If you can't beat him …

I usually don’t pose questions on here, but one stuck out in my mind …

Paul Byrd is now 10-2 with a 3.33 ERA lifetime against the Tigers. Paul Byrd is a free agent at season’s end. The Tigers could have at least one rotation opening depending on what Kenny Rogers decides to do, and they probably won’t have much payroll room. Would you even consider giving Byrd a look this offseason, if for no other reason than to get him off of Tiger hitters?

It’s not a serious question, but just a reaction to a bizarre situation. Because it’s now at the point that Byrd has struggled against a lot of teams this season, but continues to pitch the Tigers well.



Sounds good in theory, although since every other team can hit off of him, are we gaining any ground?

He’s not the first pitcher this year we have made look better than they are. Hopefully we can chalk this one up to fatigue and move on…..

And since I have your ear (well, eyes)- thanks alot for this blog. Many people in my life get tired of talking about the Tigers, so this is my refuge.



Didn’t actually get to watch last nights game, but from what I can gather I should be grateful. Fairly pathetic. I heard the only good thing is that Renteria made a few nice plays??
Regarding Paul (I get my lifesaving HGH from a Dentist in Florida I have never met). No I would’t take him and not because of the HGH but because everyone seems to hit him but us. I agree with Tracey.

Unfortunately, a lot of pitchers seem to have our number so there are probably a lot we should look at! Although I totally get what you are saying.

I hate hearing that the team is tired, Leyland implying they looked flat last night. yes, from what I saw they did look flat. But these guys are not all rookies, they should be used to the daily grind and be conditioned both mentally and physically for the mid-summer games with lots of travel and heat. I know it would be hard on me, but am guessing if it was my lifestyle and I was getting paid I would get through it. I am sure individually everyone has flat days, but the boys seem to have these days all on the same day and that just can’t happen with a winning TEAM.

At least the Sox lost last night and we didn’t lose any ground there. Even if Kenny pitched a 2 run game it would not have mattered, our bats were truly at fault. Of course, i do give credit to the pitcher, sometimes the pitcher is just plain better, but so many shutouts in one season is rough to take.

Tonight’s another game. Please guys, let’s get a win tonight and then work on taking the series. I feel confident with Galarraga on the mound – who knew I’d feel that way 3 months ago!!

we’ll be lucky to split this series. This Ginter guy has pitched 2 pretty good games against 2 pretty good teams… Lee should destroy Nate tomorrow and Hopefully Verlander is better than Carmona.. Carmona has been terrible his last 2 starts but so was Byrd and we showed how good he can look too.

Jason, In answer to your questions NO!

I was doing some trade deadline research to see if the Tigers are looking to pick anyone up before tomorrow. According to a couple articles from Jayson Stark on ESPN.com it seems they may be interested in left-handed reliever Will Ohman from Atlanta and possibly left-handed reliever Scott Eyre from the Cubs. I also heard on ESPN radio this morning from Jayson Stark that they may be interested in Huston Street from the A’s (you know, the one that served up Maggs’ dinger that sent the Tigers to the World Series). I haven’t found much in what Detroit would give up in order to make an acquisition though, and these all may be rumors, but coming from the source they did I figured I’d share for discussion. In looking at the numbers, the best seem to belong to Ohman.
Ohman will be 31 in a couple weeks and has a 3-0 record with a 2.84 ERA in 44 1/3 innings of work. He’s giving up 32 hits, has 18 walks and 41 strikeouts for a WHIP of 1.13. Lefties are only hitting .160 off him and he has a 1.85 ERA against them. Not sure what “type” of pitcher he is, hard-throwing or finesse, but sounds like he would be a lefty specialist.
Eyre is 35 and is coming off a 3 week stint on the DL for a groin injury and has only pitched 11 innings this year. He’s 2-0 with a 4.91 ERA (2.70 against lefties), has 4 walks and 14 strikeouts for a 1.45 WHIP. Opponents are hitting .286 off of him (lefties hit .269). He is older, coming off an injury and doesn’t have great stats, so I’m not sure what the draw would be here.
Street will be 24 in 4 days, which is a bit of a bonus. He’s 2-3 with a 4.00 ERA (the splits Right vs. Left are nearly identical). He’s converted 18/23 saves in 45 innings of work. He’s walked 12 and struck out 43 for a WHIP of 1.11 and opponents hit just .233 off of him. I think the positive would be his age, but it also looks like he’s having the worst season of his career which scares me after seeing what is going on with Dontrelle.
Anyhow, that turned out longer than I expected, but we’ll see what happens. I’d like to see at least some life out of the boys tonight, hope Galarraga can pitch like he did his last start. GO TIGERS!

Sorry, meant by Thursday, got a day ahead of myself.

I’m more interested in what pieces they are shopping around than picking anyone up.

I’m more interested in what the tigers are looking to get rid of than what they are looking to pick up.

I’m more interested in what pieces they are shopping around than picking anyone up.

Geez.. sorry about all the posts.. i was having some computer issues and one finally went through… now this comment will probably mess up and never make it to the site.

I am not so sure bout getting a pitcher from the NL … unless he has great numbers in the few games he faced AL hitters. Great coz he will be facing them more often and AL hitters will figure him out.

Yeah, I was more interested in that too Chad, but couldn’t find anything. The other thing I was wary of is that Ohman sounded the best numbers-wise, but you have to wonder about the deal if Atlanta is looking to give up a pitcher, they tend to hang onto the real good ones with lots of potential.

Bruce, I don’t doubt for one second that you are a true student of the game. Normally I don’t get that involved with stats or matchups. But our recent discussion of power leftys vs. finesse guys got me curious. You mentioned Mauer and Morneau in your last post so I wanted to see what AL teams have success against them and who the lefty pitchers are that get them out. It seems that Boston and KC are the two teams that have them figured out. Okajima (Boston), Mahay and Gobble(KC) are the pitchers that have success. In fact, the M&M boys only have one hit off those 3 relievers this year in 15 plate appearances. None of those guys would be considered power leftys. Gobble is the guy the Tigers got to for 7 hits and 10 ER just last week, so go figure. Okajima is lucky to hit 90 on the radar gun. I’m not implying that a power lefty couldn’t get these guys out, I just don’t know where we are going to find one. I don’t dispute that Zoom and Rodney are integral parts of the Tiger pen. In fact, I argued in Fernando’s defense after he had that terrible outing where he couldn’t throw a strike to save his life. I knew if the Tigers were going to make a run in the second half, they would need him and Zoom to contribute. You are correct, we never would have won in ’06 without those two. Hopefully they can regain the form from that wonderful year. In the end, I don’t really care what we use, be it power guy or finesse guy as long as we get them out. Don’t know whether our guys study films on how other teams attack those those two boys, but if they don’t, maybe it’s about time to. Go Tigers!!!


It was that time of year that we went on our family vacation, leaving northern michigan, a treat to Cedar Point, and we got upper deck tickets to the Jake.
We witnessed in person, the Tigers go in the comazone, and Paul Byrd blank them on Monday night… what a pretty park, nice and friendly people, think under half were Tiger fans! Only disapointment, was seeing a lackluster offense , and saw Edgar bounce two throws to first. Ramone could do better!…
Have to say was a nice, but just no gusto to our boys. They seemed tired, for whatever reasons mentioned above.

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