choice to fill Todds role too,Steve.I guess JL figures he isnt ready yet.I thought JL made good moves in the 6th and 7th as far as bringing the right guys in.Thought he might bring Todd in in the 9th,with a 4 run lead.But it was the top of the order,so you cant fault him there.Hope the boys can sting Lee tommorrow.If we win we`ll pick up 1 more on either Chi or Minn.Very important to take this series.Keep it rollin Tigers!

Maybe the boys should skip batting practice more often.They were hitting pretty good tonight, and JL appeared to be managing by hoile tonight.Good Win

We beat up a journeyman pitcher and continued to take it to Betancourt. It’s mind boggling the difference in the results this guy is getting this year while throwing pretty much the same stuff.
Gave up five runs, so not so good there. The bullpen was shaky, getting just enough big outs. Rodney was the same tonight as he usually is. Flying open, brutal mechanics, pitches all over the place. Zumaya needs to be able to control a second pitch.
For all the discussion of finesse vs power pitchers, it comes down to the ability to throw strikes. You can’t be walking people and hitting guys in pressure situations. Since there’s no one we’ll pick up in trade, don’t be surprised if Todd Jones again becomes the closer before too long.
If Brandon Inge buys into being a full time catcher, his offense takes on an entirely new meaning. You’d have a good defensive catcher, dedicated and smart, with the ability to hit you some 20-25 homers to go with his .240 BA. A lot of teams would be happy to have that.
Conventional baseball wisdom dictates that you take care of business at home while breaking even on the road. Our miserable start has precluded this. We have to take some series on the road, including this one. That means we have to win two more here, over Cliff Lee and Fausto Carmona. It will only get tougher over the weekend when we go into Tampa and face Scott Kazmir and James Shields, both of whom shut us down totally last season. Perhaps we could trade for them too.
This is going to take a whole lot of very hard work.

Rich, I`d be flabbergasted to see TJ back as closer.That makes as much sense as putting CG in the 3 hole in the batting order.Cant win a title with moves like that.

Rich, you may be right about Jonesy coming back to close. If that had been a 1 or 2 run lead last nite I’m afraid it would have blown up in Fernando’s face. He was all over the place.


Glad to see the boys get a win last night and to see the bottom of the order produce. Pitching was not exactly good last night, but luckily our bats made it good enough. I’d like to add to something I read from maybe last week or so, that Curtis is now leading off against all pitchers and I applaud that move. I expected to see TJ come in for the 9th last night with the 4 run lead since Rodney threw so much the other night. Rodney had me worried after that wild pitch! And Cabrera is closing in on .300 hitting! Way to gain a game on the leaders, there may be a new leader and different team to root for in another day or so!

Bruce.. for some reason I thought that Atlanta extended Texiera this offseason for a couple more years but reading more into it.. i guess not.. he’s a free agent after the season. So you are right on.

Rich, Iwas actually agreeing with you about TJ.I think Tiger management is not beyond a move like that.They have made a practice of making decisions that dwell in the realm of absurdity.It would be typical of them to compound their blunders regarding the closer situation.

I’m extremely frustrated right now. I just read that Leyland is planning on giving Pudge, Polanco, Magglio, and Sheffield the day off on Thursday against Carmona.
This is beyond absurd. There is a 75% chance we will lose tonight against Lee and will need to win tomorrow’s game just to get a split. We will desperately need to win thursday to keep pace. We’ll desperately need it even if we win tonight! And he is going to run that lineup out there with Rayburn Thames Santiago and Inge.. Normally I’d be fine with replacing Sheffield with Thames except Marcus is 0 for 9! against Carmona. Rayburn is 0-5. The only move that makes the lineup better against Carmona is putting Inge into the game.
I know Carmona got rocked in his first start off the DL but come on! He’s had the tigers number in his career. Verlander hasn’t pitched will against the Indians. You could run this lineup out there maybe if we had taken all 3 so far.. but not 2 of 3 or 1 of 3.. It’s just insane..

Chad, I too don’t understand the off days happening all at once. I understand they need days off, but can’t they rotate the main guys a bit or like you say, look at the numbers and rest the guys against the guys they struggle with? I sure hope it works out for us – I love it when I am wrong on things like this.


Absolutely agree. If these guys can’t play every day then it is time to move on. I know they have played a lot of baseball but this is a pennant race for crying out loud. If you cannot get motivated to focus for a 3 hour time period then something is wrong. Every single game is crucial. JL has done this all year long and the results we have been provided is a very inconsistent ball club that gets shut out 11 times and then scores 19 runs 3 times. If I had to label this year it would be “inconsistent”. And that goes to management and how they have handled this team.

Sorry. Everyone plays until they are out of it. Anybody who can’t, there’s a spot for you in Toledo or on the waiver wire.

The bullpen situation rides on how we do in the next weeks. Compare it to the “buyers or sellers” thing they talk about at the trade deadline. If we’re still in the race and Rodney Zumaya has not done a good job closing, they’ll go back to Jones, IMO. If, however, we’re out of the race, we may as well see what Rodney Zumaya can do in the role. The strange thing about that would be, we could be out of the race BECAUSE of Rodney Zumaya. 🙂
It’s also possible that Jones is simply having a temporary problem with his best pitch, the cutter. It didn’t cut much for Dye, that’s for sure. Something to keep in mind.
The question of when, whom, and how often to rest players is always a tricky one. Alan Trammell used to run a B team out there every Sunday afternoon, and none of us liked that. I will offer that the toughest series are yet to come, Tampa Bay and Chicago. Many of us want Santiago in there, albeit for Renteria instead of Polly. There are also many of us who don’t want Sheffield anywhere near a bat. It’s not etched in stone, either. JL has proven that he’s not averse to changing his mind, depending on the situation as he sees it. There are two guys who never get a day off, Ordonez and Cabrera. Maggs is due one. Cab is young. The winner here seems to be Brandon Inge.

Anybody switch over to the Chicago-Minnesota game last night? Nick Swisher snapped his bat completely in two but the ball still went over the baggie for a homer. What is wrooong with this picture? Instead of installing silly speed up rules that everyone ignores, or putting in instant replay, MLB should be devising rules to regulate the thickness of a bat handle. Or are we waiting until a ballfield ends up looking like a scene from the Coliseum in “Gladiator”?

Weinhardt continues to be PHENOMENAL at Lakeland.
15.1 inn, 2 hits, 0 ER, 1 BB, 21 K, .042 BAA
I would love to know thier plans for him.
Ryan Perry has now made 3 appearances for GCL and Lakeland. 3.0 IP, 1H, 1BB, 4K, .100 BAA

am i the lucky first one that is posting in regards to the pudge trade….i understand the guy is in the last year of his contract….but why not get something for him other then another guy that throws gas but cant find the plate, i liked pudge and the intensity and passion he brought to the tigers, not to mention his experience with working with our young pitchers
im so glad im leaving the country for 2 weeks and dont have to watch this stressfull baseball….hopefully im wrong and when i get back they would have won series against TB and the white sox

is this site up

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